Setenet - Being a Women [NEW! Video Clip]

Sayat Demissie

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Setenet - Being a Women [NEW! Video Clip].

Sayat Demissie

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  1. Ethiopia
    9 months ago

    The true is All singer DOESN'T have to be perfect because trying will make it perfect or also Unique from other.
    Know that :
    Practice make perfect!!! Good Luck 4 everyone.
    Good sound. :) :/ :)
  2. lijit
    1 year, 10 months ago

  3. sayat
    1 year, 10 months ago

    u ugly bitch sayat ur music is cool but u shut f*** up plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. amy
    1 year, 10 months ago

    now ur so nice .and now u look like ethiopian girl goodjanp sayat .do u have boyfriend ?
  5. Sime gina new
    Sime gina new
    2 years ago

    Another wonderful song Sayat....Love It!!
  6. ddi
    2 years ago

    boring............ its not your real voice auto tuned like robot
  7. I love music
    2 years ago

    i love u
  8. maryam
    2 years ago

    i like this music
  9. MM
    2 years ago

    Love this girl and her creativity but I really don't like her voice ... Auto tuned like crazy!! Machine yemizefen new yemimeslew.
  10. kulla
    2 years ago

    man i always want to *** this bitch
  11. SHAFT
    2 years ago

    ´´Behind every great man there’s a great woman´´ .....Me like the music and sexy S.Demissie ;-)
  12. daniellld
    2 years ago

    ሳያት ብዙወቹ ሙዚቃወች አንድ አይነት ዜማ አላቸው ለምንድን ነው?
  13. Ethio
    2 years ago

    በሷ ቤት እኮ ሙዚቃ ተጫውታ ልቧ ውልቅ ብሏል . ይህችን ልጅ ግን ምናለ የሚነግራት ሰው ጠፋ ? ሙዚቃ እኮ በግድ አይደለም . የማን ናት ሞልቃቃ በጌታ ስታስጠላ . እዛው በልማዷ እየተነጨች ሞዴል ምናምን የሚለውን ብትቀጥልበት ይሻላታል ሙዚቃ የሷ ችሎታ እና ቦታዋም አይደለም.
  14. Roger Troutman
    Roger Troutman
    2 years ago

    wow betam konjo new yegebanale!!!
  15. Addis
    2 years ago

    @ Be Positive
    Oh My! how come I didn't think of that :-) you are absolutely right, I always should think Positive
    2 years ago

    "One ? what is the purpose of the black tape on your fingers? Michael Jackson do that because his skin is coming off...... Alica Key Hair due look nice on you. Be yourself you are beatiful as Sayat.
    I like the Lyric."

    The black tape is to signify that girls usual cut their fingers when they cut onions. I think that makes more sense!
    2 years ago

    Sayat is a smart girl, she seems to know what she is doing more than any of us people just commenting and degrading others all the time. She might not have a great voice, but she is being effect with what she already have. I don't even think her target is you old ass idiots here being negative and pulling all that crap. Maybe, this is targeted to kids or teens. STOP BEING NEGATIVE!
  18. tesfaye leta
    tesfaye leta
    2 years ago

    nice idea !
  19. LINA
    2 years ago

    በትክክል ይህ ለ አባባ ተስፋዪ ነው ሚገባው ቆንጆ አልበዛም እንዲ እረባክሽ ቢዮንስን አትሁጝብን በቃ በ ፊልሙ አየንሽ አሁንስ ደበርሽጝ ብጥኣም
  20. lazy doll
    lazy doll
    2 years ago

    i really want to make a music video for sayat she is brilliant
  21. amy
    2 years ago

    sayt ur beautiful smart i can't belive how The univesrse gave u everything and am glad u know how to use it..u remind me of Angelina a women am proud off u..dont leason to the haters specialy women there just jelous....i love u big fun..may God bless u..
  22. በጣም ጐበዝ
    በጣም ጐበዝ
    2 years ago

    በጣም ጐበዝ
  23. ashenafi
    2 years ago

    ሳያት በጣም ከማደንቃቸው ሰዎች አንዱ አንቺ ነስ::and also i like your voice to much for the next time be fast make your song perfectly .And i you need written paper i will give u .I wish to you every best things. ፍቅር
  24. ayne
    2 years ago

    d best video i ever seen
  25. danny
    2 years ago

    sayatiye yene konjo ur doing good i love ur style and creativity on ur videos but i think u need to work on ur voice a lil bit just to make it sound softer and better and please take this positively.
  26. Ke admas bashager
    Ke admas bashager
    2 years ago

    ምንም አይልም::
  27. Addis
    2 years ago

    One ? what is the purpose of the black tape on your fingers? Michael Jackson do that because his skin is coming off...... Alica Key Hair due look nice on you. Be yourself you are beatiful as Sayat.
    I like the Lyric.
  28. Asteyayetu
    2 years ago

    Well done! The song sounds okay, the message is fine...but please please do not distort our language, amharic...say ረን 'irre' is not necessary to sing as if you are singing English.
  29. ENE
    2 years ago

    good job sayatye!!
  30. Shit Music
    Shit Music
    2 years ago

    It sucks a million.
  31. musicforsoul
    2 years ago

    I regret the lyrics are the best and her sound is the poorest I ever heard in my life. What kind of Amharic is that. It sound exactly grade 2 little girls singing in their music class. SMH
  32. Me
    2 years ago

    when we say education is key for all this problems.
    just complain it doesn't take as any where.
    This is not only Ethiopian problems it's allover in the world problems.
  33. Rewi amhara  Eritrawi
    Rewi amhara Eritrawi
    2 years ago

    All Ethiopian people not proud of their culture they borrow anything from America or Europa and Ethiopia is one of the world's poor countries
  34. hiwot
    2 years ago

    what't wrong with sayat evry time whene i watch here music video here perfomans become low and low i don't see any diffrent frome the other music sayat please bring that energy like tew manhe tew mnhe song i stile love u but i dont like this song!
  35. KIA
    2 years ago

    Good song but you need to speak proper Amharic, not just syilly way, say it in the right way. I be your family are Amhara, so speak Amharic, else what ever their tribe is speak it in proper way. You messed up your message and the song, PLEASE!!!
    2 years ago

    seweche mekrwate ebakacuhe yehe zefne syhone sed nebabenew!!!!
  37. eskindir
    2 years ago

    yenne konjo wodeshalaw
  38. Tebeka
    2 years ago

    Ato Abebe you don't put any one down like tht who are u man? music is a learning proccess and its a great song n u can say something her vocal is up or down or something but u CANNOT shut down like tht....
  39. abeba belaw
    abeba belaw
    2 years ago

    please learn something which helps for you life , i want to tell you that Music is not like this , why you spent your time by defining and redefining of words and concepts which is irrelevant for you life what i mean you may earn money by singing but you will know at the end you lose your time .


Artist: Sayat Demissie
Video title: Setenet - Being a Women [NEW! Video Clip]
Category: Amharic Songs
Views: 27,286

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