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‘Egypt warns Ethiopia regarding Nile dam’

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has warned Ethiopia “all options are open on the table” to Egypt if the Ethiopian dam over Nile jeopardizes the country’s water security, Press TV reports.

President Morsi, addressed a conference on Tuesday, discussing the Egyptian National Strategy over Ethiopia’s building a new dam on the Nile.

During his speech, the president warned Addis Ababa over its action, saying, Cairo will not tolerate any violations of its water supply.

He also called for better relations between Nile-based countries.

    “There has been a significant boost in ties between us and the Nile-based countries in the past two years,” President Morsi said during the conference.

He also mentioned the ever-growing trade relations between the two countries, saying, “There has been an increase in trade exchange by 50 percent and Egyptian investment in Ethiopia especially, are more than USD 2 billion.”

Earlier, Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Mohamed Qandil, while addressing the Shoura Council, the interim parliamentary body, condemned the Ethiopia’s project on the Nile.

The premier described the water security for Egypt as “the matter of life or death.”

Egypt’s minister of foreign affairs is to travel to Addis Ababa in coming days to talk to Ethiopian officials over the controversial construction.

The issue of Ethiopian dam has sparked outrage in Egypt. It is also feared that the Nile dam cause serious water shortage in the country.

“We are completely against the construction of dam, because this is the matter of National Security. Nile water is vital for all Egyptians, we cannot waste a cubic meter of it,” said an Egyptian protester.

The Nile, located in the northeast Africa and the longest river in the world, supplies water to Egypt and Sudan. It is formed from two rivers: the Blue Nile that starts in Ethiopia and the White Nile, which starts in Uganda. Egypt is dependent on the Blue Nile, a tributary of the river.

Egypt is entitled to 55 billion cubic meters of Nile water per year, supplying around 98 percent of the water used.


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