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  • Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy graduates 184 aviation professionals

    Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy (EAA), ICAO TRAINAIR Plus member and IATA authorised global training centre, has graduated 184 aviation professionals at a ceremony held at the Academy’s Commercial and Cabin Crew Training Building on Saturday, February 18, 2017. Among the total graduates, 145 are females.

    The Group chief executive officer, Tewolde GebreMariam gave out diplomas to the graduates and achievement awards to top performing ones. In this round, 90 graduates are from Cabin Crew and Catering, 84 from Commercial and Ground Operations Training School and the rest are trained on Equipment and Facility Maintenance.

    Tewolde said, “Education is the greatest Equalizer in our highly integrated world today and for this reason we are putting great emphasis in training young Ethiopians and our African brothers and sisters in order to enable them develop the required global standard qualification to fly successful African Airlines. Read more here

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  • Ethiopian Ministry Licenses Indian Mining Company

    The Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas issued a license to MSP Steel & Power Ltd., an India-based company, in small scale mining production in Oromia regional state.

    The Ministry licensed the company to engage in the extraction of minerals in West Arsi Zone of Oromia regional state for a period of 10 years, the Ministry told ENA.

    According to the contract agreement, the company is expected to extract 1.5 million kilo grams of magnetite and Ilmenite on an area of 10.2429 square meters.The license can be renewed for a period of not more than 5 years upon the request of the company. When the company becomes fully operational, it is expected to create jobs for 145 citizens.

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  • Ethiopian cities suffers lack of master, any other plans

    There are about 1000 cities in Ethiopia, where over 50 percent of them have no master or any other kinds of plans at all.

    Let alone a master plan, they have not got structural plan, action plan and the like, according to Policy Study Research Center.

    Ethiopia’s rate of urbanization is still very low—20 percent, which is lower than the African rate of 40 percent.Any plan, has at least, to be prepared for 10 and 50 years in a scientific manner, the Center recommends. ShegerFM

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  • From Dh1,800 to millionaire with 9 restaurants in UAE

    The year was 1993 when a 21-year-old Sarah Aradi landed in Dubai. All she had with her was $500 and a zest for a better life.

    She clearly remembers the old Dubai with fewer people around and the strong sense of community that existed. Sarah loved to cook her authentic Ethiopian cuisine and it was when her friends loved the food that she thought of opening her first Al Habasha restaurant in 1999.

    To put together the capital for her business, she started exporting VHS tapes (Video Home System) of Indian films to Ethiopia as there was a huge demand for Bollywood movies. "I set up a video shop in Ethiopia as films by Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were hot sellers. We even had the Indian ambassador in Ethiopia waiting for our VHS to be delivered." After VHS phased out, she exported CDs, mobile phones, branded sunglasses etc. Read more here

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  • Foreign Investment in Ethiopia Slumps After Business Attacks

    FDI dropped 20% to $1.2 billion in six months through December
    Foreign companies receive financial compensation for damages

    Foreign direct investment in Ethiopia dropped by a fifth in the first half of the country’s fiscal year after violent anti-government protests in which foreign-owned businesses were targeted.

    The country attracted $1.2 billion in the six months through the end of December, compared with $1.5 billion in the same period a year earlier, Fitsum Arega, commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, said in a phone interview Monday from the capital, Addis Ababa. He said the government may miss its annual target of $3.5 billion, with $3.2 billion more likely to be attainable.

    The government of Ethiopia declared a state of emergency in October to deal with unrest accompanying protests by ethnic Oromo and Amhara communities that began in late 2015 over the alleged dispossession of their land, political marginalization and state repression. Businesses including those owned by Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote and Dutch fruit processors were attacked during the unrest. The security forces killed at least 600 demonstrators, according to the Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia.  Read more here

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  • Ethiopian Airlines ranked first for on- time performance in Africa and Middle East

    Ethiopian Airlines has topped Middle Eastern and African airlines for in flight on-time performance for the month of January 2017. The national flag carrier said in a statement sent to Ethio Newsflash that it has been ranked 11th worldwide for its on- time performance.

    “The Entire Ethiopian Airlines family clearly understands the importance of flight punctuality to our valued customers and every one of us is working very hard to make sure that flights depart on time and arrive on time,” said Group CEO Tewolde GebreMariam. “Although there are quite many factors which affect the on-time departure of flights, we will continue to do whatever it takes to please our customers with the best flight punctuality in the industry.

    To this effect, we are very happy that we have outperformed the industry in the Middle East and Africa and stood number 11th in the world.

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