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  • South Africa Bans Sale of Live Hens to Contain Bird Flu Outbreak


    South Africa has banned the sale of live chickens throughout the country in a bid to control an outbreak of highly contagious H5N8 bird flu the government said on Monday.

    Exports of processed poultry products, live chickens, and fresh produce will continue depending on the requirements of importing countries, the department of agriculture said in a statement.

    “To date, no human cases of infection with avian influenza H5N8 have been reported. However, people handling wild birds, sick or dying poultry must wear protective clothing and wash their hands with disinfectants,” the department said.

    The government said meat from healthy poultry was safe to eat due to strict inspections at abattoirs, though people were urged to avoid eating any birds found dead, dying or sick.

    South Africa reported an outbreak this month of H5N8 avian influenza on a commercial broiler breeder farm in Mpumalanga province, where about 5,000 birds died and the rest were discarded.

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  • Top 5 Countries with the Fastest Internet in the World -2017

    In this technological era, where internet has become the most preferred medium of our everyday communication, have you ever wondered which countries provide the most quickest web experience?

    There are two important metrics in bandwidth allocation (measured in Megabits per second or Mbps): download and upload speed, denoting the rate of inbound and outbound data respectively. Here is a list of the top five countries that has the fastest internet connection speed in the world 2017.

    1. Hong Kong

    Hong Kong tops the list with peak internet speed of broadband connection in this country showing an average of 54.1 Mbps across services. It only takes 83 seconds to download one high definition (HD) movie.

    2. South Korea

    After Hong Kong, South Korea recorded the second-fastest average internet speed of 48.8 Mbps. Also, one HD quality video can be downloaded in just 92 seconds.

    3. Japan

    Japan came in third with a peak download speed of 42.2 Mbps and can download one HD movie in 106 seconds.

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  • Breastfeeding may reduce heart attack and stroke risk in mothers, study finds

    Mothers who breastfeed may reduce their risk of having a heart attack or stroke later in life, a new study has found.

    Previous research has shown that breastfeeding can reduce a mother’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and obesity – and scientists hope their new findings will encourage more women to choose breast over bottle.

    Researchers from the UK and China examined health data from more than 280,000 Chinese women, nearly all of whom were mothers.

    After adjusting the results for other risk factors, including smoking, high blood pressure and physical activity, they found mothers who breastfed their babies had a 9 per cent lower risk of heart disease and 8 per cent lower risk of stroke than mothers who never breastfed.

    The longer each woman breastfed her baby, the more their risk of cardiovascular disease appeared to reduce.

    Each additional six months of breastfeeding per baby was linked to a four per cent lower risk of heart disease and a three per cent lower risk of stroke.

    And among mothers who breastfed their babies for two years or more, heart disease risk was 18 per cent lower and stroke risk was 17 per cent lower than among mothers who never breastfed.

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  • Parent’s Smartphone Use Can Affect Kids' Behavior

    By Maureen Salamon

    HealthDay Reporter

    THURSDAY, June 15, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Could your smartphone prompt a toddler tantrum? Perhaps, a new study suggests.

    Young children whose parents interrupt family time by pulling out their smartphones or tablets appear more prone to misbehaviors, such as whining, sulking and tantrums, the research revealed.

    Study author Brandon McDaniel coined the term "technoference" about five years ago when researching technology's intrusion into face-to-face interactions and relationships. His new findings on kids and parents reinforce established research focusing on technology's effects on child development.

    "Do you like it when you feel snubbed by someone, when that person isn't validating or listening to you?" asked McDaniel. He's an assistant professor of human development and family science at Illinois State University.

    "It's the same thing with kids, but since they're not adults, the way they show it is probably by acting out a little more," he added. "Most parents really love their children, but it's hard for a child to feel that if you're staring at your phone."

    A lot of research has looked at technology's impact on children's routines. Kids between ages 8 and 18 spend about 7.5 hours per day using a screen -- whether TV, computer, cellphone or another device -- for entertainment, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

    But this study included surveys from 168 mothers and 165 fathers of young children from 170 two-parent households. The researchers asked parents about their use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other technology, and how the devices disrupted family time.

    Technoference could include checking phone messages during meals, playtime or routine activities with their children.

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  • The World’s 14 Most Dangerous Roads That Take Your Breath Away

    Anyone who has ridden a roller coaster at least once knows the expression "to have your heart in your mouth." However, it’s unlikely this entertainment can be compared with highways built at an altitude of several kilometers over an abyss, in a lonely desert, above the water, or even below it.

    Bright Side invites you to travel through the most unimaginable roads in the world which overshadow even the coolest rides.

    The Guoliang Tunnel is 1.2 km (0.75 mi) long and was built through a mountain range leading to the village of the same name. In the 1970s, the inhabitants of the village made this tunnel and the "windows" in it themselves using only hand tools.

    The width of the tunnel is about 4 m (13 ft), so drivers have to be extremely careful.

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  • For Women —Never Marry a Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

    Imagine yourself being married to a guy who does not respect you, who does not deserve great things in life. And he sees you just as his wife, and nothing more! Yes, your life will be a burning hell.

    Take some time before you fall in love, decide first if the guy you are interested in is worthy of your time, love and life. Even if you have dated the guy, you know him well! Do go through these 15 habits, if he has most of them, then stay away from him.


    1. Narrow-mindedness

    A guy who does not trust you completely will always put restrictions on you no matter how loyal you or how much you love him. These conditions will always be there. He will stop you from doing normal things in life, in fear of something bad will happen. It can turn out to be a nightmare!

    Any guy with such negativity has full potential to ruin your life. It is better to dump such a guy rather than regretting marrying him.

    2. The Relationship Rules Mean Nothing To Him

    Every relationship has some ground rules, and if the guy keeps on breaking them, it means he has no respect for you or this relationship. If that guy goes off the line again and again, then it indicates he is not worth your time and love.

    3. Breaks Promises

    If he keeps on breaking promises often, this means he is making a fool out of you. He does not care about what you think or say. If a commitment is broken once in a blue moon, then it can be forgiven. But if he is playing with you then he is not worth it!

    4. Gives You Secondary Treatment

    The relationship is all about giving and receiving. If you’re the one all your efforts into the relationship, while he is doing nothing your life will be miserable. There is no point in making such connection, sooner or later you will regret your decision of marrying him.

    5 .Keeps The Fights Alive
    Fights in relationships are good and sometimes healthy, but if they are never ending than there will be no commitment. Life and relations are full of compromises if he is not listening to your point of view and imposes his decisions. He shows that he is listening but he does not understand what you are saying, he is surely not worth your time.

    6 .Kills the Conversations

    He is a good talker and is awesome. But when you have to say something he cuts you in between and starts his story. It is another way of saying ‘I do not care about your feeling or what you have to say.’

    He kills every conversation; this shows how insignificant you are for him. You cannot be ignored like that all your life.

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