Ethiopia return to Africa Cup of Nations after 31-year hiatus

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Ethiopia return to Africa Cup of Nations after 31-year hiatus

Ethiopia will be looking to emulate last year's winners of the Africa Cup of Nations, underdogs Zambia, as they take part in the tournament for the first time in 31 years. The inexperienced side, which has no players in professional leagues, are looking to gain valuable experience during the tournament. Perhaps the only advantage they may have against better-equipped opponents will be the this year's tournament venue - South Africa. A considerable number of Ethiopians live there so the side should be well-supported.

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  1. wondem
    2 years ago

    good luck
  2. daniel77
    2 years ago

    The Zambians are talking advantage of their physical strength over Ethiopians, they even bragged about out running Ethiopians, I wish and hope Coach Sewenet Listens this and ready team Ethiopia for the physical challenge
  3. Anonymous
    2 years ago

    ኢትዮጵያ የቡርኪናፋሶ ና የዛምቢያን ጬዋታ ትኬቶች ተሳክቶላት ሰማንያ ሺውንም ብታፍን የት ይደረስ ነበር:: ማን ለናይጀርያ እንደ ዛምብያ ስፖርት አፍቃሪዎች ከቶ ይንቻቻል?
  4. Anonymous
    2 years ago

    There is bias. Zambia 50,000/15,000., and Ethiopia 30,000/30,0000. What we have is quite different. Around 47,000 are sold to Ethiopians and the Zambians are inflating it. We suggest caution to Ethiopian Sports Talk Journalists. In history, it was only Damte, whom we could follow after the ball. he could say, as we were told/as they claimed it.
  5. Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Did Arada George ask protection from God?
  6. Ethiopia lezelalem tinur
    Ethiopia lezelalem tinur
    2 years ago

    egziabiher yiketelachu
    2 years ago

  8. badabim
    2 years ago

    the cheetha we can't even articulate a proper message in a sentence let alone design the future. maletim, maletim. when did proper amharic die?


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