Ethiopia police stop Teddy Afro event in Addis Ababa

Authorities in Ethiopia have stopped singer Tewodros Kassahun, popularly known as Teddy Afro, from launching his much-acclaimed album, Ethiopia.

On his Facebook Page, Teddy Afro says police asked him to have a permit for the launch that was to be held at a hotel in the capital, Addis Ababa, a demand he has termed as ridiculous.

A BBC reporter, who was attending the launch, says federal police showed up at the hotel hours before the launch and prevented Teddy's sound team from setting up equipment for the gig.

His manager told the BBC, that they are yet to get official reasons as to why the launch was cancelled. His concert scheduled for the eve of Ethiopian New Year, which falls on 11 September, has also been cancelled in unclear circumstances.

Teddy's 15-track album has made history as the quickest selling album since its release in May this year and for weeks topped the Billboard World Albums chart.


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  • Solomon

    The current Ethiopia is builted with blood and the Government is giving its best to develop the country even if there are corrupters and leaders who do not carry the responsibilty of the Nation. It is so great that Tedy afro sings about Ethiopia and our unity but Tedy is in the other hand focusing only on a few tribes in Ethiopia and and complety blames the leading party as if it has done NOTHING. I hate that. Atleast he has to remind those Martyrs who sacrified their lives for the current democracy. I think he has to witness the Good thing done so far. We have to remember what the Derg regim could done if TEDY afro sings like "Ja yasteseryal" which completly insult and gave no worth the 17 years struggle. The Current government has right to forbid his Event. We dont have to worry about a single person. WE HAVE TO WORRYABOUT THE WHOLE INDIVIDUAL. THE WHOLE PEOPLE! Period!

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