Drama Season 3 Episode 86 - Part 86


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Drama Season 3 Episode 86 - Part 86

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  1. demsew
    2 years ago

    betam yamral ketayun ennafkalen
  2. Abriham abera from haddiya zone shone town.
    Abriham abera from haddiya zone shone town.
    2 years ago

    Ke sew le sew bizu neger temirehalew meche yiketilal.
  3. ted
    2 years ago

    I like it!
  4. bini smart
    bini smart
    2 years ago

    betame yameral betame
  5. Tseyon
    2 years ago

    this show is getting crazy! everybody is getting mad but why dont they just get together and try to kill the bastard asnake and no one is telling the truth i think this show isn't going to finish
  6. danny
    2 years ago

    ferezer i love your action,your the best.
  7. Abeba desalign ዘፋኞ ኣይደለሁም
    Abeba desalign ዘፋኞ ኣይደለሁም
    2 years ago

    ፍሬዘር ታማኝና ጠንካራ ሰራተኛ ነው። ነገር ግን ኣሁን ስተት ሰራ። ህፃን ልጅ ኣስገድዶ ፖሊስ ጣቢያ መውሰድ ህገወጥ ነው። የይጥናን ሚስት መጠየቅ ይችል ነበር።
  8. bekel
    2 years ago

    yelijinet kimoch siterakemu Asnaken yaferalu chekan aremene yaderigalu
  9. sile boy
    sile boy
    2 years ago

    በጣም ምርጥ ድራማ ነው....
  10. paolos
    2 years ago

    ለትዳር ትልቁ አደጋ የሚሰራው ትንሹ ስህተት አይደለም፤ይልቅስ ያንን ስ ህተት ለመሸፈን ወይንም ለማረም ስንል የምንፈጥረው ሌላ ውሸትና ስህተት ነው እንደ ሽብልቅ ትንሿ ስንጥቅ ውስጥ ገብቶ ክፍተቱን በማስፋት እንዳይጠገን አድርጎ ብትንትኑን ይሚያወጣው። ማሕሌት ለስህተቷ ማረሚያ የምትጠቀመው ዘዴ ለእኔ ሽብልቅ እንጂ ዘዴ አይደለም።
  11. Nardos
    2 years ago

    at ፀጋ ስለሺ yehew elshi yehiwote hiwot insturmetnal an-instrumental-music-yehiwote-hiwot-video_9f b35391d.html
  12. godoleyas  worku
    godoleyas worku
    2 years ago

    abet enam mketlge yezhi derma ketetel baderg yeroup hiwot kfb gar sigenag endat asdesche derma yewotawal beya asbalu yedermaw ketetl lemaderg artistoche kontak biyaderguge wedr yelalw asdesachi teret yewotawal beya asrgcha asbalu tewanaye fb westgoche
    bihonu yemrtal

    esksmahut gud new man behgerachen yetru melk lb yalew sew yeggal
  13. Yigermal
    2 years ago

    The story is getting out of the way. Who is a good person? Almost everyone is lying and being secretive. Anyways, Asnake did a very wonderful job! He's the only reason I'm watching the drama.
  14. woldino
    2 years ago

    pls help i want ot kill asnake
  15. lazy doll
    lazy doll
    2 years ago

    this is the best drama ever, you know if i were mahlet i ll probably shot asnake with the gun
  16. Amsalu
    2 years ago

    Gosh, this is the best drama which I saw
  17. mar
    2 years ago

    That is so evil of you asnake!!!!
  18. Cool
    2 years ago

    Once again my favorite actor ato asnake did an outstanding job well done sir!!
  19. mahiluu
    2 years ago

    ወንዳታ አስናቀ ተበላች 2000000 ብር
  20. Habeshawit
    2 years ago

    Asnake gen saw aydelam betam kefo saw new gen le Dramaw teru new coz sew be guget yaywal. betam teru sera new yeserachubet keep up ena betam teru new good job guys:)
  21. jjjj
    2 years ago

    moges akorahene n mahlet she is jst best actress in the group
  22. Lena
    2 years ago

    whats wrong with mogass he is acting like ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Mat
    2 years ago

    Kip gone ASNY.
  24. Ene
    2 years ago

    Asnake, i don't have words to express you even though you are acting as a devil but you are man of the drama...... and I like also to mention about the classic music used at the end of the today's series. you guys are so sweet and professional.
  25. Lazy
    2 years ago

    Hey you guys still say am first ha ha ha ...
    pls don't say first about giving comment
    but do something and say be first...
    2 years ago

    am 1st zapa gama alachu
  27. Yokatu
    2 years ago

    I m first u dam ass
  28. anonymous
    2 years ago

    thanks guys (y)

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Artist: SewLeSew
Video title: Drama Season 3 Episode 86 - Part 86