Interview with Getachew Eshetu and Goyetom Teka

Life In America

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Interview with Getachew Eshetu and Goyetom Teka
Life In America

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  1. Joro Yale yesma!
    Joro Yale yesma!
    11 months, 1 week ago

    Thank you to Both Fathers! and I would like to say Joro Yalew Yesma!!!
  2. tedy
    1 year ago

    I know this man with the 40yrs out of country he dont say hi to ethiopian all is he is chain smoker!
  3. Zewditu
    1 year ago

    Ene American legubegnt betam ewedewalehu, lenuro gen lekefu telatem alemegnewm. Getta yetebeken whulachenenem
  4. Yessew yelem mogne!
    Yessew yelem mogne!
    1 year ago

    @kertataw guregna. You are right. An ordinary person lives way better than the Ethios in America. Whether they live in America or back home, they are still poor. In America, it is hidden because be beder betna mekina libs megzat hechelalu, Ethiopia gen aydebekem mekneyatum bedr yelem lehulum. I have to be honest, I REALLY feel sorry for Ethios in America, truly sad people. Sedet keffu newe!
  5. zmm nawo
    zmm nawo
    1 year ago

    i like ur program keep it up.hubesa gura selamwode ewonatwo endawota ayfalgame basdate,bga ybka sdate hagerachen yalwo ywoku ,wode huger bate sthadwo atguraru plezzzzz
  6. kertataw guregna
    kertataw guregna
    1 year ago

    wey gud! yemigerm comment new! yemogn tiyakie? now a day these diaspora's become unveiled in every aspect of their life. an ordinary person in addis live a better life than these trash. meseded emiyakorabet gize yigermal!!!
  7. Yessew yelem mogne!
    Yessew yelem mogne!
    1 year ago

    Have you heard this song Samson?
  8. samson
    1 year ago

    ጥያቄውን please ሆን ብላችሁ ተከታተሉት የምኝ ጥያቄ ነው የሚጠይቀው : እሄ ሙያ ለሌ ላ ሰው ቢያስረክብ ይሻለዋል አለዚያ ምሳቅያ መሳለቅያ ነው የሚሆነው እሄ ምኝ


Artist: Life In America
Video title: Interview with Getachew Eshetu and Goyetom Teka
Category: Life in America EBS TV
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