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  • DireTube March 17 News Updates

    DireTube news update begins with coverage of  support for victims in tragic Repi Garbage landfill (Koshe) landslide. Support is pouring in as victims receive 40 million birr aid from Midroc Ethiopia, Oromia region donated 5 million birr to the victims. Other contributions also reported in DireTube Video update. Addis Ababa mayor praised the efforts of especially young people in the extensive search effort. 

    6 children returned from last Saturday's raid and kidnapping of 30 children in the Gambella region by Murele tribesmen. Minister of Communication, Negeri Lencho  (Ph.D.) says negotiations and military efforts are underway to return the remaining children.

    A house maid receives a prison sentence for theft. The woman recently tried to flee with a home's  entire furnitue and goods using a  taxi service and was then arrested when neighbors tripped the police. Sebeta Town First instance Court has sentenced her to 4 years imprisonment 

    DireTube Video reports yet another delay in Omo Kuraz sugar factories completion. Omo Kuraz I could not begin production on the 17,000 hectares even though media reports indicate it was on a final test in December of last year.

    Omo Kuraz II was expected to be completed in December but could not and also didn't meet the extended deadline last month. A manager at the factory says they are expecting a few technical problems but we will begin in a week.

    American, Kidane accused the Ethiopian government of spying on him and the court has lost in a US court. The court decision was criticized by privacy rights advocates. Widely known as the Ethiopia spy case, the proceedings have attracted international attention for being one of a kind. Kidane is a pseudonym to protect the complainant from retribution. The Ethiopian-born American is purportedly a victim of the FinSpy system which enters a computer through a Microsoft Word document and then gathers data on the target machine. Kidnane’s lawyer had claimed that the Ethiopian government had been caught red handed.

     SEE ALSO: Ethiopia spying case casts spotlight on cyber surveillance in US

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  • Visa Application for Ethiopians after Trump U.S embassy in Addis Ababa Interview:

    Interview released Friday, March 3, 2017 of Us Embassy in Addis Ababa Vice-Consul on Visa Applications for Ethiopians After President Trump's controversial policies

     Interview Transcript with Helpful Links of Exclusive Interview of R.Chase Thompson Vice-consul Embassy of the United States of America in Addis Ababa by Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

    Find out everything you need to know about the Visa application process after  President Donald Trump's executive order and what to expect in the future. 


    Is there a change on visa issuance for Ethiopian applicants under the Executive Order 13769?


    Small change right now for Ethiopian applicants and that change is just for the interview waiver program. We saw an impact for citizens of those seven countries mentioned in the Executive order, but that process right now is under judicial review.

    Things remain as they were before the executive order with a small change to our interview waiver program which has limited the time frame for those individuals seek to do an interview waiver. It was within 48 months of expiration, it is now down to twelve months Visa expires for less than twelve months you can send it to us by DHL and we will adjudicate it.

    See Also: Green card holders banned from entering U.S.


     If your visa has been expired for less than twelve months and you've been a good traveler, you can now just send it to us by DHL and in most cases, we will adjudicate it. 

    Does this small change affect Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin?


    Some will be impacted by the interview waiver program. that change is for individuals for visas expired for more than 12 months. if it is less than they are still available for the interview waiver program. although we might ask them to come and ask some questions.

    Does the Embassy place limitations on the issuance of visas in Ethiopia?
    visas are not run on a quota system. Last year alone we issued over 18,000 visas and the vast majority was for Ethiopian applicants there is no quota in place.

    How will this visa process continue in the future?


    The visa program will continue per the direction of the administration. right now we see no change as the executive order is under judicial review. I mentioned a small change to our interview waiver program. How long does the small change on visa interview waiver program last? 

    U.S law gives a large amount of discretion to the administration and the President, our job is to enforce those laws, I can't speak to whether or not they will change in the future, but as soon as we have changes we will communicate changes.

    Immigrant and non-immigrant visas at the Embassy.


    Immigration and Non-immigration visas we in the consulate section are committed to facilitating legitimate travel.

    Our number one priority is of course to the United States and protecting our borders, but within the consulate section, we are committed to being a partner to Ethiopians and making sure that we help facilitate that legitimate travel.

    We have a large Ethiopian diaspora and many many travelers and people who do want to travel to the United States. One thing I will say if I can take a moment. We encourage travelers to apply early.

    We try to provide the fastest visa that we can, but often times, when people are traveling on non-immigrant visas, students, scholars, tourists, people going not to live but just temporarily that process, can take one week, two weeks and up to the month. And there is a number of reasons for that, we see very large spikes in demand during certain times of the year.

    The administrative process for US visa applicants.


    Many of our applicants are very familiar with that process. the application needs to be filled out completely and honestly, this helps us have the right information.

    The next step is paying a USD 160 nonrefundable processing fee. That fee doesn't benefit the United States, it is a specifically calculated a number that covers our processing fee.that fee needs to be paid to before the interview. the final step is just scheduling the appointment and coming in for the interview. So that is just the process of applying for a visa.

    We also here a term sometimes in the consulate, which is administrative processing. It's a large number of security checks and internal controls both here in Addis Ababa and sometimes in Washington DC

     Watch DireTube Video: Exclusive Interview on Visa Application Processes at U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa






    Fana Camera Endalk Ayale Mikeyas Brihaune 

    Video editor Solomon G/ Medhin 

    FBC Fana 



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  • DireTube News Update Wednesday March 1

    Wednesday, March 1, 2017, Diretube News Update 

    Allegations of Deaths In 14 Woredas near  Somali Region 
    DireTube’s Wednesday, first of the month, news wrap up begins with allegations of violence by Somali special police against residents of Oromia region in eastern Ethiopia. Journalists spoke with some residents who said that Liyu police (special police) from Somali region infiltrated into their area and committed acts of violence. Teachers are afraid to attend school and so education is interrupted and deaths have become commonplace according to sources cited in this DireTube video. The regions include 14 woredas bordering the Somali Region and sourced include head of the regional communication bureau, Addisu Arega. 

    The Blue Party spokesman Solomon Tessema released a statement that many of its members are facing imprisonment and harassment throughout the country.  Human rights organization released a statement regarding the arrest of Dr. Merara Gudina, Bekele Gerba and others. these are political prisoners.

    Human rights organization released a statement regarding the arrest of Dr. Merara Gudina, Bekele Gerba, and others. 

    Two Ethiopians that were Robbed during the recent xenophobic attacks spoke to the Voice of America. This DireTube News coverage gives detailed accounts of how an attempt to pack up a shop's goods and flee the riot failed and resulted in not the first but second robbery of the year for the Ethiopian victims. Wengelawit Habtamu Tsegay has been struggling for a long time. He lives in Sunnyside and works in Atteridgeville. It has been 2 years since the last serious xenophobic attacks. Watch the video for details about the protest pamphlets and details of the riot and looting. 

    Sentencing in Sophie Vaseline Counterfeit Case of Jilal Otalo in Sebeta and Kolfe Keranio. Kebele 08 Krabu area. The businessman was arrested for selling counterfeit paraffin products and charged by public prosecutors. DireTube News update reveals that he has been found guilty by the Federal courts and sentenced to six years and a money fine. The courts have ordered the goods to be discarded. Watch the video for more details.

    Bill Gates Foundation in conjunction with the WHO warn of 12  bacteria that have developed immunity and are an impending danger to the world. These biological threats can only be averted by the work of researchers.

    See Also: New Antibiotics Needed for 12 Families of Bacteria 

    See Video: Wednesday, March 1, 2017, Diretube News Update 


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  • DireTube News: Reform ThinkTank Expect Large Artificial Intel Job Replacement

    A British think tank based in London has released a report which predicts that 250,000 government jobs will be taken over by Artifical intelligence. Robots and "chatbots" are expected to go into even traditionally unchartered areas like medical care and others.

    This report has created a storm of debate in the British online media, especially, with grave concerns about the millions that likely to be destitute and out of jobs on the one side and excitement about an impending automation revolution on the other.

     The report by the non-party think tank Reform presents as part of the solution, alternative forms of work in what it calls the 'gig economy' which includes online job platforms that hire job-by-job basis flexibly.

    This no doubt references to such giant job platforms as Upwork.com ( the result of an recent merger between Odesk and Elance) and Freelancer.com, which offer just such opportunities in the private sector already. 

    The entire report has aggravated thousands as is evident in the comment section of The Guardian Newspaper which is a hotbed of debate and controversy on the topic, (over 750 comments the last time we at Diretube.com checked). 

    The Guardian's article on Reform's report become a hotbed of debate on the contentious topic of job automation.


     The avowed mission of the Reform think tank who is responsible for this report is to 'set out to deliver a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity' and this is coupled with a belief in a long-term policy failure on the part of the UK government in this regard.

    Mainly this can be gotten rid of by a 35% reduction in public spending. 

    The Reform blog reflects this view with posts like "Work in Progress: towards a leaner smarter public sector workforce." and "Faulty by design: The state of public service commissioning."

    Automating administrative roles is a major focus of this report and so is self-management and the introduction of new recruitment patterns in public services. Much of this is already happening in the workplace and many media have seen the results of this reports as a sort of UBER like process of disruption in the public services arena. Among the new recruitment methods outlined in the report are apprenticeships and the aforementioned online job platforms viewed as 'digital contingent labor'. 

    Reform's Interesting Video provides a great Overview of this Landmark Report 

    During a recent press release Reform stated "Public services can become the next Uber, using the gig economy to employ locum doctors and supply teachers. 

    Not only this but the Reform report also sees a better world where government offices act like private companies with more learning from mistakes and a culture of self-management and shared workspaces. Agile work where employees work where and how they choose and motivating rewards unencumbered by the stricter payment terms we have come to expect from government jobs are some other notable changes that are expected. 





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  • DireTube #Mereja: Top 10 Worst Train Accidents in History

    1. A  major train disaster took place further north in Africa on a train destined to Luxor from Cairo. The Egyptian El Ayyat train disaster took place very early in the morning in 2002 when an eleven-carriage passenger's kitchen section caught fire because of an explosion involving a cooking gas cylinder. Death tools from the government at the time was 383, all Egyptians.

    1. This DireTube #Mereja list in Amharic then covers the Torre del Bierzo rail disaster in Spain. An engine fire inside a tunnel results in an official death toll of a little over 250. Death toll figures were reputedly exaggerated at certain times and some reference books still show between 500-800.

    2.  The tragic 1985, Addis Ababa -DireDewa accident went down in Ethiopian history as the worst of its kind. 1000+ passengers were on their way to Addis a bit outside the town of Awash when the train fell off a bridge. Almost immediately after January 15, 1985, the New York Times covered it in an article titled: "ETHIOPIAN TRAIN FALLS OFF BRIDGE; 392 ARE KILLED" . An additional 370 wounded were transported to hospitals in Nazreth and Addis Ababa. 16 were taken by helicopter to the Black Lion Hospital.

    3. Many Italians still look back in dismay at the Balvano train disaster where 530 people on a freight train in Italy met untimely deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This accident is considered the worst in Italian history.

    4. In one of the worst, if not the worst accidents in the Soviet Union train transport history the Ufa train disaster resulted in a deafening explosion on the Kuybyshev Railway. On Jun 4, 1989, near the Ufa, now the capital city of the republic of Bashkortostan, what is widely held as the deadliest railway accident in the region's history took place resulting in 575 dead.

    5. Moving to Mexico, the worst train wreck is definitely the Guadalajara train disaster of January 22, 1915. Over 600 people lost their lives due to this unfateful and tragic event while the Mexican Revolution was underway and revolutionary forces were fermenting rebellion throughout the country.

    6. The Diretube #Merjea list moves on to worse and even more gruesome accidents with the notorious Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne derailment in France. This crash cost France the lives of 1000 of its country's fighters during World War I and shocked the region and the world. The soldiers were on leave after a fearsome battle in Italy.

    7. This list would not be complete without the Khanna rail disaster which caused 212 tragic death amidst 2500 passengers that were on the train. The cause was identified as broken rail, which resulted in a derailment and collision.

    8. January 14, 1917, was a sad and bloody day in the Kingdom of Romania because of the Ciurea rail disaster. This is close to worst the world has ever seen with close to 1000 deaths. Brake failure is believed to be the cause but a formal investigation was not undertaken, reportedly.  

    9. The 2004 Sri Lanka tsunami-rail disaster is generally agreed to the worst of the worst as far as train disasters go. Many reference books peg the deaths at 1,700 or more. This video: "Last Journey of the Tsunami Train", describes how so many died within 30 minutes in a natural disaster that will be remembered throughout history.  



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  • Recycling army in Ethiopian capital fear livelihoods at risk as city modernizes

    Every morning as Addis Ababa wakes up, thousands of men roam the city streets collecting all kinds of recyclable waste, from plastic and clothing to fridges and electrics.

    By sundown these men, known as Quralews after their morning refrain calling out for scrap metal, make their way to Minalesh Terra, a highly-organised section of Merkato, the largest open-air marketplace in the Ethiopian capital.

    Here craftsmen transform these discarded materials into an array of new goods - from stoves and furniture to household appliances and religious items - for re-sale in city stores, eventually reaching households in Ethiopia's nine regions.

    See more here

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