A student gives birth while in the exam

Worknesh Bekele, a 10th grader at the High School in the compound of Metehara Sugar Factory, had given a birth after she completed Chemistry and Physics national exams, locally called “Matrik” in the morning schedule last week.

Deputy Commander Aschalew Alemu, Public Relations Head of the Eastern Oromia Zone Police was quoted by ENA as saying, “the student gave birth to a baby daughter at Merti Hospital in the afternoon”.

Worknesh can be described as “strong” and “amazing” as she completed a Biology exam after giving a birth.

Such incidents are rare. Women like Worknesh could be admired because completing an exam, especially after giving birth is most likely a difficult task to carry out.

She has three children, including the newborn baby girl, according to Commander Aschalew.

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