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  • DireTube March 23 News Overview


    DireTube's Latest Updates begin with a Sheraton Addis inauguration of Ethiopian Tourism's Amharic brand tagline: Midre Kedemt. Ethiopia's head of state, HaileMariam Desalgn and the Minister of Culture  and Tourism, Hirut W/Mariam (Ph.D.) gave talks at the ceremonial event which launched a native version of the earlier Land of Origin brand nationwide. 

    A leading figure in the history of Ethiopian tourism management and the creator of the decades-long 13 months of Sunshine brand, the iconic Habteselassie Tafese was recognized and awarded medals and a money price of 50,000 birr at the event. 

    In national politics news, one faction of the Blue party political organization is setting up its leadership structure. Yeshiwas Assefa, chairman of the Blue Party told Ethiopian Reporter that the recent controversy regarding a splintering of the Blue Party organization had been settled and that they were proceeding with business as usual. It has been 5 years since the Blue Party was given recognition by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia.  Listen to DireTube Video for more on what Yilkal Getenet and other party leaders have to say about the recent row within their ranks. 

    More tragic killing in Gambella. A young farm manager and son of an investor in the Gambella region's  Dima woreda was shot 4 times and passed away on the scene on Monday, March 20, 2017. He was going to town from his farm to recruit laborers when unknown assailants appeared from a bush and shot him dead. "I have reported the case to the police, and I am going to Nekemt with my son's body," said the heartbroken father, Etafa Mekonnen. Investors in Gambella have voiced concern about the lack of security in Gambella, especially near the South Sudan region. The Region's Communication head has said he knows of the killing but does not have additional information.

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    11-year sentence for government procurement officer sentenced in theft of 15 Trucks full of Rebars.  Recent media covered the 40/60 condominium theft of 6.4 million birr worth of rebars and the group of suspects including government officials and businessmen. Tesfalgn Bekele has admitted guilt and an 11-year-old sentence and a 7000 birr fine, while his co-defendants have pleaded not guilty and prosecutors are presenting evidence against them. The theft took place in Lafto Kifle Ketema Woreda 6. Rebars are estimated to be above 6.4 million birr. 6 diameter - 55 rolls and 8 diameter - 73 rolls were taken in 15 trucks. The stolen goods were then hidden first in one of the defendant's warehouse and then a Mojo warehouse and finally in Chid Terra. 


    Ethiopia has been voted 119th out of 155 countries in the World Happiness Index. 
    Norway came out on top while Ethiopia is close to the bottom. Last year it Denmark was the leading country. Perhaps the judges of the Happiness Index have considered Ethiopia's year of unprecedented unrest and popular protest in their rating. 

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     David Rockefeller passed away of heart failure. This member of the iconic Rockefeller name was the head of Chase Manhattan group and is reputed to have donated over $2 billion to charity in his lifetime. That being said he was also the brunt of many unsubstantiated conspiracy theories some more palatable than others throughout his long lifetime. Rockefeller formed so many high profile relationships with diplomats and world leaders as the leader of the huge bank conglomerate that he was reputed to have had his own foreign policy. He was awarded the French Legion of Honor for his services in military intelligence during World War II. 

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    See DireTube Video: Diretube Latest News March 23, 2017


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  • DireTube March 17 News Updates

    DireTube news update begins with coverage of  support for victims in tragic Repi Garbage landfill (Koshe) landslide. Support is pouring in as victims receive 40 million birr aid from Midroc Ethiopia, Oromia region donated 5 million birr to the victims. Other contributions also reported in DireTube Video update. Addis Ababa mayor praised the efforts of especially young people in the extensive search effort. 

    6 children returned from last Saturday's raid and kidnapping of 30 children in the Gambella region by Murele tribesmen. Minister of Communication, Negeri Lencho  (Ph.D.) says negotiations and military efforts are underway to return the remaining children.

    A house maid receives a prison sentence for theft. The woman recently tried to flee with a home's  entire furnitue and goods using a  taxi service and was then arrested when neighbors tripped the police. Sebeta Town First instance Court has sentenced her to 4 years imprisonment 

    DireTube Video reports yet another delay in Omo Kuraz sugar factories completion. Omo Kuraz I could not begin production on the 17,000 hectares even though media reports indicate it was on a final test in December of last year.

    Omo Kuraz II was expected to be completed in December but could not and also didn't meet the extended deadline last month. A manager at the factory says they are expecting a few technical problems but we will begin in a week.

    American, Kidane accused the Ethiopian government of spying on him and the court has lost in a US court. The court decision was criticized by privacy rights advocates. Widely known as the Ethiopia spy case, the proceedings have attracted international attention for being one of a kind. Kidane is a pseudonym to protect the complainant from retribution. The Ethiopian-born American is purportedly a victim of the FinSpy system which enters a computer through a Microsoft Word document and then gathers data on the target machine. Kidnane’s lawyer had claimed that the Ethiopian government had been caught red handed.

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  • DireTube Friday March 10, 2017 News Updates

    DireTube Media’s Friday News Updates

    Amhara National Democratic Movement ANDM has released a new report in which it states that it’s party members had suspicions and doubts about their sister organization. Sendek Newspaper presents the party’s long list of self-criticisms and conclusions about it's handling of last year’s unprecedented anti-government protests. Amhara region was especially hard hit by popular protests along with various part of Oromia Regional State. Much of the protest is viewed in the party's periodical magazine as caused by the insolence of an unidentified group, mishandling by regional officials, misdiagnosis of the entire problem, and not nipping issues in the bud.

    Protests regarding the Wolqayt region and the Qemant people are mentioned in the revolutionary democratic party's publication which was recently released. 

    Federal High Courts 19th  Criminal Bench passes judgment on  Merara Gudina's bail hearing today. The political figure was charged with terrorism last year in connection with violating the State of Emergency conditions that followed the unprecedented protests in October 2016. 

    21 Human Traffickers in the Oromia Region received sentences ranging from five to eleven years. Oromia Social and Labor Affairs head gave a statement identifying the regions where illegal trafficking to the Middle East is rampant as Arsi, Bale, Illubabor, and East and West Hararge Zones. The regional head also spoke about measures that government is taking to curb these problems. Raising public awareness through publicity campaigns involving returnees from Arab countries and elders, and job creation through the huge over 6 billion Birr fund in Oromia state are some of the measures underway.

    50,000 people in Southern Omo Zone are in need of disaster relief aid due to failed rains according to new reports. Mitiku Kassa who heads the National Disaster Risk Management Commission has promised an increase of already flowing aid within 48 hours according to the Ethiopian News Agency. 

    Over 30,000 homeowners will receive condominiums on Saturday, March 11, 2017, according to the mayor of Addis Ababa. Recipients will be the 11th lottery winners and the condominiums will be from the  Kilinto, Bole Arabsa, Koyo Fiche areas. The 40/60 condominiums are expected to be handed out very recently by the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) with the Crown and Senga Terra buildings also being inaugurated on Saturday. 

    Girma Tadele a British-Ethiopian marathon runner and owner of Tadele Travel is registering in the UK for a 2100 British Pounds a person cycle competition in Ethiopia. 

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    DireTube Video: Ethiopia - The Latest Ethiopian News From DireTube Mar 10, 2017


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  • DireTube News Update March 8, 2017


    Negasso Gidada  (Ph.D.) ex-president of Ethiopia stated his hope that ongoing negotiations between Ethiopia's the governing party, EPRDF, and other parties will focus on the relevant and varied topics of concern to the people of the nation. 21 Ethiopian political parties and Ethiopia's governing party have agreed to meet in a roundtable discussion following the unprecedented popular protests against the ruling party last year. Some of these parties include the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unit Forum led by Beyene Petros and the Ethiopian Democratic Party led by Chaine Kebede (Ph.D.). Next session is set for tomorrow, March 9, 2017. 

    International woman’s day being celebrated worldwide. It is the 41st time being celebrated in Ethiopia. This global day lauds achievements whether social, economic, cultural or political and calls for a speeding up of gender parity. In support of women's advancement the Prime Minister of Ethiopian, HaileMariam Desalegn will meet at a gathering over 2500 women were gifts and acknowledgment will be given to outstanding women. A theme for the event is encouraging women to develop saving habits, a value viewed by the Prime Minister as foundational for the Ethiopian Hidassie, a political term connoting overall accelerated progress and transformation. 

    Fekadu Assefa, Addis Ababa Savings House Development (AASHDE) procurement head has been arrested for the second time in relations to corruption charges.  The official who was recently released by Federal courts has been charged with acts of corruption that caused over BIRR 70 million in damages in connection with AB plastic owner, Abraham Getachew supply of defective and low-quality sanitary piping goods four years ago.  

    The fame and drought situation in Somalia has heightened significantly causing UN Chief to call upon the world to 'act to avert famine'. DireTube News reports on the stampede yesterday that led to seven deaths in a stadium where food aid was being distributed to over 35,000 people. UN stats show that over 260,000 people have died of famine since 2010. 

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     DireTube News update of the court proceedings of 54-year-old UK man who raped his daughter because she was gay. An English court has found him guilty and sentenced him to 21 years in prison. 

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     Mobile phones are found to be home to bacteria and fungus that can cause diseases.New microbes are found to be home to deadly drug-resistant bacteria. 

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  • Commentary: CARICOM should have a diplomatic presence in Addis Ababa

    Not a single Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member state has a diplomatic presence in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia and the diplomatic capital of Africa. Instead, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, have missions in Pretoria, South Africa, and diplomats are urging that maybe Guyana and Suriname, CARICOM's two continental giants, move their diplomatic missions from Pretoria to Addis Ababa which hosts the headquarter of the African Union (AU).

    Addis Ababa was first recognized as Africa’s ‘capital’ when Emperor Haile Selassie brought African leaders together for a summit in May 1963. In addition, Guyana's first leader, the late president, Forbes Samson Burnham, recognized the importance of Ethiopia and, in 1970, visited Addis Ababa, and met Emperor Haile Selassie during his visit to Africa to attend the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Lusaka, Zambia.

    The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the Arab League, among other multi-lateral organisations, and more than 100 foreign embassies are in Addis Ababa. Thus, “everything is happening in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one of the fastest growing economies in Africa currently,” remarked Henry MacDonald Suriname’s ambassador to the United Nations, who visited this East African capital in 2015, for the UN Financing for Development Conference. Guyana’s President David Granger also attended that conference.

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  • Report: Ethiopian troops crossed into Djibouti to help its army

    A new report has indicated that hundreds of Ethiopian troops have crossed the border into Djibouti to help the country’s forces to deal with a rebel group called Front pour la Restauration de l’Unité et de la Démocratie armé (FRUD armé).

    President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti once again called big brother Ethiopia for help So, the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) have been grouping on the Djibouti-Ethiopia border since March 1,” reported the Indian Ocean Newsletter, an online intelligence gathering website. ”

    At 8 a.m. on March 3, eight ENDF trucks crossed the border at Alayto-le-Boyna. It would seem that FRUD armé has no intention of retreating and that there is therefore a real risk of a clash with the ENDF.”

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