One dead in ‘terror attack’ after van hits people leaving Finsbury Park Muslim centre



One dead in ‘terror attack’ after van hits people leaving Finsbury Park Muslim center.

A man has been arrested after a van was driven into people attending worship near a north London mosque.

Before police confirmed that one person had died, initial reports suggested that two died.

The Evening Standard is reporting that a man armed with a knife jumped out of the van stabbed at least one person. However, this has not been confirmed.

Witnesses described seeing police giving emergency medical treatment to victims after the incident at shortly after 12 am in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park.

The Muslim Council of Britain had confirmed that worshippers leaving Finsbury Park Mosque were targeted when a van ran into them, adding: ‘Our prayers are with the victims.’

They are believed to have been targeted after breaking the Ramadan fast.

Chairman of the mosque, Mohammed Kozbar told The Sun: ‘Whoever did this, he did it to hurt people, and it’s a terrorist attack.

A group of men were seen holding the suspect to the ground as they scream for the help of police, in a video posted to social media.

Worshippers were witnessed trying to help the stricken as they lay on the street during the chaotic scenes.

Police officers also filmed attempting to resuscitate a person lying on the pavement.

Abdikadar Warfa said: ‘I saw a man underneath the van. He was bleeding. My friend said he had to lift the Muni bus; I was busy with a man who tried to escape.

‘My friend said he said some words, but I didn't hear it. They (people who were hit) were mostly young. They are terrible.





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