Teddy Afro’s Interview will not be televised on EBC

The State owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC) will not televised the much-anticipated Tewodros Kassahun’s (Teddy Afro’s) interview.

Teddy has been interviewed by EBC and some part of the interview clip shown on social media, which anticipated his fans to watch the interview on the station on Sunday’s entertainment program, formerly known as Meto Haya (120), a two hours show.

However, there is no reason EBC given for the cancellation of the singer’s interview.

Last week EBC has been severely criticized by the House of People’s Representatives for not delivering the message and becoming a bridge between the government and the people, rather a business station.

Teddy Afro, Ethiopia’s superstar singer, is topping the Billboard world albums chart with “Ethiopia,” which less than two weeks after its release has sold nearly 600,000 copies, a feat no other artist here has achieved.

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