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Home Away from Home
Africa in Focus

Ethiopian News
Africa in Focus, Home Away from Home

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  • Jason Peters

    @Prince Famih, lol yea i mess with people like that a bit every now and then.

    @Lad i will post one on my page
    soon when im not so busy at work

  • Lad

    Jason Peters,

    I don't speak a good Amharic my self (only because I'm not from an Amharic speaking background), but I wish my Amharic was half as good as yours mate. I'm sort of glad though the interview was in English in a way - at least, I can understand everything being said. It would be great if you can post Amharic video as well.

  • selam

    omg i thought the interviewer was arabian or russian he sound so funny hahaha anyway great program so glad to hear our brothers being ethiopian and its so true ethiopia the safest country ever anyways pls keep interviewing more african living in Addis and make it in amharic too !

  • Rahwa

    ethiopia is THE one of THE World. Fastest growing economies easing invester and foreigner come to ethiopia and. Very attractive program.

  • Jason Peters

    @Lad thanks for your comment I wish the whole interview was amharic sewun asdenigit neber LOL I'm going to post a video in amharic soon