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  • Land Dispute Resurfaces in Adama


    More than 80 farmers from Kebele 01, Adama Town, who claim their farmland has transferred to teachers, civil servants and investors without compensation, have appealed in person to the Oromia Regional State’s President Office in Bole on 19 June 2017, requesting payment from the Adama City Administration.

    That happened after the seizure of the lands by the city administration, according to the farmers.

    The dispute over the land issue started in 2010 when the city administration has officially informed the farmers to leave their plot for development.

    Since then, the city administration promised to give 500 square meter  and 200 Square Meter  as compensation to households and adults who live in the households, respectively. This, however, never materialized, according to the farmers.

    Ever since the land became part of Adama City in 1984, many farmers were undertaking their day-to-day activities in the area including those who were working on the land seized.

    Tirunesh Geleta, 60, was among the farmers who filed a complaint at the president’s office. She is a widow, leading a life assisted by her children who are working as daily laborers.

    Before the confiscation, she had 45,000sqm of land and now this has diminished to 7,500sqm due to the recent move of the City Administration.

    “I am in a crisis as the city administration tells me that I am entitled to get nothing from my own land,” she said. “This poses a serious threat to my livelihood.”

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  • Sacked for “Not Wearing a Bra?”

    Kate Hannah, 22, who used to work as a barmaid has reportedly claimed that she sacked after turning up for a shift without a bra after being 'sexually harassed.'

    She posted a furious rant on Facebook, accompanied by a picture of the grey, crew neck t-shirt that she says was deemed unacceptable by her boss, that claim, however, has been severely rejected and denied by Bird and Beer as they refuted “No one has fired so far”.

    She said that she wore the t-shirt to Bird and Beer in Beverley, East Yorkshire after her manager's brother allegedly made an inappropriate remark to her.

    There were even calls for her to take legal action after she shared her side of the story on social media.

    She said on Facebook: 'So I've just got home after being sacked from my job, for refusing to wear a bra.

    'Yesterday an inappropriate sexual remark was made to me, by my managers’ brother, and in the presence of her. I felt uncomfortable, objectified and shocked that this had happened.

    'Unfortunately, she saw fit to deal with the situation by telling me that I'm not allowed into work in future unless I'm wearing a bra. That was said to me in front of three other staff members and customers.


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  • Raped, Given HIV/AIDS by Her Stepfather


    Haftu Woldemariam, a resident at Kukufto City of the Raya-Azebo Woreda, who had accused of raping his stepdaughter, 10, and infected with HIV/AIDS, has found guilty and sentenced to 25 years of prison.

    The convict, who is HIV/AIDS positive has deliberately raped and infected his stepdaughter with the virus, who previously was negative, according to a medical evidence presented by the Prosecutor.

    Maychew Bench Court of the South Tigray Zone has sentenced Haftu to 25 years of prison in a court hearing on June 23, 2017.

    Figures shows that women and girls usually abuses by their intimate partners.

    Governments around the world have done far too little to combat the entrenched, chronic abuses of women’s and girls’ human rights that put them at risk of HIV, according to Human Rights Watch.

    By failing to enact and effectively enforce laws on domestic violence, marital rape, women’s equal property rights, and sexual abuse of girls, and by tolerating customs and traditions that subordinate women, governments are enabling HIV/AIDS to continue claiming the lives of women and girls.

    Families perpetrate domestic violence including marital rape, violations of property and inheritance rights, the harmful traditional practices of bride price, widow inheritance, and ritual sexual “cleansing”; and sexual abuse of girls and tolerated by governments. They are among the most pervasive and dangerous violations for women and girls. In the context of HIV/AIDS, they can be lethal.

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  • Massive Blaze Ravages Apartment Building in DC Where Ethiopians Reside


    A three-alarm fire raged through a Northwest Washington apartment building Saturday as residents jumped from windows and firefighters used ladders to rescue people who were trapped, fire officials said.

    About 200 residents displaced from the 55-unit brick complex.Apartment in DC, its causes is still under investigation.

    Ethiopian, Latinos along with locals were residing inside the apartment building.

    “There are seven who got injuries, and an Ethiopian is one of the victims,” Yonas, a photographer and resident in DC told Tadias Addis Radio show.

    Scores of residents, some crawling on their hands and knees to avoid the smoke, fled through the darkened corridors of the four-story Rolling Terrace apartment complex, in the 1300 block of Peabody Street.

    One occupant and five firefighters implied taken to a hospital, and four residents evaluated at the scene, officials said. The injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, according to the Washington Post.

    “We had people hanging out of windows when we got here,” D.C. Fire Chief Gregory Dean said.

    “some rescues happened at that time. . . . A couple of people from the second floor jumped. Firefighters were able to catch them.”
    “We had a pretty chaotic scene for life safety, while at the same time we had heavy fire,” he said at the scene Saturday morning.
    Fire department video showed firefighters clambering down ladders, clutching rescued children in their arms and then climbing back up for more.

    At one point during the night, they had to work in a drenching rain, officials said.

    Dean said he believed that everyone had safely evacuated.

    Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) visited the scene later Saturday, praising firefighters and saying that the blaze was the worst she’d seen in Ward 4 in 10 years.“The fact that we’re here talking about property damage and not loss of life is just a remarkable testament to our first responders,” she said.

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  • John Magufuli's Pregnant Schoolgirl Ban Angers Tanzanian Women


    Tanzania's President John Magufuli condemned after his comments that girls who give birth should not be allowed to return to school.

    An online petition has been set up, and a pan-African women's organization is mobilizing to get the president to apologize and reverse his comments.

    Mr. Magufuli warned schoolgirls at a rally on Monday that: "After getting pregnant, you have done."

    A law passed in 2002 allows for the expulsion of pregnant schoolgirls.

    The law says the girls can be expelled and excluded from school for "offenses against morality" and "wedlock."

    Women's rights groups have recently been urging the government to change the law.

    Mr. Magufuli, who was speaking at a public rally in Chalinze town, about 100km west of the main city Dar es Salaam, said that young mothers would be distracted if they were allowed back in school:

    "After calculating some few mathematics, she'd be asking the teacher in the classroom: 'Let me go out and breastfeed my crying baby.'"

    He said that men who impregnate the schoolgirls should be imprisoned for 30 years and "put the energy they used to impregnate the girl into farming while in jail."

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  • As Ethiopian Olim Trickle to Israel, Many Wonder When Their Turn is


    When Sorafel Alamow, 22, immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia with his father and sister, he never dreamed that he would have to wait more than a decade for his five older siblings to join them.

    Jewish Agency representatives in Gondar told his family more than ten years ago that his siblings who were over the age of 18 would join them in a month or so, Alamow, who lives in Haifa, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

    “I’m still waiting for them [Jewish Agency officials] to call them,” Alamow said. Since his aliya, two of those siblings have died of serious illnesses.

    He said that every time he speaks to officials, “they have a new excuse” about why the aliya of his siblings is being delayed but always tell him it has already handled.

    “It will happen, it’s just a matter of time, but in the meantime, we are losing more people,” he said.

    Hen Asmamo, who lives in Holon, has been waiting 17 years for her grandmother to join her in Israel. Asmamo said that life goes on in Ethiopia and the families of those awaiting aliya naturally grow. “And then they are surprised there are more and they complain that it never ends,” she told the Post.

    Neither Asmamo nor Alamow has been doing nothing and waiting; both are active in a campaign called the “Struggle for the Aliya of Ethiopian Jews,” which seeks to put pressure on the government to bring the remaining members of the Ethiopian Jewish communities to Israel. The campaign launched following a declaration of the “end of Ethiopian aliya” three years ago that left many Falash Mura families divided.

    Falash Mura is the name given to those of the Beta Israel community in Ethiopia and Eritrea who – under compulsion and pressure from missionaries – converted to Christianity during the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Since their ancestors converted to another religion, the Falash Mura are still not covered by the Law of Return, which grants the right to immigrate and gain citizenship to anyone with a Jewish grandparent.

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