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SewLeSew - Drama Season 3 Episode 80 - Part 80

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Added by Bini in SewLeSew TV Drama Other TV Drama



Drama Season 3 Episode 80 - Part 80

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  • sime_best@yahoo.com Added ሰው ለሰው እንዲህ ነው . . . ይገርማል
  • Dawit Abera Added That was Biruk's best performance so far!!
  • marie Added አሪፍ ነው ያምራል
  • ayidefer gebru Added wow i am getting too much lesson from your continuous TV drama i appreciate all actors and actress especially mesfin,mulalem,medi. i am watching from internet from DALLAS,TX. I admire you so much.I always to watch your lovely drama every week go ahead.thank you.
  • Yigermal Added Ewnet, It's not diretube's fault. Part 81 wasn't transmitted by ETV.
  • Ewnet Added Please!please!please! be cosistetnt on the timlely posting/realeasing of this drama. What is your problem Dire Tube?
  • FAST Added Know its so much boring.
  • Tseyon Added It was funny when burik said you really look like a killer!But it is sad and i hope that he is going to be ok! Sosina's character is getting annoying and i think she is getting too crazy about the wedding. Masanites mom sucks for putting burik in danger. Mesfin is a really nice guy!
  • Tseyon Added It waz funny when burik said you really look like a killer! But it is sad and i hope that he is going to be ok! Character is getting annoying and i think she is getting too crazy about the wedding. Medanites mom sucks for getting burik in trouble. mesfin is a really nice guy!
  • Fkire Added Brook zare tewatolhal .ye sosi part yidebral .temuazezech.Liya fetnesh Asnaken agalchiw .beterefe dramaw ye hiwotn weta wred yastemral.
  • evana Added thank you sosi.
  • mesele Added ድራማው በጣም ደስ ይላል ነገር ግን የነ ሶስና ፓርት ብዙ የማይከሰትና የተጋነነ ስለሆነ እንዲሁም ከነ አስናቀ ፓርት ግር በሞገስ ምክንያት ካልሆነ በስተቀር ሁለት ፓርት ያለው እንደሆነ ግልጥ ነው የነርሱ ብዙ ባይጎላ ጥሩ ነው::
  • gizachew belayneh Added i am starting to hate character of sosina...betam amuazezachihuat...mogesin lemasiqenat bemidereg tiret wist mogesin melemen...megemeria masqenatua successfull mehon yalebet yimesilegnal...
  • sosi gandya Added Sosi gandeya honech lol
  • abduye yimam Added betame eiyamare new yasenake neger yasetilale
  • hani Added really im tired of sosi's part pls get her out of here
    nd try to finish z drama
  • daad Added yeh drama siyalk, sentochu tewnyan endeweledu lemawek guaguaw. coz Lia is pregenant. kezhi befit dramaw sijemer be hikemena setet sew yegedelechew and ye sosi friend. 4gnawa man tehone? demo ye freezer wife yet tefach?
  • pretty Added I can't understand the aim of the Drama, it's already miss the target.
  • wedi -ERI Added Asnaken selalayehut betam azenalewhu. beterefe betam dese yelale. PLEASE DON't STOP.
  • ke Added moteh new yetenesahew.... lol
  • ephrem fantahun Added betam yamral des eyelegn new yemayew bezalay erob eskiders egagalehu wow
  • Barkot Added ድራማው አሁንም ቆንጆ ነው,የማህሉና ባለቤትዋ ፓርት በጣም ደስ ይላል::ሶሲን በጣም አደንቃታለሁ: አሁን ግን ደራሲው የማያሳምንና ለዛ የሌለው ስራ ነው የስጣት::የቅናትዋ አካሄድ ታኣማኒነት የለውም::የብሩኬ የስካሩ ዜማ ያምራል...
  • Sewi Added It is a very nice dram i like it very much but its getting board pls pls pls try to finish it.
  • cincy Added We 8eed another 80 more weeks….you guys are doing awesome job…good writers and best actors….anybody who does not like the way this drama is going … please quit bitching about it and stop watching it…fools
  • sose demeke Added i feel so bad for bruke. he is a nice person
  • mk Added betam yedbral tenzaza eyn mechwach hon
  • kk Added "besentu libetbet alech besso" lol
  • naod Added በሩክ ይሞታል ትሞታለች አስናቀ ነጻ ይውጣል በሚቀጥለው ሳምንት ድራምው ያልቃል ባይ ተምልካቾች
  • NISS Added Omg i love it,beruke betaref yeshalehal ewnete new moto yetenesa new mimeslew lol
  • kkkk Added so nice drama
  • olalalala Added i like the way brook acted on this episode>>>> he has been doing such faulty game all a time but he got it done awesome today. Personal suggestion for Brook: dude u should get drunk every day in your life; u look great and happy when u do this.....i got tired of hearing ur cry, seeing frown....just a character and take a place of loser or blablaaa....
  • Genet Added MINALE ahuin ye gedayouin menesat mecheresha betasauoin noro eske10 ken endaseb bataregugh. minhono yehon mechereshawe ye zehelij gedelote kehone derasew chekaghnew selzhe adera endategeliut mot erasu yemuit asnken new matefat yehayin hulu yefterewin.belu yemktelewein tolo asayouin be MARIAM.
  • Yonas Added This is getting childish, cut Sosna's part out.
  • sami Added motek new yetenesakew lololololol
  • Bellisima Added another yetenzaza episode, I'm really fed up with Sosi's character she used to be funny but now she takes everything as a joke, this is the first episode without Asnake..."mekeraw yebeza drama" when are we gonna see one happy single episode??
  • advice Added pls Atesadebu great drama new.
  • jjjj Added 'moteh new yetenesahew' lol bruke
  • soforeal Added Andebet.com is awesome, thanks diretube
  • Lazy Added Kool Drama
  • hi Added enatachundegna tihune yeachu ae
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