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SewLeSew - New Drama Season 2 Episode 2 - Part 28

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SewLeSew -
Drama Season 2 Episode 2 -
Part 28

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  • kasiye Added It is great drama,keep it up doing good job all of you;Besically, sew lesew is my foverite drama among all of ..Thanks fore shering us.
  • Gergish Added videeogaan beelo waaye.. Aniigaa somali waaye.....
  • Hiwot Banned Added Betam konjo new!
  • emyie Added I LOV YOU ASENAKE
  • yordanos Added betame yemigereme derama new bezu negere yasetemerale gene bakachu le ato asenake chekanawne kenese enedeyaderegewe negerute!!!!!!!!!!
  • negestakefeyalwu Added sosi btame mewdshe aketre nshe msfina btame aznekubehe mahelune eshi blate eneji asenaq dgemo ayebkaheme sew mbtebte
  • kibebew Added wow amezing drama new medi betam tewatolishal beteley asnake
  • hana ba Added sosina ina asnake abezachut
  • isaac Added betam des yeml derma new btley ato asnke tru new ketlbet
  • Xan-valxa Added አቦ ሶሲ ካፈቀሩ አይቀር እንዲ ነው እንጂ
    ግን ማነው ስሙ ያ ምኑ ይፈቀራል?????
  • Titi Added OmG
  • Tek Added i am proud of you Guys Keep it up.
  • pikollo Added Well done;Mesfine should stay away from Asneka immediately.Abortion is too late and could be dangerous,solution?????????????????Best ever drama.
  • hana Added sewlwsew is the BEST
  • mj Added nice movie i like it
  • kebede Added የት ያለ ጽንስ ነው እስከ አሁን ድረስ ምንም በሆድዋ የሚታይ ምልክት የለላት እንዳረግዘች ሆና ወራቶች አለፉ ትልቅ ስህተት አለበት ፊልሙ አሳማኝነቱ ቀንሰ
  • zare Added check this page, its really cool, you can find almost everything about Ethiopia on the Web.... www.Ethiopianlink.com
  • Guda ZeKazanchese(Mem.USA) Added WHAT A WONDERFUL DRAMA.
    Betelaye egna kebahere mado lalenewena hulegeze erucha lehonebene sewoche betame temeherte sechena azenagne newe.
    Samente kesamente lebe anteltayena webe dersete kene tewanyawochu.
    Yalfewe Gemena endeza asdestone seyalke (Gemena2 bechale endeyakomute yenegerachewe menume yemaysebena fere yelelew geze yeterefew newe yemyayew.)
    yehgnawew nemo SEW LE SEW tebelo metalne.
  • bl Added the sound system sucks
  • mimi Added ወይ ፍቅርና ሶስና!!
  • HELLE FROM DC. Added Interesting episode what kind of mother is she to say you have to do an abortion, she is so selfish I dont think she thinks about her daughter's well being, its very sad to hear that from your mother...I hope in real life ppl dont take this as serious thing and apply it....over all its was nice episode...except the mic..over the top of their head,,,
  • Love Added LOL what is wrong with sosena haha you have to woman up If you want your man to come to you. she is so funny though
  • Yesherlig Added C'mon Sewlesew producers this episode has sound truck can u repeat it or fix the problem for the next episode.
  • art lover Added MA..becareul for the script
  • Rohama bekele Added wow soo good drama betely.... derasiw mesfne getachew (moges)
  • . Added እባካችሁ የድምጽ ማጉያውን ነገር አንድ በሉን
  • ባለጌው Added ምን ይሄ : የ ኮርማ ኩበት!
  • ermias Added በናታችሁ ይህንን ድራማ ሁሉም ሰው አሪፍ ነው ብለው ሲያወሩ ሰምቼ ባየው, it's ***in' boring. what's interesting? poor performance[execpt ato asnake] and camera tech. so *** this drama and watch this film " legend of the fall, indecent proposal, the shewshank redemption, no country 4 old men, beautiful mind,band of brothers, forest gump, cast away,sleeping with enemy, gone with the wind, the god father, lord of the ring.
  • enaseb Added enate le leje lejo endeh telaleche beye befesome alegemetem ye felege neger benore teneshe alteganenem?
  • tamrat Added sitelalef yqoraretal
  • ye asnake mist Added asnyee i love you,,yene yeshemagele wenbeda,,
    yantene mechersha yasayege lol
  • eya Added you know guys i really like the movie but the advertizing post on that time make mad so plezzz try to minimize the advertizing posted.
  • woy sew Added don't worry asnake one day the truth will come out and you will die ok!!! I love mesfin, he is such a comitted, honest, faithful and loving husband. Be strong mesfin u will build your family once again; try to cope up with your problems being strong!!I agree in the world of love and marriage there should not be any secrete and lie!!!!
  • Zeru Added GADDAFI - You mean sodomized?.....You are sick man!!
  • Hadgu Araya Added እጂግ በጣም ግሩም ነው:: ስለዚህ በርቱ; ስራችሁ በዚህላይ እንዳያበቃ አደራ እላችዋለሁ::
    ሃድጉ አርአያ ካለሁበት::
  • abocher Added asnake ye gadafi eta bekerbu yideresehal !!!
  • MM Added Is it just me or does this video have sound issues?
  • Alpha Added TO

  • ISRAEL Added Medi, miskin tesekayech. ay asnake alemun hulu betebetew eko. setan
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