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  • The Stars of Home Alone 25 Years Later

    Home Alone is now a seminal movie with a cult following, and the reason why is simple: you won’t won’t find any other film with such a magical, festive atmosphere. This family comedy was filmed in the now distant year of 1990, but it’s still loved by people all around the world today.

    Bright Side decided to find out how our favorite characters from this unforgettable movie have changed over the past quarter of a century.
    Some of the actors and actresses are;

    Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin;

    Harry Lime played by Joe Pesci;

    Marvin Merchants played by Daniel Stern and;

    Buzz McCallister played by Devin Ratray.


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  • Journalist Biruk refutes rumor about Teddy Afro’s reward

    (Dire Tube News, Addis Ababa)-  Recently, journalist Biruk Endale has resigned from EBC by his own will for the “moral damage” he suffered after his interview with Teddy Afro on EBC was cancelled.

    After a couple of days his official resignation, even his announcement on his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/birukendale), rumors claimed that “Biruk left EBC because Teddy Afro contributed 50 thousand Birr to him”.

    Requested by Entertainment show on Bisrat FM radio, however, Biruk refuted that the claim as “a false and baseless rumor”. “There’s no money I received from anyone,” he said.

    “I just left from EBC with my own decision and that’s all,” he concluded.

    Earlier Biruk noted that, “Cancelation of Teddy Afro’s interview is not just a rejection of an artist, rather, it’s a contempt of journalism, a great profession many were sacrificed for it”.

    After Biruk resigned from the state owned media that has been severely criticized by many for censorship and not accommodating different opinions of the public.

    To the contrary, Biruk was appreciated by many with a few dislikes of his action on the social media.


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  • Teddy Afro’s “Ethiopia” translated into English

    Ethiopian Professor Alemayehu Gebremariam, a Lecturer of Political Science at California State University, San Bernardino, has translated Teddy Afro’s much beloved “Ethiopia” song into English aiming for those native Ethiopians, who have born and raised abroad.

    He wrote on his commentaries blog that, “I have prepared this translation for two reasons”. And, his reasons are;

    Firstly, said Professor Alemayehu, to help young Ethiopians in the Diaspora who do not speak or understand Amharic get a glimpse of the musical genius of Teddy Afro, and;

    Secondly, to acquaint them with the metaphysics of “Ethiopiawinet”, a state of being and consciousness, a philosophy and way of life, a system of beliefs and praxis of being Ethiopian. I do not believe there is anyone today who can explain Ethiopiawinet (“Ethiopianity”) better than Tewdros Kassahun.

    Certainly, no one better to communicate it to the younger generation. I also hope to introduce this musical legend to my global readership so that they too may appreciate and enjoy his music as millions have come to appreciate Ethiopian cuisine throughout the world. “If music be the food of love, play on,” wrote Shakespeare.

    Here you can find Professor Alemayehu’s English version poem for Teddy Afro’s Ethiopia:-

    Even if I pass [die] away
    My motherland [Ethiopia]
    She [remains] is my honor
    Indeed, [she is] my [mother] country.

    So many have died
    Guarding your [her] honor
    Against those who have crossed seas
    To dishonor you [her].

    You are the land of heroes
    [Land] Where Adam left his footprints
    The fountainhead of Ghion [river mentioned in Ch. 2, Genesis]
    [From where] your name is called out.

    Not only those who see your flag waving in the SKY
    Even those who hear the name “Ethiopia” [dare] keep quiet
    Not only those who see your flag waving in the sky
    Even those who hear the name “Ethiopia” [dare] keep quiet.

    With your rainbow [shining]
    The sky draped with your flag
    Your symbol is imprinted on the palm of the world
    And known [even] to Aryam [Ge’ez: sky above all skies, heaven].

    Mountain [ranges] of high peaks
    Have stood guard over you
    [From] The peak of mountains
    That citadel of Axum, Ethiopia.

    You are the gate to Creation
    The [beginning] chapter for the round world
    If [rainbow] colors are seen across the SKY
    It is hers [Ethiopia’s] and no one else’s.

    Even though the world calls her [Ethiopia] backward today
    She will be the front runner of the coming age
    Just let me repeat her name over and over
    Isn’t Ethiopia my own name?

    If there is less food [injera] on the table [Ethiopia is poor]
    Is it possible to TRADE one’s [poor] mother for anything else
    I will hold tight on her skirt
    And never give up hope in my mother.

    Before [I] finish paying her [Ethiopia] for all her favors
    Should not people say [shout out] “Unity” when they hear [the name] Ethiopia
    Ethiopia! Ethiopia! My country!
    Isn’t my honor because of you?

    You are the seed of Solomon
    Tears of the holy ones from which your leaf sprouted
    It should be nothing new [not be surprised] today to those
    Who touched [provoked] you to be burned by the fire they lit.

    Without any limitation to your glory
    In the book of your heritage with the history of the spirit of the ages [written]
    The prophets saw you from afar and wrote in their books:
    “Don’t touch Ethiopia!”

    In the north
    In the south
    In the east and in the west
    May your bounty be full!

    Begone hardship [misery] from the land [Ethiopia]
    Let your bounty be full!
    Begone hardship [misery] from your land [Ethiopia]
    Let your bounty be full!


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  • Ethiopian Girls Become Heroes of Their Own Story

    Three young Ethiopian girls use their superpowers to stop harmful practices against girls in rural areas and to promote access to school. That is the story behind "Tibeb Girls," a new animated series developed in Ethiopia.

    "Tibeb Girls" is the first animated cartoon in which Ethiopian girls play not only the lead characters, but are also portrayed as superheroes. "Tibeb" means wisdom in Amharic.

    "For me, it was very important to have girls who look like me and who look like my child to be on the screen playing very good role models," said Bruktawit Tigabu, who created "Tibeb Girls."

    The animated cartoon breaks taboos by discussing things such as menstruation and, in the first episode, the lead characters save a girl from child marriage.

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  • The eleventh edition of Addis Int’l film festival

    The Addis International Film Festival (AIFF), an annual film event takes place in Addis, launched 11 years ago. The eleventh edition of the festival has been officially opened on Friday at the Italian Cultural Institute.

    This year’s edition of the AIFF celebrates is eleventh edition from April 28 to May 3 by adopting the thematic program “Understanding the World of Refugees” and premiering over 50 award winning films from Ethiopia, Italy, U.S., Italy, Syria, Nigeria, Austria, France and Australia, among others.

    “AIFF remains a powerful tool for raising awareness of social issues and social justice wherever those struggles take place in the world,” as the organizers puts it.

    Invited guests, members of the diplomatic corps, movie lovers, film professionals, directors and producers, representatives of the Addis Abeba Culture and Tourism Bureau as well as university scholars were attended on the opening ceremony accompanied by two movies screened on the day.

    Mackonen Michael’s “Heaven and Earth” was the first movie screened for this year festival. It is a documentary with running time of 47 minutes that tells the history of ancient civilizations’, religious co-existence, covering a millennium of Ethiopia monastic culture and ecclesiastical education. Presenting the development of indigenous Christianity in an African setting, the film provides a corrective to still prevalent stereotypes of Africa as a dark continent in need of enlightenment by outside forces.

    It also narrates that scholarship education with free tuition fee was first introduced in Ethiopia at the traditional religious abinet schools, also known as “Yekolo Timihirt Bet”.

    “Heaven and Earth” nominated best Afro-Latino documentary Costa Rica film Festival, Patented and archived at the library of Congress, U.S., selected for Alexandria film festival and the director got a special award.

    The second film screened after a question and answer session with Mackonen was “Zemene”, a human interest story of about a child named “Zemene” from rural part of Ethiopia, who used to suffer from a curvature of the spine.

    “Zemene”, Melissa R. Donavan’s 68 minutes featured documentary about a young Ethiopian girl’s bravery in the face of enormous odds. Living in a remote village with rare curvature of the spine, Zemene struggles with poverty, poor quality of education, and potentially life-threatening illnesses. But a chance encounter in the streets of Gonder with Dr. Rick Hodes sets in motion a series of events that will change Zemene’s life forever.

    Shot throughout the beautiful countryside of Ethiopia, the film is a poetic testament to the power and bonds of compassion and the potential within us all.

    An inspirational story of hope, love and a journey of unimaginable possibilities. Won more than 9 awards for best documentary.
    Organized by Initiative Africa, the film festival will be screened at Hager Fikir Theatre and Italian Cultural Institute.


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  • Social media critic still persists against Tewodros Tsegaye

    People are downplaying the comments suggested by Journalist Tewodros Tsegaye and his colleague about Teddy Afro’s new “Ethiopia” album draft poster and expectations of contents of his melodies in the new album.

    Social media posts are seriously critising the comments of the journalist as it reads: “comments on Teddy Afro album forwarded on Riyot show are totally not expert wise views, it lacks professionalism”.

    Tewodros commented on pictures of the draft poster for the album and he went on to say that, “Teddy Afro songs in the new album must come up with his new and original ideas than sticking to famous personalities as he did before”.

    Facebookers and some social media pages are still resisting the journalist for his comments, but he said in his show about Teddy Afro’s album that “We’ll continue to give our opinions, especially after the album is officially released”.

    Tewodros Tsegaye has a background of Bachelor of Arts in Law from the Addis Abeba University.


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