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SewLeSew - [NEW] Ethiopian TV Drama - Part 24

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Added by Bini in SewLeSew TV Drama Other TV Drama



[NEW] Ethiopian TV Drama - Part 24

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  • adonias raga Added am very liket these derama በታም ኮንጆና አስተማሪ derama ነው ደሞ በታም የማደንከው ሰው አስናቀ, meዳኒት, ብሩክ, shewit kebede, solomon bogale,mulalem tadese, samson tadese [baby], mesefenen ena kurabathwun
  • jopa Added yop
  • Emebet Addis Added interesting
  • HANK Added u r doing agud tv siries.artists like asnake makes it more wonderful.but i watched some things which contradict with the truth.anyways u r doing great.
  • awash Added I love the drama it was very intersting but I do not like the GHost part! when dead man was running around it made the drama booooooooooooooooring!
  • tekalign Added ኦ ማይጋድ የክፎ ስው ስራ መች ይሆን የሚቆመው?
  • serkaddis Added i like this movie. it teach's about human like ethiopian human. so it is good to learn from it.
  • roos Added l can't wite next part ነገ መችነው ዎው ለዛያለው ድራማ....
  • Abi Added ታምራት ሲገደል ያየችውን ልጅ ማየት ናፈቀኝ
  • nesriya Added ለድራማው የተመረጡት በአብዛኛው የተዋጣላቸው ሲሆኑ በተለይ አስኔ ልባችንን አቆሰልከውና ድራማውን ድራማ አደረከው ጐበዝ መሸለም ይገባሃል፡፡
  • ሉሊትዬ Added ሰው ለሰው ድራማ እጅግ አዝናኝና አስተማሪ ነው፣ በሰው ህይወት፣ በሰው ትዳር፣ በፍቅረኛሞች መካከል ጥርጣሬን ይጭራል፤ እንደ ሶሲ በ2 ሞባይል፣ በቴክስት፣ ድምጽ በመቀየር መሸወድ እንደሚቻልና ወንዶችም እንዲጠራጠሩ ያደርጋል፡፡ በተጨማሪ ሶሲን የመሰለች ቆንጆ አፍቃሪ አስቀምጦ የሰው ሚስት ላይ የሚንጠለጠል ወንድ እንዳለ ያሳያል፡፡ ለፍቅር ብሎ እንደ ብሩክና መዲ ዋጋ እንደሚከፈል ያስተምራል፣ ያስደስታልም፡፡ እንደ አስናቀ ዓይነት ሰው ለሰው አሳቢ መስሎ የሰውን ቤት የሚበጠብጥ ሰው እንዳለም ያስተምራል፡፡ ማህሉ ደግሞ ሰውን የምታምን ባሏን የምትወድ ለባሏ የምትጠነቀቅ የመጣባትን ፈተና ራሷ ለመወጣት የምትታገል ናት፡
  • mamush alehegn Added ሰው ለሰው ከሚገባው በላይ አስተማሪና አዝናኝ ነው የሰውን ባህርይ በዚህ አዝናኝ ድራማ ዉስጥ ማየት ይቻላል ሁሉም ሊለው የሚገባም ከበስተጀርባው ምን እና ማን እንዳለ ዘዎር ብሎ ሊያይ ይገባል... በሊላ በኩል መስራት የሚችሉ የጥበብ ባለሙያዎች መኖቸዉን ተገንዝቢአለሁ ማሙሽ አለህኝ ከአሜሪካ
  • addisu hailu Added አሪፍ ድራማ ነው
  • SAMY Added i lick asenake ......wow every thing he do he got confedense ...........
  • addis tadese@face book.com Added በታም አሪፍ ፊልም ነው ይመቻል .
  • menor tegaye Added asena enkanem yena Abat alehone. kesera simeles endate endemiyanadedeni...............weyi weyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • kokbeb mohammed@yah Added b etam arif derama nwe
  • kebede godana Added አቶ አስናአቀ የተበለው ስው በታም በታም ምረት የዐመቱ ዐክተር !!!!!
  • keanbaby Added kdiramaw yebelete bezieh samint yetezinananew bnante chiqichiq new beteley mercatona tazabi. selam fiteru bebet yelemedachihutin chiqichiq ezihim ametachihut .u guys so funny
  • hirut Added አሪፍ ድራማ ነው:: አቶ መስፍንና አቶ አስናቀ በደንብ ትቻጫውተውታል
  • emiye and ftume Added i lov yuw mde btm enwdsln camrca nw ctmurt bt krtn nw drmsun mnyw lov md lov md
  • Dagnachew W. Added This is personaly to Teferi M.Abay.
    Unnecessary words come from *** persons.
    I think you are dull minded person. When you write such an ugly comment, you have to think that others will read it.
    It is out of our culture.
    It is an indication of who u are.
    Sosi don't give any place for persons like Teferi. You are great and fantastic.
  • msrak Added አቶ አስናቀ በታም መትፎ ሰውነው
  • merkato Added ሕዝቦች ምነው ሰው ውነቱን አይወድም ታአዲያ ከአስናቀ በምን ተለያችሁ እንማማርጅ ውነት እንወቅ አንዳድ
  • hareg Added good
  • dawit demelash Added አቶ አስናቀ አንዴ ሳይሆን 10 ጊዜ መሞት ያለበት ሰው
  • dejene hailu Added አቶ አስናቀ ጭራቅ ነህ ኤድስ ምንም መዳኛ የሌለህ ጉዳም
  • እሙ Added ሶሲ እንዴት እንደምትመቺኝ መስፍኔ ሲያሳዝን ማህሌት ለባለቤትሽ ነገሪው አሰናቀ ግን .......ከባድ ሰው ነው ግን እኔ የምለው የእውነተኛው ሕይወቱስ እንዴት ነው ጨካኝ ...ወ.ዘ.ተ
  • Sakitaw Added Dire tube..Thanks ..The drama is so cute..****ASNAKE**** Extraordinary person..
  • selina Added i see the coming cute couples asnake girl and luel his son ,they looks cute together ,and i hate biruk and tamirat part boring.,.,and missed asnake evil.,
  • BONGA Added I love u all,except *** asnake.
  • mina Added @tazabi, minew endezi uuuuuu alek? leave merkato alone, he has a good point
  • selam Added Lule and his dad's girl will make a cute match!!!!!she's beautiful and Lule is handsome. so there you have it, 1 and 1 makes 2.

    oh by the way, is Medi still pregnant?
  • sara Added medi and maritu, you guys are the rocks!!i love the way you guys act. tamrat, im glad to see you even you are a ghost
  • meseki Added O M G....Do u know how much u guys so good, u guys make the drama very interesting. Keep it up!!!
  • rahel Added some kind of romance is gonna develope bn luEl n his dad's girl.
  • rb Added i'm enjoying the drama and the comments on other people lol
  • Fana Alem Added For me, this darma is spotlessly great!Everything shown in the scenes are as true as in the reality!Innocent people like Brook suffer inner crisis and what he is suffering is infact a neurological problem as a result of his over worries, this is true!He needs medical intervention, his dad shall act fast for his good as usuall:)!! አሪፍ ድራማ!!ጎበዞች!!!
  • ********* Added love it!!
  • tazabi Added i was trying to copy from domaw merkato sorry guys
  • tazabi Added i can say whatever i want @merkato grow up!!!!!!!!! doma!!!!!!! enchiche
  • Teferi M.ABAY Added here we go !!!!!! sosi if u want a dick i am here for u leave the gay alone!!!!! ande obviously ur place is in jail but up until that *** the teen well becouse lots of mastrbation is weating u in the jail!!!!!!and mesfene "eyebedh tankelafalh ende""" wake up man asnake is ***ind ur ass in the center!!!!!!! by the way very eager to see the neat epesod!
  • Mysticalethio Added This show is getting depressing :( the start was good and realistic but now its becaming like one of those day time shows which drags on and on and on lols so much exaggerations hope its goes back to being realistic :)
  • liya Added oh wowowowowow.... no word for this drama it's really cool. thanks guys to make this kind of movie and im glad to see it. love it..............
  • nafkot Added አሪፍና ተወዳጆች
    ትናፍካላችሁ ገና እሮብ እስኪመጣ
    መችስ ምን ይደረግ እወዳችሁአለሁ
  • Sel Added No comment, oh no I do...Brook needs to scale it down to a reality a bit because I am loosing interest as we speak... hope the right course of action will be taken so that the plot seems close to a reality than a fantasy world.
  • Grece Added ታምራት simote betame aziegn nebere but now I am looking his ghost. Tamirate kediramawe alewetame beyesaminetu yazinananale. He is so scary and funny I like it............1Q. Is he (loule)in love with Tsedey??????????OMG I can't wait until I see the next part.
  • hotttt Added Mulualem should retire beacuse she is too old,to solve problem!
  • @mercato Added you are nothing but an attention seeking loser.
  • cash Added @ mercato ; ante yemercato leba semt mesreq jemerk ?
  • mercato Added @ tihut,እዛው በምትስራበት ወጥቤት ቂጥክን በሹካ ነበር .... ''mercato'' is italy word ;English by English letter እስከጻፍኩ ድረስ ለምን በጭቅላቱ አይቆምም ቋንቋችን ስላልሆነ ::ለማንኛው የሁላችሁንም ስሜት ለመስረቅ ነበር ተሳክቶልኛል :ካስቀየምኩ ይሄው መካሻ www.amharicdictionary.com and click typing help .
  • teferi Added OMG!!! Realy i am enjoying this drama, it is becoming more suspensive than before, i can't wait. But u guys beware that when u give comments....as Sosi said "Mikir ina buxii lesechchiwu kelal naw"
    I always appreciate ato Asnake, today in absence of him it was a little bit boring.
  • Alejandro Added Im in
  • Amy Added @mimi, as per your request, let me point out your mistake, " i can learn form it, or rather from it"?
  • haywot Added I wish our world have so many firezer. Sosi i love how you talk and act. Ato Asnake so eveil and Beni also.
  • Amy Added @Merkato, yeaaaaaa, u r great, Habesha ppl, when you tell them the truth, they go nuts. "Mukecha Binchacha Beande Mukecha" alu Emma!
  • joe Added although i strongly hate the chase b\n tamirat and biruk the drama is getting attractive,cant wait till next week to see what would happen in biruk's family.
    and z other thing I
  • Mes Added tell the truth
  • Zeeeeee Added kemateru wuchi dramaw ...beka kesht new....beside de drama....readin ur comment ....is givin me a lots of fun guys.....mercato, tazabi an others....will be waitin yaa wz other funny moments....u guys rock!


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