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  • Trump Revives Ban on Foreign Aid to Groups That Give Abortion Counseling

    President Trump reinstated a policy on Monday that originated in the Reagan era, prohibiting the granting of American foreign aid to health providers abroad who discuss abortion as a family-planning option.

    United States law already prohibits the use of American taxpayer dollars for abortion services anywhere, including in countries where the procedure is legal. But Mr. Trump’s order takes the prohibition further: It freezes funding to nongovernmental organizations in poor countries if they offer abortion counseling or if they advocate the right to seek abortion in their countries.

    The freeze applies even if the organizations use other sources of funding for these services.

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  • 2009 vs. 2017: Comparing Trump's and Obama's Inauguration Crowds

    The National Park Service won't be announcing attendance numbers for President Donald Trump’s inaugural ceremony, but photos of this year’s event indicate that it may have been less well attended than Barack Obama's in 2009.

    There were 1.8 million people who attended Obama's inauguration in 2009 and close to 1 million who attended his second in 2013, according to D.C. officials.

    Before today's festivities, federal and District of Columbia officials estimated 700,000 to 900,000 people would attend Trump's inauguration


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  • Ethiopian President all praise for makers of Jaipur Foot

    Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome praised the makers of the world famous Jaipur Foot for holding two camps in his country and rehabilitating about 700 handicapped persons.

    The on-the-spot fitment camps for limbless people were organised in the Mekelle and Harar towns of Ethiopia.

    Addressing a ceremony in Harar earlier this week, Dr. Teshome said the efforts of Bhagwan Mahaveer Vikalang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) to restore mobility to handicapped persons by fitting artificial limbs manufactured by its technicians were laudable.

    ‘Great humanitarian work’

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  • Ethiopian migrant run down in Calais as hundreds return to port town

    An Ethiopian man has died after being hit by a lorry near Calais as hundreds of migrants desperate to reach Britain return to the French port three months after the “Jungle” camp was bulldozed.

    The 20-year-old, killed on a motorway leading to the port on Saturday, was the first migrant known to have died in an apparent attempt to board a UK-bound vehicle in the area since Europe’s largest migrants’ camp was razed in October.

    As many as 50 migrants are estimated to be arriving in Calais each day, Frédéric Baland, a police union spokesman, said. About 400 are now in the area, according to aid workers and local sources.

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  • Zuckerberg and wife hit back after being blasted as 'bullying modern colonizers'

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken to social media to defend plans to sue the ancestral owners of Hawaiian lands so he can expand his luxury estate.  The billionaire described reports that he was trying to force people off their lands as 'misleading'. 

    Last month, he informed his 84.7 million followers about how he and his wife Priscilla were looking to establish a home on the island. Although critics have described him of acting like 'bullying modern colonizers'.

    However, a local politician has blasted Zuckerberg's plan.State Representative Kaniela Ing told Hawaii News Now: 'Whether or not it's moral, everything Zuckerberg is doing now is legal. But luckily in this building, we decide what's legal and not.'

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  • Did you know that Gambian Dictator, Yahya Jammeh is Far Richer than his Country?

    Gambia is one of Africa’s smallest countries, which was ruled with an iron fist by Jammeh since 1994. Jammeh seized power in a bloodless coup, and still desires strongly to rule more, but this time failed as President-elect Adama Barrow won during a recent shock election.

    Jammeh’s 22 years iron fist rule got the public wondering about how much his net worth is, only to find out he is richer than the entire country.

    Now, the question is: why is Yahya Jammeh so rich and how did he acquire his wealth?

    This is so deceitful, how can a president be richer than a whole nation. According to a report, Jammeh is the richest man in the Gambia and virtually all businesses are owned by him.

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