• Now you can stay in Trump’s childhood home for $750 per night

    President Donald Trump's childhood home is available to rent on Airbnb.

    The 5 bedroom house in Queens, New York City, sleeps 20 guests and costs $750 per night.

    The property sold an auction in March for $2.14 million, up from $1.39 million four months prior.

    From tree houses to igloos, Airbnb offers some pretty unique accommodation experiences, but it is now giving vacationers the chance to stay in the former home of a sitting president.

    The childhood home of U.S. President Donald Trump in Queens, New York City, has been listed on the property sharing platform for a cost of $750 per night.

    Described as an "opulent" home with five bedrooms and space to sleep 20 guests, the two-storey property also features a conference space and a giant cardboard cut-out of the President, which the host describes as a "great companion for watching Fox News."

    The Tudor-style property was built by Trump's father Fred Trump, a real estate developer, in 1940 and was home to Trump until the age of four, when his family moved to a larger brick house nearby.

    "Not much has been changed since the Trumps lived here, the kitchen is original and the opulent furnishings represent the style and affluence in which the Trumps would have lived. This is a unique and special opportunity to stay in the home of a sitting president," the listing reads.

    It is yet to receive any reviews.

    The Trump Organization was not available for comment when contacted by CNBC. However, New York auction house Paramount Realty USA confirmed in March the property's ties to the former president's family.

    The property sold at auction in March to an unidentified bidder for $2.14 million, well above the $1.39 million paid by real estate investor Michael Davis who bought the house in December, weeks after Trump's election.

    In September last year, while the property was on the market, Trump was shown a photograph on NBC's "The Tonight Show". He said at the time: "Oh, that's sad to look at that. I want to buy it. I want to buy it."

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  • 10 record-breaking records that have made history


    Luis Fonsi's summer hit Despacito has officially become the most-streamed song of all time - only six months after it was released.
    It has been played 4.6 billion times on streaming services.

    On YouTube, the video for the song has been viewed more than 1.8 billion times.

    It has also reached number one in 35 different countries.

    The song was originally in Spanish, but became popular in the English-speaking world when Justin Bieber heard the song in a nightclub and asked to add a verse.

    It has actually taken the record off Bieber's own song Sorry, which held the streaming title before.

    When asked why he thinks the song is so popular, 39-year-old Fonsi told BBC Music: "Obviously, it's a very catchy melody. The way the chorus starts Des-Pa-Ci-To is very easy to remember.

    "And obviously you add Justin Bieber to that, and it brings another angle to all of this. But I wish I knew exactly what the secret was, so I could apply it to all my future songs!"

    So which other songs have smashed amazing records like this track?

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  • Teddy Afro, Ethiopia's biggest Pop Star: 'Because of Our Government, Our Country is Divided'


    Tewodros Kassahun’s manager meets me on a quiet suburban road inside a gated compound. With their neoclassical mansions, manicured lawns and white picket fences, compounds such as this are a rarity in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, and this one is as grand as it gets. Still, I’m underwhelmed as we turn in to the driveway of the house, which, by contrast with its neighbours, is relatively modest. This is, after all, the home of the biggest star in Ethiopian musical history: Teddy Afro.

    He greets me in the living room, padding around in a tracksuit and socks. The house is in a bit of a mess, and he apologises – they’re clearing up the remains of an album launch party over the weekend. He and his manager are in high spirits. Three days earlier, they released Ethiopia, his fifth studio album; it had a record $650,000 recording budget, was the fastest-selling record in the country’s history, and topped Billboard’s world albums chart. Teddy’s relief is palpable – the release was beset by delays – as he settles into a chair and begins outlining his philosophy. “Art is closer to magic than logic,” he says, beaming cheerfully.

    It is difficult to overstate Teddy Afro’s popularity and importance in Ethiopia today. “His level of celebrity is simply unprecedented,” says Heruy Arefe-Aine, the organiser of the country’s Ethiopian Music festival.

    He makes for an unlikely political radical, and indeed his manager makes clear from the outset that politics is off the agenda. But he is nonetheless keen to explain the new album’s message. Lyrics are everything in Ethiopian music, and his – rich in idiom, allusion and wordplay – have excited his fans ever since he broke on to the scene in the early 00s.

    He argues that the country, under a state of emergency after violent anti-government protests last year, is slipping backwards. “We used to be a model for Africa,” he says, “but, because of our government, our country is divided.” The album is a call for unity and the rehabilitation of Ethiopia’s glorious past. “This younger generation is in a dilemma about their history,” he continues. “I feel a responsibility to teach them about the good things from their history. They should be proud of their achievements.”

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  • Gosaye Tesfaye’s New Album Up for Sale at a Cost of 4 million Birr


    One of the most famous singers, Gossaye Tesfaye’s new third album is poised to be sold four million Birr, according to Tadias Addis Radio Show.

    The amount is a second biggest in Ethiopia after Teddy Afro’s five million Birr record album price for his fifth studio album “Ethiopia”.

    Gossaye’s long-awaited album is expected to be put out in Ethiopian New Year, after two months.

    Sellers are hoping to agree on a four million mark, according to Tadias Addis’s report.

    Gossaye Tesfaye has a high, sweet tenor voice that can break into a rich falsetto or add a hint of a rasp; his tone is clear and genial, never pushy but never shy.

    Born in Addis Ababa in April 1975, Gossaye Tesfaye grew up around Atobis Tera Sebategna, at Kuas Meda. Gossaye started his elementary education at Yekatit 23 elementary school, after which he followed up and completed secondary education at Kolfe Comprehensive Secondary School, the institution he completed high school.

    Gossaye’s singing career started during his high school days when he used to sing and entertain fellow students as a member of a music group, formed by the students’ Red Cross Society. After performing as a student singer for approximately five-month at the above mentioned Red Cross Society Music Group, Gossaye joined a music and theater group, called “Mestawet”, where he built up his career along with other Ethiopian vocalists of his age. That was in the year 1992-93.

    Endowed with a magnificent voice and marvelous singing talent, he kept on with his career and started performing in Addis Ababa’s night clubs since 1993. The restaurant and club, called “Shewaget” was the place, where Gossaye performed for four years, admired by many music lovers and stated to become famous. Right before this, Gossaye was hired by the “Kistane Band”, where he performed for one year. Apart from his wonderful voice, Gossaye is also talented in composing melodies. Having released two music albums, Gossaye has become one of the well-reputed young Ethiopian male vocalist in today’s music industry (popular music) of the country.

    “Evangadi” is his first album co-sang with Alemayehu Hirpo, now a Protestant Choir. Gosaye’s second album “Satamahegn Bila” was reportedly sold over one million Birr in 2007.

    Gossaye plays modern pop that is well aware of the world outside Ethiopia. He had also performed a sort of an American R&B ballad but for its vocals, and he followed it with a song that rode the brisk Afro-Latin beat of Congolese soukous. On his albums also dips into reggae and Nigerian Afrobeat.

    But his melodies on the songs are distinctively Ethiopian. They riffled up and down through pentatonic (five-note) scales, and when he sang sustained notes, they took on North African, Arabic-flavored quavers.



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  • Teddy Afro’s Concert Slated for New Year’s Eve


    Awaits green light from city authorities.

    Tewodros Kassahun a.k.a. Teddy Afro, the chart-topping artist has approached the mayor’s office at the Addis Ababa City Administration for the right to have a mega concert at the Millennium Hall on Ethiopian New Year’s Eve, The Reporter Newspaper reported.

    This comes after the artist received a favorable reception in Canada and the United States, receiving awards and a friendly long-planned trip to Jamaica.

    This is believed to be the first concert of the popular reclusive artist since 2013. He has seen a number of his concerts canceled or aborted for a slew of reasons, including lack of security to manage attendees that are in the high thousands.

    For Joy Events and Promotion PLC, the company with rights to the artist’s latest album “Ethiopia” with a record deal of five million Birr, this is expected to for a sold-out concert with a slew of opening acts. The company is partnering with A Plus Events and Promotion PLC for the concert.

    He is slated to receive 1.8 million Birr for the Addis concert. He is also planning to tour Gonder, Mekelle, and Hawassa. He is then slated to tour a number of cities in the United States and Canada.

    Addis Park Development and Management PLC is said to begin the process of booking the arena for the expected concert and has written to the mayor’s office for an endorsement and to allow it to proceed. According to sources, the Addis Park will pay paid 1.2 million Birr for the venue. Teddy has a following in the millions within Ethiopia and around the world. Earlier this year, he topped the Billboard World Album Chart.

    BGI, which has exclusive rights to all events at the Millennium, is to be the sponsor of the event. The Reporter reached out to the company repeatedly and as of press time, there was no reply.

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  • Ethiopian sensation Betty G collaborates with global R&B superstar Jason Derulo at Coke studio Africa 2017

    June, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia- This year, Coke studio Africa gets bigger and better with the merge of the previously separately held Coke studio South Africa and Coke studio Africa, which featured the rest of Africa till now. Ethiopia will be participating on the show for the second time represented by artists with diverse cultural and musical background.

    These artists picked by geo poll include Betty G, for the second time and Reggae sensation Sami Dan, Asgegnew Asheko; the artist that got us all dancing with songs like “Bale Robe” and “dendasho” , as well as “wezamey” hit maker Dawit Nega and Ethiopia’s favorite rock group, Jano Band; all appearing for the first time on Coke Studio Africa.

    After the announcement that Jason Derulo will be this year’s guest international artist to appear on the global fusion edition of Coke Studio Africa 2017, the news brought excitement to many young Africans throughout the continent anticipating his performance and collaborations.

    The past week, Jason flew to Nairobi, Kenya to record the songs he will be performing with selected Coke studio artists. The list contained 11 artists from different parts of the continent including Ethiopia’s very own Betty G.

    Post her appearance on Coke studio Africa’s 2016 “Discover” edition, young artist Bruktawit Getahun also known as Betty G shined continentally and beyond. Along with other artists as Lij Michael, Henok Mehari, Dawit Tsige and Haile roots; Betty G participated on Ethiopia’s first, Africa’s fourth season Coke studio Africa 2016.

    Through the collaborations with internationally proclaimed artists and producers from other African countries as well as the American R&B star Trey Songz, these Ethiopian artists experienced quality music production and how the flavors can be fused with Ethiopian music on a platform unlike any other they knew before.

    Betty G will be part of a remix of one of Jason Derulo’s latest hits alongside Joey B of Ghana and Zimbabwe’s Jah Prayzah, a collaboration that is expected to bring more international exposure to Ethiopia and Ethiopian music.

    The Jason Derulo collaboration with these artists is expected to be broadcast in 30 countries across Africa from September this year when the new season of Coke Studio Africa premiers in different regions of the continent.

    Coke studio Africa aims to inspire and introduce Africa’s music talents to a new and wider audience through interaction, collaboration and cooperation amongst musical artists while also building a strong brand connection with Africa’s young and growing population.

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