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In 1962 Former President Nelson Mandela secretly travelled to Ethiopia for military political and spiritual training under the name of David Motsamai. Haile Selassie's Ethiopian army, on the orders of Haile Selassie himself first trained and armed Nelson Mandela in his struggle against apartheid South Africa.

On the personal orders of his Majesty, the Ethiopian Colonel in charge of Mandela's military training gave him a gun with which he was to bring down the ignoble and unhappy apartheid regime still thriving at that time in South Africa. Mandela went back to South Africa to continue his struggle. The rest is history.

One of the things that Madiba recently learned is that while he was in Ethiopia , the aparheid government knew where he was and had paid his menders to kill him.We are joined now by Captain Guta Dinka who not only looked after Madiba while he was in Ethiopia but was ordered to kill Madiba. He is with Prof Mamo Muchie who will do the translation for us.

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  • Dmpboy

    Are you related to Abraha Zenawi? You must remember crime is not inherited. Abraha probably a city boy doesn't have a high moral ground to support the cuase of Madiba. That is it.

    Back to the story, do you think the Mandela foundation and film makers invest on the movie of "assisination attempt on Mandela" just by trusting the Person who saved him. Do u think they are led by dictators?

  • what a shame

    Whats wrong with the shame, unethical and ***...

  • lambadina

    I think, it is possible to investigate the story, the root of the story is in south Africa, the foreign office of south Africa at the time or secret agents must have records of their jobs.

  • lambadina

    The translation has been edited cut off the Amharic version to save time.

    But, the story sounds sketchy? The fact that they did not inform Mandela who and who were looking after his well being kept secret from him as if they were spying on him, but the enemy found out not only whereabouts Mandela was kept but also identified the individual soldiers who were assigned to protect Mandela secretly.

    And, the fact that king Haile Selassie was kept in the dark about the whole assassination attempt made on the special guest Mandela remains a mystery.

    And, the only alive witness to the story is the story teller himself.

    Either the story is true and some individual soldiers accepted the money but could not carry out the mission for different reasons, or, made up story.

  • TS

    The Professor is asked to translate the conversation. He was not asked to tell the story. May be the Professor is so well educated that he can not translate Amharic to English hahaha . Our intellectuals ego sometime suck. He thinks he got the spot light. Shame on you Professor of know nothing.