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  • Ethiopian water workers visit Yorkshire Water

    BRADFORD-based Yorkshire Water has played host to two visiting water supply workers from Ethiopia.

    Zelalem Assefra from Debre Tabor Water Utility and Manaye Siyoum from the charity WaterAid have been finding out how Yorkshire Water supplies quality drinking and treats waste water.

    Leakage, water quality and health and safety were among the areas studied by the pair. Other aspects of the business they learned about included catchment management and customer service.

    “We're sharing skills and knowledge with our colleagues from Ethiopia so they can apply this back home,” said a Yorkshire Water spokesman.

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  • Cats Are Just as Smart as Dogs, Study Suggests

    Japanese scientists tested to see if 49 domestic cats could remember which containers they ate food out of following a 15-minute delay, and said container was emptied, according to the study's abstract.

    Having an episodic memory is often associated with having a degree of self-awareness, and separate researchers had already determined that dogs displayed use of an episodic memory.

    The results revealed that cats could "retrieve and utilize [the] 'what' and 'where' information" they encoded from a single past event; in this case, the container they ate from. The researchers also said cats performed comparably to dogs in tests about understanding human gestures and facial expressions, the BBC reports.

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  • Universities Staff to Go On Strike Monday After Talks Collapse

    The opening of public universities across the country could be disrupted following the collapse of talks between lecturers, non-teaching staff unions and the government.

    The Kenya Union of Domestic Hotels, Education Health Institutions and Allied workers (KUDHEHIA), the Kenya University Staff Union (KUSU) and University Academic Staff Union (UASU) on Friday evening failed to agree with the government to suspend the strike.

    The union representatives vowed to discontinue their services beginning January 8 after the Inter-Public Universities Councils Consultative Forum (IPUCCF) failed to offer a counter proposal for their 2013-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

    According to KUDHEHIA Secretary General Albert Njeru, the unions have ran out of patience after the government refused to award them pay increment since 2010.

    "We are very disappointed with the IPUCCF for doing nothing about the proposal we gave them on December 2012 for the 2013-2017 agreement," said Mr Njeru.

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    Today we share the remarkable and inspirational achievement of a 77 year-old Zimbabwean retiree Hatifari Munongi, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sociology and Gender Development from the Women’s University in Africa (WUA) in Zimbabwe. Munongi has impressed many people with her accomplishment which proves that it’s never too late to go back to school.

    The inspirational woman spent 50 years employed as a teacher but still yearned to earn a university degree, and she went back to read for her degree to fulfil a lifelong dream. Munongi was one of the 1 038 students conferred with a degree at the institution’s 12th graduation ceremony.

    Munongi is a mother of three, and she has five grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

    Zimbabweans have been sharing and celebrating Munongi’s exceptional and inspirational achievement on social media.

    Munongi’s inspirational  story comes on the heels of another historic achievement by Zimbabwe’s youngest college student, Maud Chifamba. The 18 year-old last recently graduated from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting (Hons).

    Chifamba is the youngest graduate from the university, and her outstanding accomplishment continues to be celebrated by many people, seen as a great inspiration.

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  • MoE Announce Construction of 11 New Universities will Complete Until June

    The new 11 universities, whose construction was launched in five states in the past, will be finalized at the end of this Ethiopian budget year, said the Ministry of Education (MoE). Project Office Head at the Ministry, Samuel Kifle, said efforts will be made to complete the construction of all universities until June. The universities will begin enroling students in 2010 E.C.

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  • Israel Decides Ethiopian Jews Story to be taught in Schools

    In a first, the new literature curriculum in Israeli schools for the upcoming school year will include an award-winning short story written by an Ethiopian-Israeli author, as part of a set of education reforms to the school program recommended by the Biton Committee.

    The committee, which submitted its recommendations to Education Minister Naftali Bennett in July, was tasked with determining ways to balance Israel’s educational curricula to include greater emphasis on the story of Jews from Muslim lands and Jews from Ethiopia. For decades, the curricula have been criticized for an allegedly biased emphasis on European, or Ashkenazi, Jewish history, to the neglect of Jews from other traditions and cultures.

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