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Teddy Afro - NEW 2010 - Orthodox Mezmur Song

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Added by Bini in Teddy Afro Music Videos



Artist: Teddy Afro
New Single Orthodox Mezmur

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  • Ababa Awake Added አንተን የወለደቸ እናት ትባረክ she always proud of u
  • daniel alebachew Added ሙዚቃ ትልቁ የሃይምሮ የጽዳት መሳርያ ነው ''
    ሙዚቃ ለደስታም ሆነ ለሃዘን መልክት አስተላላፊ አዎንታዊንውት ያለው
    ግዙፍ ነው !!
    ሙዚቃ አንድ ሃገርን እመራለሁ ለሚል የፖለቲካ ድርጅት የመቀስቀሻ ትልቅ መሳርያም በመሆን አገልግሎት ስጭ ነው
    ሙዚቃ ካለነበት ወደኅላ መልሶ የትዝታ መዛግብትን የሚያስነብብ ነው
    ሌላው በሙዚቃ መሳርያ ታጅበው ድምጣቸው ቀልብን የሚስበው ኅይምሮዋቸው ብሩሕ ለሆኑት አርቲስታን ስለ ዓለማትም ሆነ ስለ መንፈሳዊ ዝመራ ድምጻቸውን በጣአመ ዚማ ለሚያሰሙን የላቀ ምስጋናየን አቀርባለሁ
  • bahiru gemechu Added hi teddy your song is very nice but please take care from politics.Finally may I ask you? who are your mother and your father? can I say your father is Tilahun gesese?
  • Frehiwot Added Teddy God Bless you to the last, I like your mesmure, you are everything for us -Ethiopian
  • TILAYE Added WOW!!! U r one of the Ethiopia Representative ........... I love so much!!!!!
  • yaar Added teddy is the best of the best
  • Mekdi6 Added Teddy i lov u,z muzmur was greate,i'll wait 4 z other one may GOD bless u
  • Mar Added Especially at this condition, we need you badly, God please all.
  • zobel Added Taddy ware are you ? We are expecting somthing from you. you are one of our hero, I don't think you scare. BE A MAN.
  • Huleamaresh Added OMG. I dont think you did sing ?? Yeah, you have to, cos everyone does that when they are in trouble. Do you remember Tamrat Liayna, ?when he is in p resin, he pretand he is Kristan and went to USA. I know you dont want go there, but just beissness Good for u boddy
  • genet degefu Added this mezmur amazing
  • fasica Added yene konjo menew aregeh endye wede gedam gora alk gena eko bezu yekerhal...............
  • yidank@yahoocom Added ውድህልው ብርታ
  • Habeshawit Ethiopian Added Ethiopia's biggest reggae star Teddy Afro . I love this muzemure you did it am so proud of you Keep in touch! we love you:)
  • alex Added wow tedy !! you did it , great we need more
    miss you!!!!
  • mok Added u r the best GBU
  • biruk Added its amazing
  • KIRU Added WOW
  • gebrhiwet Added GOD will bless U tedy! U r singing a song (mezmur) that calls GOD, I love it very much .and keep it up in such songs(mezmur) !
  • solomon tefera Added It is very nice mezmure .teddy god bless u
  • Duke Added Teddy.. you aer semart guy so take care from any thing
  • dee Added best mezemure i loooove it god bless you
  • muse Added raguel aydelm wey yanware gorebet.enem k moske seweta joroye west telek telalech.
    beka klastewn eyeseman adgen.
    enam yeneshetegnal .best!!beteley ye italian torent gizane yasetawesal tadia.neshet yadergal abo belew belew belew yelale good to be ethiopian!!!
  • GEtu Lema Added Let the lord's (JESUS CHRIST's)blessing be on you for ever & ever.Ye DENGEL MARIAM YE GETA ENAT ena YEMELEKTE meljana berekete kefit ,kehula,kegera kekegn yeketeleh!
  • natti Added teddy God bles u . mezemur malet endzeh niw meknyatum zemnawe yemuzeka mesareya algebabetm.
  • Tekle Added Teddy u r very good artist 4 ever
  • xavi hilal Added teddy nice song keep on going
  • Adane Added I didn't have words to express about you . keep it up
  • mime Added nice mezmur,
  • me Added oh oh teddye yene konjo betam arif ketelebet
  • Hiwot Added i got no words to say anything about u ...ur my hero....im very proud of u.....and keep up ur good job....
  • hiwot Added @hero ande yemiyaderg hulun madreg yemichel medhaniyalem bi cha new teddy is a sinner on God eyes coz he sing make ppl dance ,drrunk thats SIN atessasattu dont worship human
  • haleluya Added 'tedy' you are gifted thank you for the great song you deliever for us keep it up!!!!!!!
  • b Added keep it up..
  • wale Added god bless u!
  • genet Added egziabher yebarkeh.
  • assefa Added i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dani Added Really you are gifted and you can be the future hope of we all Ethiopians!
  • Tibeb Added WHAT A HILARIOUS VOICE!! You make me cried Teddy. This is the best Mezmur ever keep up GOD BELSS YOU. LOL
  • fikre Added medhanyalem ytebekhe ......betame konjo new
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