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  • Why reading is good for your health - CNN

    (CNN)Clients who seek solace by pouring their hearts out in Alison Kerr Courtney's office don't get rewarded with a Xanax or Prozac prescription. Instead, they walk away with a reading list.

    The founder of BiblioRemedy isn't a licensed therapist, nor is she currently an English teacher, although she did work as one for 10 years in France, and has spent years shelving books at the library and in bookstores.
    Courtney is a kind of book whisperer.
    For as long as she can remember she's had a knack for matching people with books that fit with their intellectual interests. But some clients want more when they make an appointment with her at her office in Lexington, Kentucky.


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  • Three espressos a day cuts prostate cancer risk by 50%, study claims

    A morning shot of espresso can do more than just wake you up.

    It can also help lower your risk of prostate cancer by up to 53 percent, a new study has revealed.

    Scientists say drinking three espressos daily can halve your likelihood of developing the disease and suppress the growth of tumors.

    About one in every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime, but only one in 36 will die.

    Because prostate cancer is the third-leading cause of death in men, the researchers hope that caffeine, which is consumed by the majority of the adult population, will help reduce the number of diagnoses.

    The study, conducted by the Istituto Neurologico Mediterraneo Neuromed (IRCCS) in Pozzilli, Italy, looked at about 7,000 men residing in the central region of Molise region for four years and analyzed their coffee consumption habits.

    Researchers then compared them with prostate cancer occurrences and found a net reduction of their risk of 53 percent in those who drank three or more cups a day compared to drinking zero to two cups a day.

    Confirmation was sought by testing the action of coffee extracts on prostate cancer cells in laboratory studies.

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  • Air pollution: 'Heart disease link found'

    Extremely small particles of pollution have the potential to evade the lungs' protective filter system and end up deep in the body, scientists suggest.

    Researchers speculate the particles could then build up in blood vessels and raise the risk of heart disease.

    They say their early study - based on extremely small particles of gold - brings them a step closer to cracking the "mystery" of how air pollution and heart disease and stroke are linked.

    The work appears in ACS Nano.
    'Missing link'

    Air pollution is estimated to help shorten of the lives of about 40,000 people a year in the UK.

    Several studies suggest it does this in the most part by worsening or triggering heart or lung problems.

    But despite many theories, exactly how air pollution affects the heart is not fully understood.

    Some scientists suspect that it may be partly down to extremely tiny pollution particles (known as nanoparticles) that could potentially be too small to be removed by the body's filter system in the nose and lungs.

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  • Amazing Ethiopian Bozena Shiro Wet with Chicken Recipe

    Follow this recipe while watching the Diretube Bozena Shiro with Chicken video. 

    See Video for this Recipe: Bozena Shiro Wet (DireTube) 

    First the Necessary Ingredients: 

    1. tomato  
    2. onion
    3. shiro flour
    4. oil
    5. salt
    6. water
    7. green pepper
    8. basil
    9. garlic
    10. chicken breast
    11. rosemary
    12. butter

    Chicken Preparations Instructions: 

    1. Cut chicken breast in small morsels as in Video 
    2. Add butter to frying pan
    3. Add chicken breasts and a few pinches of rosemary as in video
    4. Fry for 5 - 7 minutes

    Bozena Shiro Preparation 

    1. Use new frying pan
    2. Add onions and garlic
    3. Add chili (berbere)
    4. Add shiro
    5. Add water
    6. Mix vigorously
    7. Boil for up to 5 minutes
    8. Add basil
    9. Add green peppers
    10. Serve with chicken
    11. Injera and peppers.

    See Also: How to Cook Shiro (Comfort Food) Diretube.com
    See Also: How to make an amazing Ethiopian Shiro Wet - Melegna - DireTube.com


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  • Don’t charge you IPhone beside you while asleep, you might get hurt like this

    Do you have a habit of sleeping beside your mobile phone while you go to bed? In the world we live in, cell phone use is increasingly essential to daily life. So much so that we do not put it down 24/7. We take it with us wherever we go and if we forget it at home, we feel like something is missing. We do not turn it off at any time of the day and we sleep with it on the nightstand.

    The same is true for charging your mobile beside yourself charging and listening a music all night long.

    This habit can be detrimental to our health. Would you like to know if it is bad to sleep near a cell phone or not? Yes it’s a detrimental one.
    Wiley Day, 32, is one of the victims of such tragic incidents. When he fell asleep on March 22, his iPhone was not far away. Like so many others, he had grown used to keeping his phone with him in bed, via an extension cord, as it charged overnight, Washington Post reported.

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  • Why has my child stopped eating?

    Why has my child stopped eating?

    Good nutrition equates to good growth and development. If your child has lost their appetite it can be a huge worry, but if your child appears generally healthy and happy, there is probably no reason to be concerned about a temporary slump in appetite. The main thing is (and it’s easy to say) but try not to worry, in the majority of cases, the problem rectifies itself quite quickly.

    Is loss of appetite common for some ages?

    There are no clear statistics, but loss of appetite is most common between the ages of two and six years. Some food refusal can also happen towards the end of the first year as infants become toddlers and start to be wary of any new foods (neophobia).

    What causes loss of appetite?

    Appetite can fluctuate from day to day: even healthy children go through periods when they don’t have an appetite. The reason for loss of appetite is rarely medical in origin. However, some conditions such as acid reflux and constipation, thyroid problems and iron-deficiency anaemia can cause a loss of appetite, as can some medications.

    Illness, in general, sometimes puts anyone off their food, so coughs, colds and sore throats can put children off eating for a couple of days, and that’s quite normal. The eruption of a new tooth may cause a lot of pain in the mouth, making it too sore to eat.

    Growth spurts can also affect appetite. When your child's growth slows, which it does for older toddlers, their appetite decreases in line with the slight decrease in nutrition requirements. Similarly, a change in activity levels, or exerting less energy can lead to less food being needed.

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