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SewLeSew - Drama Season 3 Part 61

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Added by Bini in SewLeSew TV Drama Other TV Drama



Drama Season 3 Part 61

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  • xyz Added xyz
  • hayelom Added ደስ ይላል::
  • tigist Added mede i like you.but i hate Ato Asnake.
  • yared wogayehu Added wow butifull drama for ever
  • LOVE Added አስናቀ ከዚህ በሃላ ማገገሚያውን ጬርሶ ወደ እስርቤት ስለሚሔድ የሱ ጉዳይ አልቆለታል. ማሃሉ ጉድሺ ስትቀባጥሪ እንዳትያዥ
  • TseyonN Added this episode just lives u hanging and i didn't get it & the inspecturs better find out wat happened or it's going 2 be complecated
  • Yepiassalej Added Mogay....Mogay.....Mogay....mogay......mmmmoo ogayy........Lmfao
  • me Added ውይ አቶ ምስፍን ምነካው? ደህና ሰው አልነበረም እንዴ እውንውትም የሰው ደህና የልም .....
  • belabu Added @genet ababal awkesh moteshal yedem genzeb kalebish keflesh tegelgey yane nithhinashin taregagichalesh......gebash
  • mushirit Added wts up Mesfin teregaga man
  • ababu Added በጣም የሚገርም ነገር ነው የምስፍኔ ነገር:: ግልጽ ተናግሮ ማገላገል እያለ የምን በተዝዋዋሪ ምዞር ነው::
  • Sofia Added Effffffffff
  • Daniboy Added What an illusion...the whole story became like immature fiction. Back to the reality ..touch the ground please. Don`t leave Ur audience for an illusion..the more U tried ,the more U will go far and find difficult for Ur departure. Use this advice to evaluate urself,
    free of charge and will benefit more.Thanks
  • genet Added Endait dese yemel ababal Yedeme genzebe teilik tergume endalew megenzebhe lelochem endegenzebu yetkumal ewnet ena "kumnegeryzele, ababal ye ameto Ababal" bebal tegebe new thnaks.sew le sew tsahfee.
  • cici Added yezarw yedbral wast time
  • I am King Added opss to much now, i didnt like it today episode.
  • jerry Added so borrin'
  • asnake Added The lion of terror at Asnake must recover and return to his kingdom to improve the rating of this drama.
  • din din Added i can see this drama is boring with out Asnake (
  • addisu Added በታም ደስ የሚል ነው የዛርየ
  • Abush Added ይህንን ድራማ በጉጉት ከሚከታተሉ ተመልካቾች አንዱ ስሆን በዚህ ክፍል ላይ ያየሁትን ስህተት አይቶ ማለፍ አስፈላጊ ስላልሆነ እና ለወደፊቱ ትምህርት ይሆናል በማለት ይህንን መላ ይባል ብያለው"...መኪናዬ ውስጥ ታስሬ ፀሐይ እና ብርድ እየተፈራረቀብኝ ጠበኹ ጠበኹ ጠበኹ"
  • bahirdar Added abeat mesfin yesew dahena yealew.
  • Yigermal Added አሁንስ ሰለቸኝ:: ምነው ወሬ ባይበዛ?
  • Maegaw Added ayeeeeeeeee ahunes astela! echeeeeee yemogn neger!
  • Teddy fan Added put asnakye back on track. Mesfin is kind man that u can say geture. I love Mahlu.
  • filflu Added megmer neg hehe 1best
  • andega Added yeeee
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