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  • Did you know that Gambian Dictator, Yahya Jammeh is Far Richer than his Country?

    Gambia is one of Africa’s smallest countries, which was ruled with an iron fist by Jammeh since 1994. Jammeh seized power in a bloodless coup, and still desires strongly to rule more, but this time failed as President-elect Adama Barrow won during a recent shock election.

    Jammeh’s 22 years iron fist rule got the public wondering about how much his net worth is, only to find out he is richer than the entire country.

    Now, the question is: why is Yahya Jammeh so rich and how did he acquire his wealth?

    This is so deceitful, how can a president be richer than a whole nation. According to a report, Jammeh is the richest man in the Gambia and virtually all businesses are owned by him.

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  • Fake News 'Vaccine' Created By Cambridge Scientists

    The appearance of fake news on websites and social media has inspired scientists to develop a "vaccine" to immunise people against the problem. A University of Cambridge study devised psychological tools to target fact distortion.

    Researchers suggest "pre-emptively exposing" readers to a small "dose" of the misinformation can help organisations cancel out bogus claims. Stories on the US election and Syria are among those to have caused concern. "Misinformation can be sticky, spreading and replicating like a virus," said the University of Cambridge study's lead author Dr Sander van der Linden.

    "The idea is to provide a cognitive repertoire that helps build up resistance to misinformation, so the next time people come across it they are less susceptible."
    The study, published in the journal Global Challenges, was conducted as a disguised experiment.

    More than 2,000 US residents were presented with two claims about global warming. The researchers say when presented consecutively, the influence well-established facts had on people were cancelled out by bogus claims made by campaigners.

    But when information was combined with misinformation, in the form of a warning, the fake news had less resonance.


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  • The Gambia: Ex-ruler Yahya Jammeh 'plundered coffers

    The Gambia's ex-ruler, Yahya Jammeh, plundered the state coffers in his final weeks in power, stealing millions of dollars and shipping out luxury vehicles by cargo plane, according to an aide to new president Adama Barrow.

    Jammeh, who ruled the small West African country for 22 years, flew into exile late on Saturday to Equatorial Guinea.

    He had refused to concede defeat in a December 1 election but eventually relinquished power after a delegation of West African leaders convinced him to step down, even as troops from neighbouring countries entered The Gambia.

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  • ILO warns of rise in social unrest and migration as inequality widens

    UN agency records rising discontent in all regions and calls on policymakers to tackle unemployment and inequality urgently

    Rising unemployment, inequality and a lack of decent jobs have helped fuel a rise in social unrest that threatens to intensify unless policymakers take swift action, the UN’s labour agency has warned.

    The International Labour Organization said its measure of protest activities around the world had ticked higher in the last year against a backdrop of economic and political uncertainty. In a downbeat report into global labour market prospects, the agency also predicted migration could rise over the next decade as frustrated jobseekers leave their countries in search of better prospects.

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  • Refugee who took a selfie with Angela Merkel is suing Facebook

    A Syrian refugee is suing Facebook for allegedly failing to remove photos falsely linking him to terrorism.

    Anas Modamani, 19, made headlines in September after a selfie he took with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, went viral.

    However, since then, the image has been used to falsely link Modamani to attacks at Brussels Airport, Berlin Christmas Market and even on a homeless man.

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  • Nigerian authors to construct Writers’ village

    Abuja – The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) says plans are on-going to construct “Writers Village’’ at Mpape, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to enhance the organisation.

    The President of ANA, Mr Abdullahi Denja made this known in interview in Abuja on Friday.

    The ANA president said the proposed construction of the village was part of projects that had been earmarked by the association in 2017. Denja, who was speaking on the achievements of the association in 2016, described the year as a remarkable one for the organisation.

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