Reinventing the Iconic Wegagen Bank Brand

Wegagen Launches Its New Logo

Wegagen Bank has launched a new brand proposition on Thursday for its flagship brand, which is supported by a range of new marketing initiatives and innovation.

That is being rolled out, at the same time, across its service outlets and will be visible from signage through the point-of-sale and other marketing communications.

The corporate logo is the foundation of Wegagen’s graphic identity system. This distinctive symbol, designed to be easily recognized and remembered internationally consists of two elements:

Firstly, the Wegagen Bank Logo mark represents Wegagen’s initial letter “W” and the Ethiopic (Amharic) letter “ወ”. The circular character represents the sun and the arc of aspiration that rises in the mark represents the bounty, triumph, expansion and success of our Bank.

Secondly, the Wegagen brand has been made more simple and distinctive and allows the bank to continue to tell the story of its authenticity, Ethiopian heritage and premium quality. The dominant orange has been used since its establishment and has been made more vibrant.

To effectively communicate the new Wegagen Brand identity, a set of creative communication materials has have been produced, ranging from television advertising, print and digital media to point-of-sales materials and will be visible from today. The Wegagen brand has its own new, proprietary modern musical score which will also be used across all applications and channels. 

Once this roll out is completed, all packages and associated marketing communications will consistently reflect the brands new positioning and provide us with distinctive and appealing look and feel across all our marketing touch points.

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