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Abeba Desalegn - Yelehubetem [New! Music Video]

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Yelehubetem [New! Amharic Music Video]
Abeba Desalegn



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  • E. OSHO Added Ab, really you are so beautiful. you are certainly a gift of God to make us HAPPY , particularly, the Ethiopians by your miraculous voice . your voice or music is as sweet as those of the Angles'. Just to compare. I wish You Long live. Thanks God, if you were not Born, we would have really missed such a Lovely Lady. You know, I feel many of us are ordinary- just to live for few or our selves.
  • masresha Added Hi abeba how was doing ereyting i like your music keep do honey
  • Medi Added ህሪፍ ስራ,አቢቲ በርቺ!!!
  • Raby Added is this guy in the video crazy? who treats his wife this way?? especially if she is Abeba!!! im sure Abresh is nothing like that .. :)
  • tsede Added nice i ,like it betam des yilal...
  • welie Added wow good job! abby
  • Wenete tenagari Added Abesha betefetrow guregnana debek newe. CNA honewe eyesseru, nurse negn yelalu. CNA temehert ayassfelegewm, seram nursing home/retirement home weste yearogitna shemagele kaka/shint metregena diaper melewet newe. kushasha sera newe, essun lewech sew yessetalu because ferenjoch endessu sera ayfelegum. my point is Ethiopians in US are VERY BIG liars! Atemenuachewe!
  • nigusuawgichew@gmail.com Added des yilal
  • Wondessen Added Abeba betam arejesh. Lenegeru edemesh teleq nw. Set lij 55 kemolat waga zeblio nw.

    Video camera ena director, temesegen afework kkk. Be ethiopia ye film hone ye music tarik debari, wushetam ena bado acheberberai sewye.
    USA le were ena le gura yemechal. I dispise this man (temesegen afework) because he is neal, neax and nada zero
  • Siem Yelesh Added le habesha wend fikir gizeawi new, be wichawi gezita new yemiyamelkut, wibet regafi new