Love on the air: A man proposes his girl-friend on board of Ethiopian

A man proposes his girl-friend on board of Ethiopian

These days, marriage proposals are growing in number than ever before and at the same time ways and locations, where men presents their proposal to their loved ones varies.

Most of the time, marriage proposals are intended to be a surprise. If the woman accepts the proposal, she will typically assent to the man verbally and wear the ring during the time leading up to the wedding, known as the engagement.

A customer of Ethiopian Airlines, unexpectedly surprised his girlfriend and proposed her on board of ET879, on a flight from Addis Abeba to Seychelles on Wednesday, April 19. She said him ok. Passengers were also delighted to have had such a moment.

Surprising the loved ones by asking their hand for marriage is a recent phenomenon in Ethiopia, after the old system that mainly dependent on parents’ good will and brides used to get to know each other after their marriage. That, later replaced with organizing a formal ceremony just to wear rings on their fingers and tell nearest people they are about to marry each other.

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