Hatanu Feya

Tigist Belachew

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Tigist Belachew - Hatanu Feya

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  1. lin
    3 years, 10 months ago

    sounds look grate TG good work brava !!!!
  2. Tazabi
    3 years, 12 months ago

    ትግስት በጣም ጥሩ ስራ ነው በርቺ የኛን ሰው ወደሁዎላ ያስቀረው ክፉቱና ምቀኝነቱ ነው ሁሉም ግን አንድ አይደለም ስለራሱ እውቀት ሳያቅ ሰውን ይመክራል የራሱን ቋንቋ ሳያቅ በሰው ቋንቋ ይመፃደቃል ለምሳሌ knowlegde በምን ቋንቋ እንደ ተፃፈ ባላቅም ሲፃፍ የማቀው "knowledge"እንደዚህ ነው ስለዚህ ለሰው እድገት እንዲህ መሆኑ ጥሩ አይደለም__
  3. surafel
    3 years, 12 months ago

    tazabi,in the first place I think you are dumb and secondly mind your business,okay !!!maybe if you are from north of the border or whereever it is you were born,try to broaden your knowlegde!!!
  4. Truth must be told.
    Truth must be told.
    4 years ago

    Since when is nylon and that s@# stuff they wear oromo tradition?
    Sirabi kunis sirba sangootaa fakkata.
  5. DC dude
    DC dude
    4 years ago

    great job tigist....
  6. tazabi
    4 years ago

    aye ye hager libsu enkwan ye Amhara ena ye tigray new esun titeshe yagershen shefenfin beye

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Artist: Tigist Belachew
Video title: Hatanu Feya