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Addis TV - The City of Addis Ababa and Best Views

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The City of Addis Ababa
and Best Views



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  • wintana Added i miss home so much it kills me so much love you Ethiopia
  • mehary Added waw!! aids ababa nice building.the western world gives you money to the starved and hungry people but the wayane leaders they prefer to build high rise and telling us they are doing good job for ethiopia because of this building around 7 million people died and you guys proud a bout those human skeleton building shame on you guys god is watching you.
  • ETHIOPIA Added I wish nothing,but love for my city Addis Ababa!!!
  • Ethio forever Added Daniel
    betam nafekonale
  • lis Added @daniel...............
    antem endenafekeh ersum ethiopian eyasadege endante aynet muwartegna ertawiyanin endakatelle yinoral.... God Bless Him
  • helen Added meles and its tplf criminal and corrupted group want to tell us ethiopia is grwoing by showing two builidings while millions of ethiopians are starving, and other millions are dying in jail as tplf is still carrying out a crime against humanity killing, jailing, tourture and unfordable life, death to tplf and it's blind supporters
  • hard works will bear fruit Added what made z USA and specially China is hard work. We,Ethiopians lack the ethics and discipline for that. this is z truth. Wht the white folks achieved in a couple of centuries, Z Chinese made it happen in 2 decades. The ethio govt should tell it as it is, less religion and more work. we got water, lush plains, gold but rather gossip or pray than work!
  • FLUU Added who the hell said we got 5 billon a year.if you guys have a deep hate toward meles/eprdf just say it otherwise don't deny facts.
    you cannot argue with success.
  • betty Added i left ethiopia 20 years ago, but i heard from tplf blind and racist dead propagandist as if weyane has made ethiopia paris, but i only saw a couple of new buildings along with one road that was done for the last 20 years, where tplf receives over 5 billion dollars every year let alone the other tax and other money that tplf gets from ethiopians, plus those few buildings are built by tplf criminal
  • meles zenawi Added daniel inatih tibeda

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