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  • The kidnapping drama

    You might say: this drama is similar with Mel Gibson’s “Ransom” movie. To your surprise, however, the next kidnapping drama happened for real.

    Ato Daniel Tessema used to work in a Bakery around Bole, owns and run by Ato Mindaye Belayneh. At the end of the month, Daniel asked the owner to pay him salary of 1700 Birr. But the answer from the owner was “unexpected” for Daniel. His boss told him that, “he will not get a salary”.

    “Why,” he asked.
    “Though you said I did it accidentally while I was working, my investigation leads me that you intentionally cut the wire of the bakery machine to drag me down to bankruptcy,” the boss replied. “Your salary for March is therefore will not be given to you for that reason”. “You are punished,” he told his employee, according to Ethiopikalink radio show.

    “Ok,” the employee finally said and left for home, contemplated how he can get his banned salary.

    The owner’s home is just at the back of the Bakery. Daniel waited until all the employees left. He managed to enter the compound, took the owner’s four years old son by appeasing him to give him a surprise. Guess what he did next? He told a business person in a nearby shop to remind Mr. Mindayie to call him by the new number immediately he was around.

    The employee fled to Asko from Bole, having the child with him. The father called Daniel and was told to transfer 6200 Birr to a branch of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia as a ransom for the abducted son.

    Mindayie, then send two messengers to a bank and police station, respectively. Police caught Daniel on his way to bank after he kidnapped the child for 24 hours. Police said investigations are underway on the suspect and will present his case to court after that.

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  • ETHIOPIA -Ethiopian aviation academy graduates 452 trainers

     452 students graduated at the Ethiopian aviation academy on Sunday, April 23, 2017. 35 pilots, 110 aircraft maintenance training and 247 cabin crew and 35 sales and support completed their studies in a ceremony at which Mesfin Tassew, Chief Operations officer of the Ethiopian airlines gave a speech. Among the graduates were citizens of Rwanda, Libya, and Tanzania and the COO encouraged students and mentioned the central importance of education in the Ethiopian Airlines overall vision. The Ethiopian Aviation Academy trains 1500 students a year and aims to raise that number to four thousand by 2025. 

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  • 420 unregistered Ethiopian workers return from Saudi

    420 undocumented Ethiopians have arrived at Bole International airport on Sunday, April 24, 2017. Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign affairs has been working for the safe return of Ethiopians since Prince Mohammed bin Naif, crown prince of Saudi Arabia gave a 90-day warning to undocumented migrant workers in what the kingdom calls “A Nation Free of Violators campaign” that started on March 29, 2017. 

    228 Ethiopian returnees arrived at 2 am early Sunday morning and the remaining 198 arrived in Addis Ababa a few hours later and were received by high government officials. According to Abdul Baset Qadir, government spokesman 60 of them are receiving International Migration Organization (IOM) shelter and transport assistance.

    At the start of the 90 day Amnesty period for illegal immigrants in March, the Ethiopian government set up a national taskforce and a command post based in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to spearhead the safe return of Ethiopians residing in Saudi Arabia. Additionally last week a duty-free scheme for household goods was launched to encourage Ethiopians to return. 

    A mass deportation effort in November 2013 led to deaths and serious clashes between Saudi Arabian police and migrants in Riyadh. Heated debate and accusations of widespread brutality and abuse were made against the Saudi governmentHuman Rights Watch and others.

    The Saudi Gazette, a leading English-language paper, states that 19 government authorities are aiming this year's campaign against expatriates from all countries who do not have valid identification papers. 

    Read Saudi Gazette's '90-day Amnesty for Violators'

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  • Teddy Afro's Ethiopia Song is Most Trending

     Exactly a week after Teddy Afro releasing his Album single we looked back to see how his song taken social media by storm. Despite reaching over 1.7 Million Views in just a week there were lots of controversies and debate surrounding the song and still counting the song was getting.

    Already his new single Ethiopia has passed over 1.7 Million viewership as of April 23, 2017 2 PM and was shared on Facebook 23,255 times. With this trend, it will more likely to surpass Abiy Lakew’s Popular Youtube Video Yene Habesha which was viewed over 18 Million times.

    In Terms of Advertisement revenue, Teddy Afros Ethiopia Song Generated an Estimated 2,566 USD which is close to 60,000 Birr according to an online Data. The Like Ratio of this Video is more than 90%.

    Demographic Audience

    Teddy Afro Trending in this Ethiopian Region Below



    Source: Google

    Teddy Afro Search Terms are also Trending in this Sates in the USA

    Top Five US Sates Who Searched for Teddy Afro Songs are

    1. Washington DC (District of Colombia)
    2. Maryland
    3. Virginia
    4. Nevada
    5. Washington




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  • Ethiopia Set to Launch Its own Satellite Television Transmission Platform

    Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) – The Information Network Security Agency of Ethiopia (INSA) has launched a National Integrated Satellite Television Transmission Platform that would serve public and community media in Ethiopia, reports ENA.

    INSA Director-General, Major General Teklebirhan Wolde-Aregay said the platform named “Ethio-sat” will contribute to the effort underway to ensure equality and fairness of media usage as well as to create informed community.

    Currently, there are 15 to 20 television channels that rent satellites individually to transmit their programs, the director-general stated, adding that the platform would create opportunities to all television stations to transmit from one platform.

    Furthermore, he noted that it will also drastically cut the foreign currency fee that is currently paid to satellite service providers, beyond ensuring their security as well as expanding access.

    Ethiosat will enable Ethiopia to have its own satellite television transmission platform which would be based on the digitalization of TV transmission, he added. According to Major General Teklebirhan, the agency is also striving to transfer TV transmission technology from analogue to digital.

    Sources: (ENA and Ezaga)

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  • The Good Samaritans - Exclusive to DireTube

    Henok Abiy, 29, a fashion business operator in the U.S. has been working as an organizer of a free medical service starting from last year. The free service is intended to benefit those left behind, forgotten and sick street vendors, Henok told Dire Tube.

    Last year, Henok organized a free medication for 100 street vendors held at Bole Medhanialem Preparatory School. “For this year, a free medication is to be carried out for 150-200 street vendors on Sunday, April 23, at the same vicinity,” said Henok.

    Henok said that five Ethiopian origin intern medical professionals, who are based in the U.S. will give the service in collaboration with St. Pawlos Hospital. That will raise the number of medical experts, both from Ethiopia and abroad to 15 embraces psychiatrists and psychologists.
    “A free lunch buffet is also available for the street vendors,” Henok said.

    Henok owns a US based Arada Traditional Ethiopian Fashion shop.
    Regarding what sort of medical treatment are going to be performed, Kidist Tesfaye, Hospital Administrator of St Pawlos Hospital, told Dire Tube that, “a special emphasis is given to people with dermatology problems”.

    “General medical check-ups will be given for the left behind people living on the streets,” said Kidist, adding that, “pregnant women, women suffering from fistula cases are going to be treated well by services, that will be held inside of mobile clinics equipped with the state-of-art medical technologies including X-Ray machines”.
    Psychiatric consultation program is also facilitated by the Hospital for those with a psychological problems, according to Kidist.


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