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  • New Prison Complex Nears Completion


    The Federal Prisons Administration Commission is in the final stage to complete the construction of a new prison complex with an estimated project cost of 900 million Birr from the government coffers.

    Located at Aba Samuel River, Aqaqi Qality District, the new jail is planned to replace the current Qilinto Prison that is more than a decade old. It can house 6,000 inmates.

    The new complex has better facilities than the previous one, according to source close to the case.

    Lying on 5,000 square meter of land, the construction of the complex began in June 2014, after awarding the project to 13 local contractors.

    The then Ministry of Urban Development & Housing (MoUDH) selected the contractors depending on their previous track record in different construction projects.

    The Ministry awarded the companied based on a fixed rate system, which focused on market prices, according to the same source.

    The construction Design Enterprise created design of the prison and conducted the preliminary and feasibility study of the project.

    The prison site has five blocks of two-story buildings, with the capacity of accommodating 1,200 prisoners each.

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  • Raped, Given HIV/AIDS by Her Stepfather


    Haftu Woldemariam, a resident at Kukufto City of the Raya-Azebo Woreda, who had accused of raping his stepdaughter, 10, and infected with HIV/AIDS, has found guilty and sentenced to 25 years of prison.

    The convict, who is HIV/AIDS positive has deliberately raped and infected his stepdaughter with the virus, who previously was negative, according to a medical evidence presented by the Prosecutor.

    Maychew Bench Court of the South Tigray Zone has sentenced Haftu to 25 years of prison in a court hearing on June 23, 2017.

    Figures shows that women and girls usually abuses by their intimate partners.

    Governments around the world have done far too little to combat the entrenched, chronic abuses of women’s and girls’ human rights that put them at risk of HIV, according to Human Rights Watch.

    By failing to enact and effectively enforce laws on domestic violence, marital rape, women’s equal property rights, and sexual abuse of girls, and by tolerating customs and traditions that subordinate women, governments are enabling HIV/AIDS to continue claiming the lives of women and girls.

    Families perpetrate domestic violence including marital rape, violations of property and inheritance rights, the harmful traditional practices of bride price, widow inheritance, and ritual sexual “cleansing”; and sexual abuse of girls and tolerated by governments. They are among the most pervasive and dangerous violations for women and girls. In the context of HIV/AIDS, they can be lethal.

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  • A Colorado county is training teachers to carry firearms on school grounds

    Thanks to Colorado’s concealed carry laws, some Colorado teachers are taking part in a training course that will allow them to carry firearms into the classroom to protect students, according to KRDO-TV.

    Activist groups, in association with the Weld County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado, launched a three-day course Tuesday that is training educators not only to use firearms properly in the classroom, but also how to use trauma kits and tourniquets for those injured by knives or gunshots. So far, 17 teachers are attending the course, with 20 more reportedly on the waiting list for the next training session.

    According to KRDO, The Coloradans for Civil Liberties (CLC) and the Independence Institute, both conservative activist groups in Colorado, raised the money to cover the $1,000 cost per teacher. The location of the training ground was not released, but KRDO confirmed that it is being provided by the Weld County Sheriff’s Office.

    While these courses are just beginning in Colorado, qualified teachers have been legally allowed to carry concealed on school grounds for years.

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  • Algerian man jailed for dangling baby from window to get Facebook 'likes'

    In photographs shared on Facebook, the young boy is seen hanging out of the sickeningly high window held only by the scruff of his t-shirt.

    The man later faced court in Algeria where the incident took place after people who saw the post online called for him to be charged with child abuse.

    It was reported that many social media users had responded angrily to the post and demanded his arrest after his risky prank.

    According to the BBC, the unidentified father sparked panic on Sunday when he posted a picture of him dangling his child out of a 15th-floor apartment window in Algiers.

    The man who is the relative of the child denied all the allegations and said the image is altered by social media users, reports Algeria's privately owned Ennahar TV.

    The child's father urged the court to forgive the man, saying he had just been playing a game.

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  • Three Ethiopian Asylum Seekers in German Accused of Rape

    Woman, 28, Describes Being ‘Gang Raped’ by Three Ethiopian Asylum Seekers in German Town

    A young woman in Germany has been giving evidence at the trial of three Ethiopian asylum seekers accused of gang raping her.  The men are accused of carrying out the crime at a carnival in the town of Mühlhausen in central Germany. During a statement to the court yesterday, the woman, 28,  identified as Laura G., said she recognized the men on trial. She said: “Each of them raped me three times.”

    According to local newspaper the Thüringer Allgemeine she explained that the men lured her to a quiet area near a train station during the Mühlhausen Carnival last August.

    One of them, identified as Isaak N. , aged 23, approached her on his own and forced himself on her. When she tried to run, she was intercepted by the other two – identified as Medhanie A., aged 29, and David T., aged 22.

    The men raped her repeatedly, sometimes as a group and sometimes one after the other, it is claimed. The woman, understood to be from Hungary, said the sex was unprotected and she was beaten, kicked and had her hair pulled during the ordeal.

    She said she had tried to flee and call for help but the men had stolen her phone. She alleges they later used the phone to record part of the attack.

    The woman’s evidence had to be cut short because of the emotional toll reliving the incident took on her. The case against the men, who were arrested the day after the alleged attack, is based on DNA traces found on the woman. One of the defendants has already claimed during the trial that he had consensual sex with the woman on the day in question.

    “I was very drunk at the carnival and I slept with her once,” Isaak N. told the court. The other two men on trial claim to have gone to bed early that night and deny any connection to the crime.

    Prosecutors have charged the group with rape and bodily harm. The trial continues. 

    Source: DailyMail

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  • Barclays and Former Executives Charged Over Qatar Fund-Raising

    LONDON — British officials brought criminal charges on Tuesday against Barclays and four former executives over deals it struck with Qatar to avoid a government bailout during the 2008 global financial crisis, in the latest in a series of regulatory blows against the bank.

    The allegations, from the Serious Fraud Office of Britain, are the first time that a British bank and its former executives have been charged criminally with wrongdoing as a result of actions taken as the financial crisis worsened. The charges take aim at a cloud that has hung over the bank for years — namely, questions as to how Barclays was able to steer through the crisis without government assistance.

    Nine years ago, the British bank raised nearly 12 billion pounds — more than $15 billion at today’s exchange rates — from an arm of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund and other investors in two deals, in June 2008 and in October 2008. The deals allowed it to avoid a bailout as a number of major banks on both sides of the Atlantic floundered and sought government lifelines.

    The Serious Fraud Office has been scrutinizing whether Barclays properly disclosed an agreement it struck with Qatar at the time that led the lender to pay more than £300 million for “advisory services” as part of the fund-raising. The office has also been examining a $3 billion loan facility that Barclays made available to the Qatar government in November 2008.

    Barclays C.E.O. Apologizes for Handling of Whistle-Blower Complaint MAY 10, 2017

    Barclays C.E.O. Investigated Over Treatment of Whistle-Blower APRIL 10, 2017

    Justice Department Sues Barclays Over Mortgage-Backed Securities DEC. 22, 2016

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    The fraud office said that it had charged Barclays, John S. Varley, its former chief executive, and the former bankers Roger A. Jenkins, Thomas L. Kalaris and Richard W. Boath with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation related to the June 2008 fund-raising.

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