Adera [NEW! Music Video]

Mahmoud Ahmed and Gossaye Tesfaye

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Mahmoud Ahmed and Gossaye Tesfaye
Adera [NEW! Music Video]

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  1. Samuiel alagaw
    Samuiel alagaw
    2 years ago

    Wow yamral
  2. daniel
    2 years ago

    Mohamed ahmed the legend, the best in the world, mesfin abebe very classic, gosaye tesfaye the son of music
  3. Selam EThiopia
    Selam EThiopia
    2 years ago

    Gash mahumod!!!!betam, betam,betam ye Edme injeran betam atafteh belteh ahun GERMAMOGES yagenghbet zemen ymslal ENKWAN ADRESEH!!! Gossaye!!! berrrrta elalhung ADRAN eystawesk teru sera eyserah Ethiopian semwan betru eystrah Egziabhiren temasneh yehywet injeran antem belteh germamoges tageng zend menjoti new.
  4. yonas
    2 years ago

    ገታሚ ዪልማ ገብረአብ ሁሌም ስራህ አስገራሚ ነው ገና ብዙ እንተብካለን.
  5. buchu
    2 years ago

  6. wondimu
    2 years ago

    waw i like it
  7. akliu Abrha
    akliu Abrha
    2 years ago

    This is what an artist should have 2 done. thank you all my dears to produce & give us this type of sensational and art based song. special thanks for "YILMA G.AB , GASH MEHAMOOD & GOSAYE".
  8. selamawit  Honelign
    selamawit Honelign
    2 years ago

    Nice song
  9. lala Atnafu
    lala Atnafu
    2 years ago

    Wow, it is nice, i like it.
    2 years ago

    ewnet ewnete elehalehu gossity adreahen betbela mere almerehem haha lol
  11. cincy
    2 years ago

    everything good loved job... but audio and picture is not perfect
  12. Dani men
    Dani men
    2 years ago

    Very sensational song ..... Thank You Gash Mohmuod, you are one of great gifted Ethiopian singer . Thank again
  13. Eyassu
    2 years ago

    I Can't Stop Listening This Music
  14. ethiopia2014
    2 years ago

    respect our beloved, all times legend and loyal to mama Ethiopia, long live Gash Mohmoud Ahmed.
  15. Legend
    2 years ago

    I am speechless ... Great to see Gash Mahamoud after a while
  16. Lisboa
    2 years ago

    far better than the tikur sew thing
  17. Sinte
    2 years ago

    Love it, Gash Mahmoud Edmekene yarzemline, Gossaye bezew ketele
  18. betty
    2 years ago

    gosya endat endamewadek eko yasefar lig
  19. Hamzia
    2 years ago

    Oh my god you make me cry that's awesome!
  20. Canada
    2 years ago

    Eritrea, you are an example of Eritrian who will be soon a part of Ethiopia, we are one ppl& one blood. woyane and shabia destroying our nation. we used to be a big Ethiopia with two port now we left with hate between us. god bless the Gteat Ethiopia which include Eritrea.
  21. unknown
    2 years ago

    Nice one.
    Dear Mahmoud and Gossaye, May GOD give you long and life. Amen
  22. quame
    2 years ago

    Just "Beautiful"
  23. seme lelalew
    seme lelalew
    2 years ago

    Keep it up gossaye ur sound very good thats the only thing i heard from the music only ur voice
  24. Ethiopia lezelalem tenur
    Ethiopia lezelalem tenur
    2 years ago

    Lante ahult lekomlh yegbal gash Mahmud yetztaw Negus.
  25. yonas
    2 years ago

    rega belo leseles yale good job
  26. Eritrea
    2 years ago

    Awsem Awsem Awsem.........respect for legend Gash Mehamud
  27. Daniel
    2 years ago

    It would be good if it was with female artist but nevertheless great one we love you Mahamoud!!!
  28. Ezana
    2 years ago

    Amazing ! God bless Ethiopia & its people.
    The legendary Mohaoud is getting really old ..

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Artist: Mahmoud Ahmed and Gossaye Tesfaye
Video title: Adera [NEW! Music Video]