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Ethiopia to launch first satellite into space

The Ethiopian government is set to design, construct and launch the country's first satellite into space, according to Debretsion Gebremichael (Ph.D.), Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Cluster and minister of Communications and Information Technology. The minister told parliamentarians on Tuesday that the satellite will be primarily used for communication purposes and, if all goes according to plan, the satellite will be launched in a matter of two years.

“It is not something that is going to happen overnight since it requires proper financing and human resource,” Debretsion told Mps.

Once everything is finalized the launch will take place outside of Ethiopia, he added.
According to the website of the Ethiopian Space Science Society, the ET-SAT, a small satellite (CubeSat,) is set to become the first satellite by an Ethiopian institution.
During a meeting held at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT,) of Addis Ababa University (AAU,) back in August 2012, AAiT’S deputy scientific director and QB-50’S ET-SAT project principal investigator, Dr/Eng. Getahun Mekuria announced that the proposal for ET-SAT has been pre selected by the QB50 project office, the Von Karman Institute (VKI,) BrusselsBelgium, among 71 proposals from 38 countries, the website read.

The principal investigator  further stated that ET-SAT is to be designed and constructed by the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) team with the aim of carrying out lower thermosphere research and to teach youngsters about satellite technology.

Fifty CubeSat are to be constructed and launched by universities and institutes all over the world under a project named QB50 and AAiT is the only institute in Africa to be pre-selected up to now.

“The government has an intention to consider building a communication satellite and hence it is necessary to develop a roadmap that charts the various milestones that capture our vision and the current intended project. Furthermore, to bring all stakeholders of this intervention, organizing a workshop would be an essential first step,” Debretsion said at the meeting.

By Yohannes Anberbir
Ethiopian Reporter

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  • Ethiopia Added You guys you talk too much think about we are the purest country ever in the world haw we can lunch satellite if you got another joke let me hear you if not you better to shut up your Atlantic mouth. You wont kill me by hunger if they know European and American we will die by hunger so please shut up your mouth Gobez
  • Amen Added Glory to God For every thing is simple in his hand. God bless Ethiopia, weep tears of my brothers and sister in Saudi and similar countries.
  • Ya gang Added It is a fantastic idea that is what we need we want develop and strong Ethiopia this kind of technology is a critical for Ethiopia we had a lot of threat in pass we will have in the future this is the best way to defend and have sophisticated system which improve our communication and defense force for our homeland Ethiopia
  • Odaa Added Congra to all AAiT student
  • Zecharias Added I can't wait to see this.......YECHALAL!
  • Ephrem Added lemamen yemikebd zana new ...God Blessssss emeya enata
  • Alemayehu kebede Added I laike Diretube.com and I want follow these websaite to matuch
  • bellete Added Respect to all brothers and sisters who work hard to make tomorrow a better day for all ethiopians. yes, it is obvious, the country is heading forward. Don't deny this very fact, pls.
  • Eskendir Alebachew Added oh my god its hard to blieve. if it is true i dont know how this pleased the people of Ethiopia those are starved development and give credit to those working day and night for the success of the accomplishment next to God almighty who is the source of our development
  • Samisa Added what a noble IDEA!


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