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SewLeSew - [NEW] Ethiopian TV Drama - Part 2

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Added by Bini in SewLeSew TV Drama Other TV Drama



New Ethiopian Drama
Sew Lesew Drama Part 2

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  • asffa Added deseyelale
  • Awesome Added እት'ስ ኖት ትሃት ባድ እ እ ���አን ኢት ቾኡልድ በ ዎርሰ. ሪግህት? . . .
  • I am Added betam Astemari yehonne gerama new
  • Fasika Banned Added arife
  • wow Added i dont care this move should win some oscar for 2011.
  • kiko Added omg i'm so in love with it ... nicely done! keep up the good work!!!!!!!
  • Wondsne Gebiru Added Wow Betam Konjo But same Mistek
  • Demissie Added Majestic, I really like Asnake !! A new face but very artistic
  • gelila Added ኮንጆ ደራማ ነው
  • Selam Added ebakchiwin yehe kenedeb lay yemetbezutin kuli kenesu wubet ykensebachiwal
  • YETNAYET Added wow wow amazingly wonderful!! bertu bertu elahu
  • Esachew Added እረ ልቀቀው!!!!!! ልጁ መሞቱ ነው
  • ME Added @ ABESHAW አፈር ብላ አንተም ትበላለህ እንካን አርቲስቶችlol
  • TheObserver Added asnake...he is so graceful...dats called a MAN!!!!!
  • TheCop Added all r pros...like dat
  • ja Added ምነው lolet አስታየት ስት ተባልከ እንጂ ምናባ ነው ስለ ሞት የምታወራው አንተን ነበር አንቆ መግደል ደንቆሮ ውሻ ነገር ነህ
  • samri t Added ብስራት የነ ቆንጆ
  • Gegemaw Added The only bright side in this drama is the performance of the dude who plays Asnake. He was magnificent. Even when Sisadeb mareg alew lol. The actress who is playing Seni too is brilliant. Other than those positives, the drama in general sucks. Yetenzaza ena yetebetatene hasab and too much crying..
  • lolet Added ወንጀል የበዛበት ሆነ እሳ!!!
  • kaleab Added moyaw sihon yetefabat zeytena sikuar new buna 150 birr eyetgza nuro yibalal?
  • Dawit Added *** you the producer the movie doesn't work on iPhone .
  • hana.tsegaye93@gmail.com Added ምነው ሞት በዛ ግን ድምጹ ይታሰብበት
  • alem andarge Added ጀምሩ ትሩ ይመስላል
  • fikru Added ሰው ለሰው በታም ያምራል በርቱ
  • me Added memot ylelbachew sewoch eymotu new chkane bzabt
  • man alush Added ummmmm can someone say weirdoooo.
  • Samri Added I like the way they doing all actress in this drama, nice.
  • o Added wtf haha was really funny
  • eliyas Added lemen enshewawedalen film ayten sele sheger comment tadergaleh....!?
  • mimi Added what the heck. gira yegeba neger. yilik tenesna samegn!
  • BM Added አብዛኛው ህዝብ ከ እጅወደአፍ በሚኖር በት ሀገር ህዝቡ በዘረኛ አገዛዝ ስር በሚማቅቅብት በተመረጡ የገዥመደቦችን ፍላጎት እና እነሱየድረሱብትን የኑሮ ደርጃ ማየቱ አይጠምቅም \
    ሁላችንም ኢየምጣ ያለውን የዲሞክራሲ ቲግል እንቀላቅል
  • yesheger lij Added ምነው ድራማውን ገና ከጅምሩ ደም በደም አረጋችሁት.
  • shimels Added ድራማው አለቀ .....ያስታውቃል..ሲጀመር..ምን ድን ነው ሞት በዛ.....ርሀብ:ጦርነት:የመለ
  • Tet Added Meles Zenaw is the editor and directer, we all know he hates good ending. If not him, one of his partners in crime whom he assigned to spy on Ethiopians.
  • hope Added This is very sad, almost all Ethiopian writer like tragedy. Why not you write like 'semayaw ferse' which create some good thing young generation mind.
  • mebtenew Added 52*2=104 sewoch yimotalu "biyewalew bene yihunibign"ale sajin dokle
  • Hel Added yedramaw mecheresha nafekegen ......
  • Rich Added እንዴ ድራማው ባግዳድን መሰለኮ ከጂምሩ...ሆሆሆ


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