Drama Season 3 Part 60


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Drama Season 3 Part 60.

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    1 year, 11 months ago

  2. wow
    2 years ago

    shewit (leya) i know she has a beautiful smile, i know she is the one of the best actress in ethiopia but i did not know that she got nice ass!!!! girl don't be shy... show it off... not to many girls got ass like you... proud off it and show us some more....
  3. abidez
    2 years ago

    lol asnake's mouth.
  4. selam
    2 years ago

    Hey: We need to see Sosna on every episode. She is the life of the show with her wit and beautiful and entertaining role. Please keep her lively. Her best show was part 30 - where she was drank. I saw it 4 times. She is so good. All are very food actors but I enjoy Sosna the most.
  5. Free Man
    Free Man
    2 years ago

    This is the best part of sewlesew. shewit i wish all womens are honest like you. you did a good job.
  6. Mike
    2 years ago

    Medi, you are amazing actor and you are gifted.
  7. michuchu
    2 years ago

    abo benatachu echi Nardosen way arab ager lakut ena ke dramawist tiwetabet... betifi bilat desitawen alichilewen. watta wast of time she is.
  8. diredawa
    2 years ago

    Daym, that chick in da wata got an ass on her back. LOL
  9. mULER
    2 years ago

    What do i have to say! I'm amezed and excited.This drama is creating life in to Ethiopian drama industry!!EXCELENT!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. azeb meles
    azeb meles
    2 years ago

    filmu tru hono sale yeabesha enat endeh ayent wenbedena atsram tplf enat kehonech malet kedami emembet azeb gola targ yehonal enji lijuwan merz metabelaw so astekaklu pls abesha endeh ayent bahery yelewm yawem enat ......eremat argu thank u.
    2 years ago

    ትገርማላህቹ ያለማቁዋረት 5 ደቂቃ ሙሉ mዳኒትን ታስለቅሱዋታላችሁ
  12. wored new wored
    wored new wored
    2 years ago

    My best actress is Shewit. I always smile when i see her. She makes me feel gooood.
  13. sheki
    2 years ago

    Bruke i just said
  14. sheki
    2 years ago

    One is the best but Its up to u ,proof of the truth that u can have more than one up to four wife
  15. kaleab
    2 years ago

    u men get roocked the picture quality.i really apreciate the DP miki.keep it up. . .
  16. seble
    2 years ago

    ጥሩ ነው:: በዚህ ይቀጥል::
  17. Kutulu
    2 years ago

    we see onesety on the new generation I appericiate what token about the boy on the 60th sene of swe leswe derama
  18. Sileshi Mar!
    Sileshi Mar!
    2 years ago

    በጣም ወድጀዋለው!!!
  19. dindin
    2 years ago

    Medi, its too early to talk about kids issue...u still sick abo abezashiw! i miss SOSI :)
  20. Yigermal
    2 years ago

    ለምሳሌ ብሩክ - አትወጂኝም ብትወጂኝማ ኖሮ እንዲህ አትዪም ነበር:: ናርዲ - ጥብቅናማ ባይሆን ኖሮ እንዲህ ሲሆን እያየሽ ዝም አትዪም ነበር:: ይሄ ድግግሞሽ በጣም አሰልቺ ሊያደርገው ነው:: እባካችሁ meላ ፈልጋችሁ አስተካክሉት:: የአስናቀም ተጋነነ:: በmeጠኑ ቢታይ በቂ ነበር:: ቢቻል እንደ በፊቱ ልብ እያንጠለጠለ እንዲቀጥል ጥረት አድርጉ:: በተረፈ በርቱ::
  21. Yigermal
    2 years ago

    Please give the drama some life. It's not time for Medi and Bruke to talk about this. She is still recovering. Plus there might be hope that they will have a baby. They shouldn't give up like this. His mom told him they are still young and there might be some hope. I can predict what he is saying. He should change the way he talks to some real talk. For example,
  22. Mao
    2 years ago

    everybody is great except Nardos. I don't get it her existance in this nice drama.
  23. bahirdar
    2 years ago

    i agree with everything medi say.but she have too understand barech.
  24. endhayt
    2 years ago

    Nardos pleas get over your issue....u are annoying me. but everybody else great it...
  25. bebeto
    2 years ago

  26. Abush
    2 years ago

    the litle boy comment is fantastic and nice act the litle boy you will be one of the best actor
  27. homie
    2 years ago

    Dardos is a huge bitch.
  28. alle
    2 years ago

    i like the boy
  29. Chuchuye
    2 years ago

    & Liya and also Frezer's sister I really don't get it what she wants to accomplish, it's a little exaggerated. Love it anyway.
  30. Chuchuye
    2 years ago

    I love the conversation b/n Medi & Barich but I wish they mention adaption is also the option since this drama is to pass the message to ppls it should be fun to watch the drama at the same time to teach our ppl. & I have never seen ' ye swimming gibja' Mahli
  31. joosi
    2 years ago

    madi zare gena ewnet tenagersh , bruka beka asenabtat ,
    2 years ago

    Medy & Bruke, betam kelibe asazenuin gin endematleyau tesfa adergalewu, Asnake ke-hospital lwota yemtagelewu le-kasetu newu kedane gin kurabachewun endemgedl ymeslal.
  33. dd
    2 years ago

    ተይ በህግ አምላክ አስቢብበት medanit.
  34. musicforsoul
    2 years ago

    Forget to mention the rest actors and esp medi mother. I know we hate her and forget that it's a drama so kind of 4get to appreciate her. She is a devoted actor!!!
  35. BOO
    2 years ago

    abet abet...yesew lij hilinawun legenzeb yeshetebet zemen .yemedi guadega maferiya neger nesh kemer.kanchi ya hisan lij yishalal eko. asnake esti neseha geba...besemam mn ayenet shetan seferebet bakachu.....demo achachesu mnaman...yepolicu ehet degemo yehoneche findata neger endet nw mitasebew??? bechenkilatuwa nw ??? leya endachi ayenet sew enkuwan menenorun eterateralehu...yemecheresha tiru sew.
  36. musicforsoul
    2 years ago

    Medi I'm proud of what u say. It's reality. At the end of the day it matters to have a child. You guys can love eachother and have a baby of his own by some means I love you determination of selfless. I want to see more ppl character like this. Asenake u deserve all the love and respect. You go a lot of miles. Mahi n liya u r the best of best. Yordi Txs to be the best actor as well. Omg a lot of work was done on this movie esp this episode lol.
  37. Ashe tebelashe yetem eyewale yetem eyameshe
    Ashe tebelashe yetem eyewale yetem eyameshe
    2 years ago

    'የሰዉ ለሰዉ ድራማ ምርጥ ተዋናኝ አስናቀ እና ��ስፍን:: authors,,, please you guys keep up the good work, and we want to see Tamrat's arrested. i'm loving it
  38. cincy
    2 years ago

    leya got nice big booty.
  39. sweet01
    2 years ago

  40. sweet01
    2 years ago

    good job ppl wow am loving this .Medi pls stop triping damn it he loves u so u guys should stay togather no matter what!!!!
    2 years ago

    Eri boy I have no clue what hell u’re talking about this is nothing to do with this movie I’m not saying it is not right what u say but u need some other place to talk about u’re issues.
  42. kid
    2 years ago

    Medi ewodish nebere ahun ghin dehna negn
  43. keven
    2 years ago

    wey ato asnake the best actor of all the time, all sew le sew viwer knows someone just like you, and he played it well I wish if you could make a long movie out of this
  44. bahirdar
    2 years ago

    medi are u K?
  45. Judy
    2 years ago

    I want somebody to bust Yord's head. beterefe betam Arif new.
  46. yo
    2 years ago

    ere bro men nekah yehe eko ye politica web site ayedelem ye drama new . agerehen anete kalakeberekat man enedeyeyakebereleh felek.i am eritrean but tenagere mekeyer neger selelele teregaga wey demo bereha weteh tewaga enede wenedocu
  47. kukusha
    2 years ago

    am 1 medi
    medi derk nat
    2 years ago

    i'm the first
  49. eri boy
    eri boy
    2 years ago

    asnakena isayas afwerki ymesaselalu be tegbarachew 2tum yetfat sewoch nachew kkkkk
    ethio wede democracy stguaz egna eritrawyanoch demo esir bat sdet dabo werefa sawa 2% yalkefele wich minor ageru aygebam mnamin ere sintu lijochachu ke ager amlitew ewtu teblen betesebochachin 50,000 nakfa kfelu ere sintu ahuns selechen mereren eko wyyyy


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