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PM Meles Zenawi Back in Town

Meles Zenawi
A day after the Ethiopian government officially announced his ailment, Prime Minster Meles Zenawi came back to Addis Abeba, according to a credible source. The Premier came back to town on Friday evening, July 20, 2012, and he is recovering well, the source revealed to Fortune, almost a month passed after Meles had last been seen at major public events or in the media.

His absence was confirmed for the first time a day before the opening of the 19th African Union Heads of State & Government Summit, held in Addis Abeba from July 15 to 16, 2012. Later last week, the Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) officially announced that Meles was in "good condition" and "recuperating fast" from his unspecified illness.

"It will not be too long before he resumes his work," Bereket Simon, head of the GCAO, with a ministerial portfolio, told media on Thursday afternoon. "We expect him to be back in days."

The source shared Bereket's expectations. The Prime Minister is recovering and will be back to his work, full-fledged, soon, the source disclosed.

Shimeles Kemal, state minister for the GCAO, told Fortune that he was not yet informed about the PM's return. His counterpart, Beker Shale confirmed that there was no development in the state of the Prime Minister's health, other than what was announced on Thursday by Bereket.

"It is not necessary to disclose the whereabouts of the Prime Minister at this time," Beker told Fortune over the phone on Saturday afternoon. "If there is any progress on his condition, we will officially disclose it in the future."

Senior officials were not available to confirm his return.

Source: Fortune

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  • fasha Added mele the great
  • jj Added may be his ghost
  • Abebe Gellaw Added “He is resting from exhaustion… He will be back in ten days…. He is in hospital….No, he is on holiday…. He is in town…No, he is in Europe… No, no, no…he is relaxing in America…,” TPLF officials told the public in the past two weeks. But Zenawi is nowhere to be seen. He was neither in the palace nor in his rubber-stamp parliament making and unmaking laws. And yet, TPLF’s creative stories change within hours and each weird story adds more fuel to wild speculations and rumors.
  • daniel Added To Mr Prime minister get well soon and continue the great work you and your team have started to better our ETHIOPIA! May God bless you and yours, We are only allowed to live once and let's make the most out of it .
  • eritrea Added thanks god good news
  • Micky Added 10Q God
  • Lily Added Pm Melese Zenawi did a great job in Ethiopia, we have to acknowlege the truth. Every humanbeing can make a mistake but we have to see the big thing. don't be fault finder. what did you do for Ethiopia? nothing it is better to keep quite. He is hard worker. Pm Melese Zenawi is the best leader in Ethiopia.
  • dawit kindeya fatsi Added everyone knows meles has z capacity to lead not only ethiopia but also africa and z world, so it was mandatory and undoubtdly to cure and to return buck to his country. long live 2 our pm meles zenawi.
  • negussie Added Meles will live till he fullfills his mission. we need him to be on his position for sometime. Because Meles is the only visionary leader since hitherto. He brought the country in the forefront position from a scratch. He also brought a long lasting solution for our diverse problems. Melese's untapped experience and knowledge will coninue in the future. Long live MELES!!
  • eri/ethio Added You will not find another leader in Africa like Meles except for Nelson Mendela. Meles is genius leader who has transformed Ethiopia into a new era. Without Meles there is no Ethiopia. All others who wish him harm are not judging him on his leadership kills and contribution and transformation of Ethiopia but based on this tribal backgrounds, typical African mentality, instead of peace solutions.


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