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  • Is having a cry good for our health?

    Crying has often been touted as a good way to relieve stress. Does science back this belief up?
    Until recently, scientists and authors were at stark disagreement over the point of crying. In King Henry VI, Shakespeare wrote, "to weep is to make less the depth of grief", and the American writer Lemony Snicket said "unless you have been very, very lucky, you know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit".

    Charles Darwin, on the other hand, thought that the production of tears (the act of crying notwithstanding) was merely a useless side effect of the way that the muscles around the eye worked. For him, those muscles had to contract from time to time so that they didn’t overflow with blood; the expulsion of tears was simply an unintended consequence of that evolved physiological process. (He did acknowledge that crying could help young infants attract the attention of their parents, though.)

    We now know that crying – at least, the sort that adults do – is a complex physiological response to some kind of emotional stimulus. The most prominent feature is of course the shedding of tears, but it also includes changes in facial expressions and breathing patterns. "Sobbing," for example, refers to the rapid inhalation and exhalation that so often accompanies crying.

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  • Science Confirms: The More Coffee You Drink, The Longer You Will Live

    Coffee is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.

    It is more than just dark-colored liquid with caffeine… coffee actually contains hundreds of different compounds, some of which have important health benefits.

    Several massive studies have now shown that the people who drink the most coffee live longer and have a reduced risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

    Coffee is a Major Source of Antioxidants
    Young Brunette Enjoying Cup of Coffee

    When hot water runs through the coffee grounds while brewing, the substances in the coffee beans mix with the water and become part of the drink.

    Some of these substances are well known, including caffeine, but there are hundreds of other compounds in there as well, many of which science has yet to identify.

    Many of these compounds are antioxidants that protect our bodies from oxidation, which involves free radicals that damage molecules in the body.

    Without getting into complicated details, oxidation is believed to be one of the mechanisms behind ageing and common diseases like cancer and heart disease.

    Coffee, believe it or not, happens to be the biggest source of antioxidants in the Western diet, outranking both fruits and vegetables… combined (1, 2, 3).

    When you’re treating yourself with a cup of coffee, you’re not only getting caffeine but a whole bunch of other beneficial compounds, including powerful antioxidants.

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  • Scientists Confirmed: HEALTHY EFFECTS OF DATES

    SCIENTISTS CONFIRMED: This Is The World’s #1 Food For Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke And Cholesterol!

    We have something to show you, in case you are searching for the most beneficial food in the world.

    We recommend you to try dates. They contain a lot of healthy properties that are able to soothe many health problems, such as strokes, heart attacks, cholesterol and hypertension.

    In no time, they are going to build up the metabolism of the body, because they have great amounts of nutrients. Here are some of the main recommendations why they have to be included in your food menu and why they are so healthy.


    Dates are rich in iron

    Dates contain great amounts of iron, which is especially useful for those people who suffer from anemia, for children and for pregnant women. It is sufficient to consume 100 grams of dates per day, which mainly contain 0.9 mg of iron. It is about 11 % of the recommended daily intake of iron. The iron has also beneficial effects on the red blood cells and hemoglobin, mainly supporting the flow of oxygen through the blood.

    Dates prevent diarrhea

    Dates also have got great amounts of potassium, which is an essential mineral that prevents diarrhea by relieving the belly flora and the intestines, stimulating more effective bacteria in this way. Read more:

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  • Visa Application for Ethiopians after Trump U.S embassy in Addis Ababa Interview:

    Interview released Friday, March 3, 2017 of Us Embassy in Addis Ababa Vice-Consul on Visa Applications for Ethiopians After President Trump's controversial policies

     Interview Transcript with Helpful Links of Exclusive Interview of R.Chase Thompson Vice-consul Embassy of the United States of America in Addis Ababa by Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

    Find out everything you need to know about the Visa application process after  President Donald Trump's executive order and what to expect in the future. 


    Is there a change on visa issuance for Ethiopian applicants under the Executive Order 13769?


    Small change right now for Ethiopian applicants and that change is just for the interview waiver program. We saw an impact for citizens of those seven countries mentioned in the Executive order, but that process right now is under judicial review.

    Things remain as they were before the executive order with a small change to our interview waiver program which has limited the time frame for those individuals seek to do an interview waiver. It was within 48 months of expiration, it is now down to twelve months Visa expires for less than twelve months you can send it to us by DHL and we will adjudicate it.

    See Also: Green card holders banned from entering U.S.


     If your visa has been expired for less than twelve months and you've been a good traveler, you can now just send it to us by DHL and in most cases, we will adjudicate it. 

    Does this small change affect Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin?


    Some will be impacted by the interview waiver program. that change is for individuals for visas expired for more than 12 months. if it is less than they are still available for the interview waiver program. although we might ask them to come and ask some questions.

    Does the Embassy place limitations on the issuance of visas in Ethiopia?
    visas are not run on a quota system. Last year alone we issued over 18,000 visas and the vast majority was for Ethiopian applicants there is no quota in place.

    How will this visa process continue in the future?


    The visa program will continue per the direction of the administration. right now we see no change as the executive order is under judicial review. I mentioned a small change to our interview waiver program. How long does the small change on visa interview waiver program last? 

    U.S law gives a large amount of discretion to the administration and the President, our job is to enforce those laws, I can't speak to whether or not they will change in the future, but as soon as we have changes we will communicate changes.

    Immigrant and non-immigrant visas at the Embassy.


    Immigration and Non-immigration visas we in the consulate section are committed to facilitating legitimate travel.

    Our number one priority is of course to the United States and protecting our borders, but within the consulate section, we are committed to being a partner to Ethiopians and making sure that we help facilitate that legitimate travel.

    We have a large Ethiopian diaspora and many many travelers and people who do want to travel to the United States. One thing I will say if I can take a moment. We encourage travelers to apply early.

    We try to provide the fastest visa that we can, but often times, when people are traveling on non-immigrant visas, students, scholars, tourists, people going not to live but just temporarily that process, can take one week, two weeks and up to the month. And there is a number of reasons for that, we see very large spikes in demand during certain times of the year.

    The administrative process for US visa applicants.


    Many of our applicants are very familiar with that process. the application needs to be filled out completely and honestly, this helps us have the right information.

    The next step is paying a USD 160 nonrefundable processing fee. That fee doesn't benefit the United States, it is a specifically calculated a number that covers our processing fee.that fee needs to be paid to before the interview. the final step is just scheduling the appointment and coming in for the interview. So that is just the process of applying for a visa.

    We also here a term sometimes in the consulate, which is administrative processing. It's a large number of security checks and internal controls both here in Addis Ababa and sometimes in Washington DC

     Watch DireTube Video: Exclusive Interview on Visa Application Processes at U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa






    Fana Camera Endalk Ayale Mikeyas Brihaune 

    Video editor Solomon G/ Medhin 

    FBC Fana 



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  • Africa’s most depressed nations

    According to a report, titled Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders – Global Health Estimates, released last week by the World Health Organization conducted in 2015 here are the countries in Africa with the most cases of depression

    Djibouti; 5.1 percent of its population is depressed

    Cape Verde /Tunisia 4.9 of their population depressed

    Lesotho has 4.8 percent of its population depressed

    Ethiopia / Botswana have 4.7 percent of their population affected with depression

    Algeria has 4.5 percent of its population depressed

    Kenya/Comoros/Madagascar/Mauritius/Namibia/South Sudan have 4.4 percent of their population depressed

    The list focuses of depressive disorders. Depressive disorders are characterized by sadness severe enough or persistent enough to interfere with function and often by decreased interest or pleasure in activities.

    The report says poverty and unemployment are the major factors that contribute to depression. Other factors are physical illness, life events such as death of a loved one and drug abuse.

    The number of people living with depression in the world was estimated to have exceeded 300 million. Depression is 1.5 times more common among women than men.

    “More women are affected by depression than men and the prevalence varies by regions, from a low of 2.6 per cent among males in Western Pacific region to 5.9 per cent among females in Africa,” says the report. Read more:

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  • Ethiopika Link Tips to Improve Your Memory


    Ethiopia’s popular EthiopkiaLink hosts present tips and techniques on how to develop a good memory over time.

     Not remembering makes us uneasy, and make things difficult in our relationship with others. For example, take a little thing like forgetting someone’s name, imagine how much that interferes with starting a conversation. Forgetting things, like keys and other important objects can make us angry and confused.

    There are many techniques to keep from doing this and to improve our memory and make life better.


    One technique or way of remembering is associating. You say the name Tesfish (EthiopikaLink host) and associate with a color, for instance. Numbers may be hard for us to keep in our head.

    If you want to remember the id numbers and, if the are, say, 12, you can associate it with, maybe the first number of your phone. We must try and link things as much as possible. And we work our brain this way and increase the way we remember.

    Shortening Things to Remember them

    We can shorten things as we try to remember them. When you want to buy something, say food products.  Let's take fruits, vegetables or other things. These three things may have links. Sees something that links them, for instance, the first letter the products begin with.That is (Ayb) cottage cheese, Ananas (Pineapple) and Atkilt(vegetables) etc..

     So we test our self this way and the exercise also helps our thinking.

    Remembering in Chunks

    Think of your own bank account. It is really long difficult to remember. We can remember them in chunks and link them with the date of birth, say 1986 and this helps you to remember, or something with history.When we do this, we increase our own knowledge and this is a way of remembering.

     Acronymous means taking the initial letters of a word, then you catch them and don’t forget.  Another radio host here gives an example.For example.A number may begin with 88 and since the ADWA victory was in 1888 you remember it by way of the victory day.You can also use the day of marriage it might be, and those 3 numbers then you remember in a sentence that has numbers associated with them. This way you remember the number and don’t forget it.

    We have to encourage ourselves.By doing this we can correct ourselves and improve ourselves and over time we can get really good. There are puzzles and games that are really good for the brain.

    Being Positive About our Memory Power 

    Studies show that being positive about our memory contributes greatly to our performance. Testing ourselves with small quizzes and tests and gradually improving increases confidence which then makes us better at recalling the different things we want to remember. 

     Brain Training Games 

    Increase our memory through playing these games. We need to give time to ourselves and try and remember the things that have to happen in our minds, and that helps a lot.

    Recalling Past Events Especially Good Ones

    Writing down recent occurrences, especially based on photos from our past, (especially the good ones) also helps.

    Study rather than Cram (Rote Memorization)

    The last one is not to indulge in rote memorization. Instead of just memorizing we should study. Many students, for instance, choose to cram at the last minute. course, and not knowing something deeply and instead just trying to memorize them.

    So instead of holding things in short-term memory or working memory, we must try to retain them for a long time. We must study rather than memorize and try to link them together.



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