Drama Season 3 Episode 85 - Part 85


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Drama Season 3 Episode 85 - Part 85

SewleSew Drama

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  1. betsegaw
    8 months, 4 weeks ago

    its so nice
  2. Kofket
    11 months, 1 week ago

    In the beginning I ranked the drama as best done & at the final stages poooooor!
  3. abrsh
    11 months, 3 weeks ago

    wow !! nice to see asnake crying !!! but i dont think he is mortal...
  4. Boss
    11 months, 4 weeks ago

    getting worse.............አንድ ፊልም ወይም ድራማ ሰዉ እንዳሰበው ካለቀ ምኑን ጥበብ ሆነ??????
  5. Dan
    11 months, 4 weeks ago

    Asnake the best actor ever!
  6. getachew
    11 months, 4 weeks ago

    ሰው ለሰው እኒ ከሚገባው በላይ ያስደስተ...
  7. hhhhhhh
    11 months, 4 weeks ago

  8. lovewin
    12 months ago

    Please it is n working!We can't see it
  9. samru
    12 months ago

    I couldn't see this video something is going on any body can solve the problem thank you.
  10. yilma
    12 months ago

    Hope it is not that much complected to arrest Asnake, as already he is near the rope.
  11. friti
    12 months ago

    ግራ የተጋባ ድራማ እየሆነ ነው
  12. minu
    12 months ago

    ene lengrachu yemiketlew samnt medi targezalech yelalu mehalit le police kalewan testalec tastawsu endeho asensk selke eyawra sayezgaw neber chgre ale bela thafiwa yengrchw mehalu bednb tnkalch asnake begza egu negrun ablashe le enspketr sayengrwe kedma nardi tgjewna yetzbrark neger yengrata ande negr tblashe ayedel yemibalw yeyetna leje ewnetun ynagral bemktlw samnt engenaje
  13. Danny Amdie
    Danny Amdie
    12 months ago

    Oh Asnake is z one and only best actor
    in ethiopiaye I lik him so much !!!
  14. befekadu tefera
    befekadu tefera
    12 months ago

    for me asnaqe is the center and integral part of the drama..........the way he carry out his delegation is exceptionally different........i can say he is born to become an actor ......despite his malicious, he is doing the act very well.....i love him.....the is the only real actor in Ethiopia ......i have never seen any actor like asnake.......i ca say he 100% perfect actor.
  15. Gobez
    12 months ago

    I missed kurabachew (kura).....where you at my little nigger.....
  16. 114
    12 months ago

    EVIL nardos did like this to her brother,even asnake was going to shout him and she still want to be with asnake .i have never seen any one change their family member by someone, even her bro said asnake is criminal she just have no vision.this is out of imagination I can't beleive there is a personalty like nardos in ethio. Asnake is too mush, Mahalu she is dam ppl plz show as some justice too!!
  17. aye sew
    aye sew
    12 months ago

    just it is boring
  18. Ashupeace
    12 months ago

    Man! Mr Asnake is so cruel! But I like him though man inspector frezer doing great ! Keep it up ! Keep it up ! I want u put criminal Asnake down !! Put him down ...put him down to jail ...
  19. Yigermal
    12 months ago

    I'm tired of non-sense scenes. How come Nardos tell him she's hesitated and he tells her how to find out? Ridiculous!!! It would be smart to show us when she tries to find out from his secretary or find her own way. Obvious set-up of making "Asnake" win all the time!!! I don't know why I can't stop watching it but I'm definitely tired of it!!!!!
  20. mahiluu
    12 months ago

    ይህ ድራማ ማለኪያ የለውም ሰለቸን ቶሎ ቸርሱት
  21. Lily
    1 year ago

    OMG!! this ASNAKE Guy ,makes me sick insane, harrrrrrrrrrrr
  22. DADY
    1 year ago

  23. sew lesew
    sew lesew
    1 year ago

    yihe drama le 1 wegen silemiyadela betam selchegn
  24. gulele
    1 year ago

    guys asnake slowly become like superman a person who can do and know every thing ,com'n guys try to be real and human i have never seen some body talk like this and try to take a police officer gun in my country this totally out of imagination ,and he told mahlet if she don't bring the money he is gone post the pic all over the city ,it doesn't make sense ,nobody cares except her man and bruk,
  25. Tensae
    1 year ago

    Frezer (Sol) arif new! ye thlhen mkrhal zarey alteskam le hulm gezay alew!!!
  26. getachew
    1 year ago

    ስዉልስዉድራማ አዝናኝና ተወዳጅ ነዉ
  27. Mekdes
    1 year ago

    ኢንስፔክተር ፍሬዘር በጣም ጥሩ ስራ ነው የሰራኸው፤ ለእህትህ የምትችለውን ሞክር እምቢ ካለችህ ደግሞ አብረህ ከርቸሌ ማስገባት ነው፡፡ ኢንስፔክተር ያዕቆብም ስለሚያሳምናት ወዳንተ ላትመጣ ትችላለች፡፡ ስለዚህ ያለህ እድል አብሮ ከርቸሌ ማስገባት ነው በርታ፡፡
  28. Demelash
    1 year ago

    አቶ ደራሲ እባክህ ይህ ድራማ ተንዛዛ አንድ ሰው ይህን ሁሉ ተሳክቶለት ያደርጋል? አቶ አስናቀን በጣም አጋነንከው ነገሮች ሁሉ የሚሳኩት ለሱ ብቻ ነው በየሳምንቱ አንድም የሚያስደስት ነገር አናይም አንዳንዴም አቶ አስናቀ ሰሸነፍ አሳዩን እንጂ! ያለነው ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ሆነን በሌላው አለም የሚደረገውን ድርጊት እናሳያለን ልብ እናንጠለጥላለን በላችሁ እያሰለቻችሁት ነው:: ስለዚህ እባካችሁ ድራማው ይለቅ ውይንም የአስናቀ ግዝፈት ይብቃ በጣም ሰልችቶናል ተረት ተረት አደረጋችሁት!!!!
  29. amentialemayehu
    1 year ago

    is nice appearance u got ze point of acting be blessed
  30. Elu
    1 year ago

    Waw Asnake! yehe seweye Hollywood megbat yeneberebet sew new.Mechem egig betam new yakatelegn yehen yakel yesew semet menkat kechale betam betam gobez new. Abebe Balcha korahubeh gen begetsebahirew tekatlen lenemot new.Beteklala yeselesew artistoch yetemeretu nachew yFrezer endih menaded betekekel askemtotal bertu gobezoch.
  31. Anteneh H.L.M
    Anteneh H.L.M
    1 year ago

    Interesting Drama and Like To see Ato Asnake
  32. Cincy
    1 year ago

    Asnake my man..... what was that bitch trying to do? showing up with check and running her mouth like she is somebody....bitch!!! go get the cash.
  33. dope
    1 year ago

    "Ketemawist getig esketig new yemilekelikew" lol
  34. Yodith
    1 year ago

    Asnaken menged lay bayew eglewalhu......I don't think he deserve to be alive. P.s Nardos she need to wake up and smell the coffee...she is old enough to know what is going on I fill sory for her she is lost best wish fore her I hope this sick man don't end her life just to get Frezer even more mad than he is now
  35. Mindar
    1 year ago

    This series just keep on getting longer and longer. When is it gonna end?!!!!
  36. senait
    1 year ago

    its over!!!! Asnake le fird yikreb
  37. FD
    1 year ago

    Ethiopia chemeralech :)
  38. JOOSI
    1 year ago

    asne kebad sew lemin eza chaka wist asgonbseh lik atagebatim . love u ASNE MAGNA
  39. dagmawi
    1 year ago

    በእውነት ብሩክ እውነት ብለሃል ከመንዛዛቱ የተነሳ የሚዙት የሚጨብጡት አጥተዋል! የ ኣስናቀ ስኬትም በዛ ስለዚህ ደራሲው አታሰልቸን በሌላው ኣንግል ደግሞ እየው!"
  40. Lena
    1 year ago

    I like. This
  41. Marta
    1 year ago

    Can't wait till next week.....
  42. Meron
    1 year ago

    Nardihow dear u!
  43. jhone
    1 year ago

    Nice drama ever
    1 year ago

    The one who wrote I am the 1st, u will also the person to die in few minutes
    1 year ago

    The one who wrote I am the 1st, u will also the person to dies in few minutes
  46. Yigermal
    1 year ago

    I support Birulk's idea. Everything seems out of reality. Nardos shouldn't tell him that she's now hesitating. It's just not natural. We should have seen her trying to investigate on the side. Anyhow, keep going. Eventhough we are getting bored, we will wait to see the end and I hope it will be soon.
  47. almaz
    1 year ago

    mech chohech ena new atchuhibin yalat. that was funny...the entire line is awkward conversation.
  48. debre
    1 year ago

    betam yasazenal yemahelu neger
  49. Cool
    1 year ago

    Ato asnake makes this show what it is. Good acting sir.
  50. Lazy
    1 year ago

    Asnake le police tabia Nardos lige nat kale masreja frezer ehete nech ke ale masreja ende police tabia zemdena check ayadergim... ha ha ha...
  51. lulu
    1 year ago

    አቶ አስናከ እስካሉ ድረስ አያለሁ እድሚያቸውን ያርዝም
  52. dani thekara
    dani thekara
    1 year ago

    the best ethiopian dram a ever . I appriciate the camera man so much especially the last scene which asnake and mahlet met together. Wow
  53. ethiopa
    1 year ago

    ኢ ረአልልይ ሊኢከ ትሂስ ድራአማ . ዎውሳ
  54. sina
    1 year ago

    Ato Asenake zirikrik asteli *** neh
  55. Birulk
    1 year ago

    አቶ ደራሲ እባክህ ይህ ድራማ ተንዛዛ አንድ ሰው ይህን ሁሉ ተሳክቶለት ያደርጋል? አቶ አስናቀን በጣም አጋነንከው ነገሮች ሁሉ የሚሳኩት ለሱ ብቻ ነው በየሳምንቱ አንድም የሚያስደስት ነገር አናይም አንዳንዴም አቶ አስናቀ ሰሸነፍ አሳዩን እንጂ! ያለነው ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ሆነን በሌላው አለም የሚደረገውን ድርጊት እናሳያለን ልብ እናንጠለጥላለን በላችሁ እያሰለቻችሁት ነው:: ስለዚህ እባካችሁ ድራማው ይለቅ ውይንም የአስናቀ ግዝፈት ይብቃ በጣም ሰልችቶናል ተረት ተረት አደረጋችሁት!!!!
  56. taxi
    1 year ago

    a the first abo
  57. AM FIRT
    1 year ago

  58. Listen before answer
    Listen before answer
    1 year ago

    How come no one leave comment until now?


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