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Co-Pilot Hailemedhein’s sister Speaks

“My brother was suffering from a Psychological illness” Co-pilot Hailemedhein’s Sister

In her post on her facebook page the Co-Pilot Hailemedhein’s sister, Tinsae Abera has written a lengthy report about the recent psychological delusions of her brother. Tinsae said that her brother has been suffering from delusional thoughts recently where he said that he is been followed by some individuals and that they are intent to harm him.

“He thought that his phone is tapped; and since he is always suspicious of his home being ransacked by some ‘agents’ he used to put a camera trap. Even he is suspicious of his web-cam that he might be spied upon by some unknown ‘agents’ through the webcam, he always covers his webcam when he opens his laptop” said Tinsae of her brother’s recent mental instability. She hasn’t said anything whether he took medical treatment for his delusions. “Hailemedhein has been very intelligent who has scored all A’s when he joined architecture department of the AAU, before leaving his study to become an airlines pilot” Tinsae said.

Tinsae stresses her brother’s mental instability as the only possible reason behind his actions, begging for all including the officials to consider her plight - “how would you expect for someone who is mentally stable to do something outrageous – my brother is suffering from a delusional malady” She said.

Girum Tebeje for diretube

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  • Thomas Added No body said she is bought but she is forced or woyane itself wrote the message.
  • Faysal Added To those who say that she is bought, I have a question. How much would be okay for you to betray your brother?
  • Dedeb Added why would weyane want to "hire" her? what she is saying is something that would mitigate his crime. wouldn't they want him to suffer and get the most punishment for his crime as they are accused of being vindictive. the fact that he has accused the government of abuse and threat is already out there. he won't be the last nor is he the first to attempt to tarnish their image - damage control?
  • yonas Added Efrem jemaneh i fully agree with your judgement! first of all it was 100% the family's responsibility to inform the EAL about the state of mind the pilot is in recently.My be the family is afraid of the extreme action the management of the EAL could take if they get tipped about the issue. So the EAL guys should open transparency in dealing all sort of staff, Both flight crew and non crew staff,
  • asrat Added by the way she is not his sister woyane use this tactic for long time like yenasew gebra sister hulum ebd nachew drama .ethiopia is full of crazy people.for tekawame
  • Ethiopia Added yagere sew seteret, doron siyataluwat , bmchagna chanuwat yebalale. wey gud zenedero yemayesema neger yelem. blew blew degemo pailot abedo aropelan eyenda betekekel yemeflegebt bota land aderege? yegeremal.lemehonu men yahel bekeflew new yehenene sera?yegeremal ..... aye echi yeferedebat deha ager tensahu setele , adeku setel ,yetelatochwa bezat. menem ayedel ETHIOPIA ATEZEGN LEJOCHICH ALU!!!!!!!!
  • Faysal Added I wish to the hijacker and his family all the best. Mental disorder patients often feel misunderstood by the rest of the world, that is why they don't seek help. It is easy to judge his family, but they might have underestimated his illness and hoped that he will regain his composure eventually.
    Anyway, let us wish the young man and his family all the best. They are fellow Ethiopians.
  • gojamewu Added Well that is what happen if you drink ABSHO .all his family they are ginss. my father he was try to give me but my mom she refuse cuz she knows one day you Will get crazy.
  • josef Added @Terefe if you think what you said is right, why would he make things difficult on himself when he can simply vanish where ever he likes using the privilege he has got?
  • Terefe Added I heard he borrowed a lot of money from loan sharks and that is why he fled the country, am sure they traitned his life. but he is very sane, at Ethiopian airlines they have check up every two months or so.


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