A Visit to Capital Hotel and Spa

Semonun Addis

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A Visit to Capital Hotel and Spa
Semonun Addis

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  1. abel
    1 year, 9 months ago

    EBS please tell your dumb journalist at least to smile for the service, she got no sense of humor , you got to do better than ETV, don’t be such a ***. train ,direct, and organize your people. if i see her with such attitude , i’ll obliged not watch ebs any more.
  2. hiwot
    2 years ago

    what is wrong with the lady?

    she does not look exited when they show her around all this things. she needs to remember she went there to promote the business.
  3. jjjj
    2 years ago

    sad to admit but journalism is so poor back home. its either they know too much about the guest and dont give enough chance to speak or they know too little and run out of ideas. as of the hotel looking forward to stay at it in my next trip. keep us posted tho nonethless about new hotels and club for diaspora. yemechachu!!
  4. abo
    2 years ago

  5. ethio
    2 years ago

    Aden berhane! excellent job ,i told my friends in california to visit capital hotel.Aden you have a unique style intoduction,which is Ethiopian.
  6. Dan
    2 years ago

    Poor presentation.
  7. simon
    2 years ago

    she is a kind of lazy / lack of effort /
  8. liya demelash
    liya demelash
    2 years ago

    ሆቴሉ በጣም ጥሩ ሆኖ ሳለ፤ጥሩ ባልሆነ አቀራረብ ነው የቀረበው። ሴትዬዋ ጥረት አድርጋለች ግን "ሁሉን ነገር አውቀዋለው ግን እንደው ለመጠየቅ ያህል ነው 'act' የማደርገው" የምትል ነው የምትመስለው። ሰዎቹን እንደው ነው ስራ ያስፈታቻቸው
  9. frank
    2 years ago

    270 birr is a month salary of somebody with family, only weyane and diaspora can afford 270 birr for one meal. I will not spend 270 birr for one meal in Ethiopia even if i am rich, my conscience doesn't allow me when millions of my people struggling for one meal a day, I rather give 270 birr to homeless person. looter weyanes millionaires over night.
  10. addisgirl
    2 years ago

    What is wrong with u z bar manager u shouldn't give out your secret recipe of the "Capital Macchiato", @simen the price is fare what do u talking about it's 270 birr not $. but over all it seems such a nice & luxury hotel.
  11. shewangizaw
    2 years ago

    If this amount of money was Investing in agriculture, it would be a lot to the country.this is only for the western spies enjoyment.but i appreciate for spending the money in side the country.
  12. SIMEN
    2 years ago

    $270 birr for just for lunch only! Imagine if you stay one night , your bill add up over $1000birr.
  13. ron
    2 years ago

    arife neber Hotel ageren biasadig...there's no real focus on on economic justice and tackling poverty in weyanes world..go figure
    2 years ago

    Hotelu betam wub new. Endetelefabet yastawukal. Kir yalegn Astewawakiwa :-( She does not look exsited as if she has lived inside for years.

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Artist: Semonun Addis
Video title: A Visit to Capital Hotel and Spa