Life in America - Ethiopian Man's Life in American Street - [Must Watch]


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Life in America
Ethiopian Man's Life in American - [Must Watch]

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  • kadeja

    Its sad to see this brother on the street

  • Mizan

    Well, obviously this guy has a problem and he will not tell us but it is not about the law or bla bla bla, however, I have seen a number of Ethiopian homeless in US streets and believe me they're not hungry b/c there're places give out food & shelter, however, most of them have drug/criminal problem & that is hard to fix by an Ethiopian but it may not be his problem but the law apply equal 4 all

  • Sophia

    The "secret" US law this poor guy could be referring to is that of announcing the availability of good jobs but "secretly" and systematically giving those jobs to the true citizens (people born/raised in the US) thereby forcing foreigners ('naturalized' citizens) to do low-paying, dead end or dangerous jobs like Taxi.

  • Sophia

    This is what I keep saying but so many Ethiopians in Ethiopia are not getting it. The reason the US gives visa lottery is for people from 3rd world countries to come to the US to fill jobs that white americans do not want, either because it is too dangerous (like taxi driving) or too low-paying (like nurse assistant at nursing homes, baby sitting, waiter, security, parking attendant, cook, etc)

  • Ethiopia

    What is the big deal to see one or few Ethiopians becoming homeless? DON'T we have half of Ethiopians homeless on their own country? I say this to you, shut up and look for a job! Take me as an example, came here never spoke English and had to start from scratch,,, Even though, i don't live the best life like those wealthy people. However, I am as happy as i can be! GOD Bless America!