Kill Them, Salva Kiir Orders Polices



South Sudan President Salva Kiir has given out orders instructing joint police units to shoot dead robbers, including those who break into shops at night.

President Kiir, who spoke at an official function in Juba on Saturday urged police to provide security and protection to the citizens, saying the job of the police is to eliminate crimes.

“Your job as police is to remove the thieves who break into shops at night, shoot them whenever you see them trying to break into shops,” order Kiir.

The order highlights the frustration with which he and his administration have been grappling to address the rising crime rate in the national capital, Juba since the conflict broke out in 2013.

He was addressing the passing out of the Joint Integrated Police (JIP) from the training center as the only body mandated by the 2015 peace deal to carry out joint patrol and provide adequate security during the transitional period in the most fragile and conflict-affected areas in the country.

The agreement specified that the joint unit would comprise of 5,400 police personnel, with equal numbers provided by the government and the opposition.

The head of the state used the passing out of the joint police to justify the existence of the peace which he denied to have collapsed but was progressing well, though they did not publicize progress made in the implementation of the peace deal to the international community.

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