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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Airport Set To Open On March 29th…

    An airport named after Cristiano Ronaldo in his native Madeira, Portugal will be opened on March 29th….

    Ronaldo follows in the footsteps of celebrities like John Lennon, after the Aeroporto Da Madeira was named after him.

    A signage went up on Friday, ahead of the official unveiling on March 29, the day after Portugal play Sweden in the island’s capital, Funchal.

    It adds to a collection of Ronaldo-related establishments that have been built over the last few years.

    A museum has also been opened in Madeira, while he has also opened two hotels in Funchal and Lisbon.

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  • Ethiopian VS Kenyan Athletes showdown

    For those of you who have been asking who is currently better between Kenya and Ethiopia in the world of IAAF World Cross Country Championships, this year’s edition – set for Sunday in Kampala, Uganda – will probably give you the answer.

    So dominant have these two African nations been in cross country championships in the last three decades they are almost synonymous with athletics races.

    Since 1973 when the IAAF World Cross Country Championships were inaugurated, replacing the International Cross Country Championships, both Kenya and Ethiopia have between them won a whopping 559 of the 996 possible medals.

    The two nations have enjoyed a similar stranglehold on the junior men’s races since 1982 – in the senior men’s 12kms race, for instance, Kenya won the World Championships for an astonishing 18 years in a row, from 1986 through 2003.

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  • The Doctors Show: Woman Exercises 8 hours a Day


    Many people wish they could exercise two to three days a week. This video is about a woman with the opposite problem.

    Erin is on the hit show The Doctors for help with an unexpected addiction. She exercises night and day, after sleeping for only 2-3 hours she is up and in her running shoes at 5 am every morning.

    On top of this, she has an eating disorder and her problem is exasperated, she says, because of sex abuse memories from childhood. The Doctors puts Erin in touch with a psychotherapist, Dr. Erin Foster who concludes that Erin might be dealing with more than just a totally overzealous exercise regime.

    He believes she has not overcome an eating disorder from her teenage years. Erin's blood pressure is out of wack, her heart is enlarged and her muscles are suffering too from overtraining. 

    See Also: Erin's Over-Exercising May Be Killing Her (The Doctors Website)

    Woman Addicted to Exercise Works out 8 Hours a Day

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  • Ethiopia Bunna skipper Gatuoch set for exit

    Ethiopian Bunna skipper Gatuoch Panom is set for an April exit at the end of his current contract.
    Panom’s agent David Beshah disclosed the parties could not agree on a new deal. While David and his client were pushing for a contract extension till the end of the current 2016/17 season, the club insisted on at least a 2-year-stay.

    “We could not agree on a contract until the end of the season. They wanted us to sign a contract of two years and three months, with a release clause if a foreign club comes knocking,” David said. According to him, they had wanted to pen a longer deal since last year November but the club was unwilling to play ball.

    Panom is believed to have signed a pre-contract agreement with undisclosed club in Europe and hence the unwillingness to commit to a longer contract now. “Gatuoch and I are very disappointed that Bunna are unable to negotiate reasonably. We offered them many chances since November 2016 but they rejected them,” David added.

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  • Press Release: The Great South Sudanese Run in Juba

    20 March 2017 - Great Ethiopian Run in collaboration with Ayesheshim Teka, an investor and resident of Juba is organizing the first ever Great South Sudanese Run on Saturday, 8 April 2017 in the capital of South Sudan.

    The Great South Sudanese Run will host a total of 5,000 participants and the length of the run will be 10 KM. The Run will bring diverse people together and promote peace in support of the South Sudan Government's extensive work to bringing unity and stability among its citizens in the country. Some of the Government’s efforts include organizing national dialogue and a peace prayer conference.

    South Sudan, the youngest country in the world, has now begun its journey to peace and stability after its protracted struggle for freedom and is making strenuous efforts in addressing the consequences a civil war that had erupted in December 2013. It is earnestly hoped that South Sudan will soon be out of the current challenge and move forward to achieve a sustainable peace and development.

    It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has played a critical role in peace making through the 1972 Agreement, the 2005 CPA Agreement and South Sudan’s independence through the IGAD Peace Process and continues to play its role in bringing peace back to the Republic of South Sudan.

    There is a strong foundation for furthering the relationship between South Sudan and Ethiopia. The Organizer of the biggest road race in Africa, Great Ethiopian Run has several years of experience managing such an event in Ethiopia and in other African counties including Ghana and Liberia. Its flagship event the annual Great Ethiopian Run last year saw a record of 40,000 participants. The Great South Sudanese Run will have 5,000 participants this year and is aimed to hold an annual event to promote sport, peace and unity.

    The initiative for the Great South Sudan Run is an added support for the peoples of South Sudan which share blood, religion, culture and a long border with Ethiopia enjoying flourishing ties and a long history of collaboration and partnership with their brothers and sisters.

    The slogan of the run is “Fund raising for famine and poverty fighting” and will also aim assist the humanitarian work to help families affected by the current famine.

    The program for the event has been approved by the government of the Republic of South Sudan and media announcement will be made in Juba on Thursday where Haile Gebreselasie founder and chair person of the Great Ethiopian Run will also attend.

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  • Ahmad ends Issa Hayatou's 29-year reign to become new CAF president


    - Issa Hayatou was president of the Confederation of African Football for 29 years

    - On Thursday, he was ousted at an election at the organisation's congress

    -Ahmad of Madagascar pulled off a stunning victory by 34 votes to Hayatou's 20

    -As he left the hall in Ethiopia, Hayatou noted to reporters: 'It's not that bad'

    Ahmad of Madagascar pulled off a stunning upset on Thursday, ousting Issa Hayatou, the long-serving president of the Confederation of African Football, in an election at the organisation's congress in Ethiopia.

    The 57-year-old former government minister, who goes by just a single name, won the CAF presidency by 34 votes to 20 in the poll, bringing to a surprise end the 29-year tenure of the 70-year-old Hayatou, who is from Cameroon.

    The result was greeted by cheers at the CAF Congress as Ahmad was carried on the shoulders of jubilant supporters to the podium after the result was announced.

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