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Abby Lakew - Shekorina [NEW! HOT! Video Clip]

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Shekorina [NEW! HOT! Video Clip]
Abby Lakew

Abby Lakew

Abby Lakew

Abby Lakew Shekurina



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  • Firaaf Added ichi diqala minim sharmuxa zarwoa yema itawaq
  • mirtitu Added anchi chemlaka. America new yalehu eyalsh ethiopia eyedsh tikuririalesh. leman new dikala yeweledshw? min ale batzefign? ende Jelo weym Rihanna mehonsh new? aysakalishm, defar feres yawukal. Egizahaber yikir yibelish. stripper timesyalesh. miwedish sew hulu minim ayawikm. dimtish betam kefefegn. EBAKISH BETEKIRSTIAN HIGI ISHI? ugly lol
  • freeee Added i love ur song and most of all i love u 2 much.......BUT IF I HAVE TO SUGGEST i see some sign of those Illuminati grp .......i cant decide 4 u but be aware of what ur directors told u to act i am sure u do..
  • amii Added u r sweety
  • tab Added it seems very interesting!
  • zemedkunworku Added BETAM IDINAKISHI NEGNE
  • geta lib yistachu!! Added hey guys i am really sorry for ur dazy mind.the only reason u r commenting here about weyane,tigre,amhara bla bla is because she is singing "shikorina" do u know the meaning?" yene tafach" that is all. what makes u guys to say this all trash words.ohh the people who lives out there pls shape ur mind.i think u dont have good life out there that is why u r insulting for each and every silly things.
  • Sel Added The only talent I observe from the video is that she is camera savvy. The song seems similar to her earlier release and I am stunned with it at all. I know she is good singer but she has to think out of the box. Her producers/advisors should work on what they are paid for surely enough to do thier duty. As we used to be neighbours in 'arategna fok' I would always support her in whatever she does.
  • Damteea Added I like that song. Gooooood onnnnnne.
  • Saba Added Sema ante fezaza leswe dekama negerun eystemarkwe nwe malef weshetam abby sente zefnalech yehe lela zema setata getmun tegrega arga erasu yedro zefenoco nacew wededkem telahem manem manenem betala who cares negegeru kandeye Geta gara nwe eshi men or women!!!!

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