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  • The Good Samaritans - Exclusive to DireTube

    Henok Abiy, 29, a fashion business operator in the U.S. has been working as an organizer of a free medical service starting from last year. The free service is intended to benefit those left behind, forgotten and sick street vendors, Henok told Dire Tube.

    Last year, Henok organized a free medication for 100 street vendors held at Bole Medhanialem Preparatory School. “For this year, a free medication is to be carried out for 150-200 street vendors on Sunday, April 23, at the same vicinity,” said Henok.

    Henok said that five Ethiopian origin intern medical professionals, who are based in the U.S. will give the service in collaboration with St. Pawlos Hospital. That will raise the number of medical experts, both from Ethiopia and abroad to 15 embraces psychiatrists and psychologists.
    “A free lunch buffet is also available for the street vendors,” Henok said.

    Henok owns a US based Arada Traditional Ethiopian Fashion shop.
    Regarding what sort of medical treatment are going to be performed, Kidist Tesfaye, Hospital Administrator of St Pawlos Hospital, told Dire Tube that, “a special emphasis is given to people with dermatology problems”.

    “General medical check-ups will be given for the left behind people living on the streets,” said Kidist, adding that, “pregnant women, women suffering from fistula cases are going to be treated well by services, that will be held inside of mobile clinics equipped with the state-of-art medical technologies including X-Ray machines”.
    Psychiatric consultation program is also facilitated by the Hospital for those with a psychological problems, according to Kidist.


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  • Helen Bedilu says she has no Facebook account at all

    Irritated by the messages posted on fake Helen Bedlu’s Facebook page, which is #ሄለን በድሉ--Actress Helen Bedilu told Dire Tube that she has no Facebook account at all.

    The fake account consists of the Actress’s photos and regular posts of Amharic poem with different topics of life such as love, relationships and childhood memories, which misleads facebookers to believe she is the real Helen. More importantly, what makes the real Helen disappointed and concerned is the unpleasant and disgraceful posts, which reflects defamatory short and long articles, often tries to superimpose the harmful believe in “superiority and inferiority” of some ethnicities over the other in the country. The owner of the account usually posts some of his/her opinion about the events in the history of Ethiopia.

    ሄለን በድሉ account owner still posts photos of the actress, which almost all seems screenshotted from the dramas and movies she has been played so far.
    Helen is not the first victim for such social media curses. Similarly, actor Girum Ermias previously announced that he has no Facebook account following the requests from his fans about what posted on forged accounts created by his name.

    Many international celebrities are usually misunderstood by their fans due to the info’s and photos posted on fake accounts owned by unknown individuals.


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  • Ethiopian athlete to protest at London Marathon

    Ethiopia elite runner Feyisa Lilesa poses during a photo call for the men’s marathon elite athletes outside Tower Bridge in central London on April 20, 2017 ahead of the upcoming London Marathon

    The athlete says he could be killed if he goes back home.
    Exiled Ethiopian runner Feyisa Lilesa has vowed to protest against the government at Sunday's London Marathon, saying "blood is flowing" in his home country.

    Feyisa caught the world's attention when made a protest gesture in solidarity with the Oromo people while crossing the line in the marathon race at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

    In an interview with the BBC's Sport Today, the silver medalist said he did not regret making the gesture.
    How can I regret [it]? I come from the people. My people are dying, still. The blood is flowing."

    He added that would not return to Ethiopia while the current government was in power as he would be "automatically" killed, jailed or barred from leaving the country.

    Feyisa refused to go back to Ethiopia after the Olympics, despite the government saying he would be welcomed as a hero.

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  • Ethiopia's Human Rights Commission Admits Protesters Were Killed, but Shifts Blame Away From Government

    The Ethiopian government's Human Rights Commission has declared that 669 people were killed during the uprising of 2016, a figure that is significantly lower than other numbers reported by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

    The unveiling of the report took place on April 18 in a parliament that is completely controlled by the government. Addisu Gebregziabher, the head of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, read out the commission’s main findings to Ethiopian parliament, which placed the burden of responsibility for the bloodshed largely on opposition groups: “The violence happened because protesters were using guns and security forces had no other options”.

    Gebregziabher said the “negligence” of security forces was also a contributing factor, albeit a minor one.

    Several human rights organizations, however, have reported that it was largely security forces firing on unarmed demonstrators.

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  • Helen Berhe’s new album is due to release after two months

    Helen Berhe, one of the most widely-acclaimed singer, is going to back with her second new studio album just after two months, Hulu Addis Radio show reported.

    In her next album debut, a single video clip for a single which filming is still in progress said to have a cost 200 thousand Birr.

    It was also claimed that Helen has prepared melodies for her six songs, unlike the previous album, which she consisted only a single melody by the singer, “Tiwodegnaleh Wey?”

    Abegazu Kibrework Shiwota, Michael Hailu, Kirubel Tesfaye, Kamuzu Kassa and Yitbarek are working on music composition.
    Ayele Mamo, Migbar Mekete, Alemayehu Demeke, Eyobel Birhanu and Meiraf Assefa are crew of lyrics authors on Helen's upcoming album.

    The album will have 14 songs.

    The first plan was coming up with an album having 15 songs, but, according to the agreement reached between the United Nations (UN), an international organization and Helen, the song about women empowerment has dedicated to its campaign on women.

    Helen released her first studio album “Tasfeligegnaleh” in 2010, which received a wide acceptance from the public. “Tasfeligegnaleh” took three years to complete and was composed by two best known Ethiopian composers Abegaz Kibrework and Wondimeneh Assefa. Helen worked on this album with people like Habtamu Bogale, Eyobel Birhanu, Zelalem Terefe, Tamrat Desta, Abel Mulugeta, Asnake Gebreyes, Alemayehu Demeke and Getish Mamo.
    Helen was first known for her Amharic blended with Arabic much-loved music “Ozaza Aliena” and other singles. During her childhood, Helen had a special affection for music and dance. She attended high school at Menen High School.

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  • Ethio 5P International Exhibition and Conference will be held from April 29 to May 2, 2017

    Press Release: Ethio 5P International Exhibition and Conference  will be held from April 29 to May 2, 2017 

    More than one hundred local and international companies from the packaging, printing, petrochemicals, plastic and paper industries and technologies sectors will be attending this year’s Ethio 5P International Exhibition and Conference that will be held from April 29 to May 2, 2017 at the Exhibition Center.

    Companies from Ethiopia, Egypt, Germany, Japan and other countries will showcase their state-of-the-art products to the Ethiopian market thereby offering an unparalleled access to new technologies from around the world.

    This year’s Exhibition, organized by ShakCrux Trade and Events Management, will be held for the sixth time in Ethiopia and will be the highlight of business activities in Addis Ababa for four consecutive days as Ethiopian companies tap into the potential presented by the world’s leading companies in the sector. There will also be a business-to-business and matchmaking events to achieve technology transfer goals.

    This year’s Exhibition aims to boost the packaging, printing, petrochemicals, plastic and paper sector and attract more investment to Ethiopia. It also creates a great opportunity to learn and explore the challenges and opportunities presented in the discharging and waste disposal of plastic products.

    Government officials, representatives of overseas and local companies and the public at large are expected to grace the opening session on April 29, 2017 at the Exhibition Center. There will be a one-to-one interview opportunity for media personnel during the opening program so you are herein invited to attend and cover it.

    B2B services by ShakCrux Trade and Events Management
    For the last couple of years, our company has established a well-organized team and skill in order to deploy a “Business-to- Business Segmentation and Marketing Department” here in Ethiopia. ShakCrux is ready to dig deep to segment your market and define key partners, consumers, manufacturers and buyer personas. Knowing their interests, problems, values and needs is fundamental for successful integrated marketing communications; locally as well as internationally.

    This work is the foundation for establishing your leadership position in the industries that you serve.

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