Misteru [NEW! Official Music Video]

Kuku Sebsebe

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Artists: Kuku Sebsebe

Song Title: Misteru [NEW! Official Music Video]
Director: Yared Shumete
Camera: Habtamu Setegn

Adika Communication and Events

Kuku Sebsebe

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  1. Tewled 1945
    Tewled 1945
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Kuku webit Ethiopiawet!!!germamogesun Egziabhir setoshal mert edmi lay new yaleshew Brchi!!!!
  2. Gorgeous
    1 year, 11 months ago

    Kukuye...your voice is golden! It never changes. One thing you need to change is stop putting eye shadows. Also please stop wearing hair extensions or weaves. It makes you look cheap and ghetto. Stay natural as you are naturally a beauty. Oh...and stop eating too much, I see you're gaining weight. Stay slim like your dancers and you will be one gorgeous lady!
  3. helen
    2 years ago

    nice song kuku
  4. Danie
    2 years ago

    ያገራችን ሙዚቃ ነብሱ ኩኩየ አንች ነሽ. ሁላም ፊቅር ነሽ
  5. wondubekele
    2 years ago

    Kuku u are best.I Like ur music so much!
  6. wondubekele
    2 years ago

    Kuku u are best.I Like ur music so much!
  7. ጩሉሌ
    2 years ago

    አሪፍ ዘፋኝ ነሽ ግን መደነስ አትቺይም እሄ ሁሉ ልምድ ኖሮሽ ደም ቀንሺ ዱባ ሆንሽ
  8. Foket
    2 years ago

    ወንድም: በል: አርፈህ: ኩኩ: zፈን:: ኩኩ ���ፈን እና ጆክ:: እዛ: ከ: አታክልቱ: ቦታ::
  9. Foket
    2 years ago

    KUKU Zፈን::
  10. shewa
    2 years ago

    good job
  11. ፍቅርተ
    2 years ago

    ኩኩዬ እረ ምንድነው ሚስጥሩ እንዲህ ልጅ የሆንሽበት? የሰው ፍቅር ይሆን..
  12. gebe ou geda
    gebe ou geda
    2 years ago

    one of the best melod for us.
  13. meti
    2 years ago

    ኩኩ ሁልግዜ ቆነጆ ዘፈን ትዘፍናለች አሷም ሁልግዜ ቆንጆ ናት!!!
  14. Nani
    2 years ago

    is this Kuku's clip or Edna Mall's commercial?
  15. ያን ቀን
    ያን ቀን
    2 years ago

    kuku, a classic artist.
  16. mesfin
    2 years ago

    kuki is one of our best artist who scarifies for this profession. At early age, singing was one of disrespected professions in Ethiopia .It is called Azmar but Kuki was the one of the very first artist can rejected her Owen family and became the best artist.
    we always love you !
  17. kuku
    2 years ago

    I love you kukuya moksha
  18. yeti
    2 years ago

    kukuye love u
  19. Ke admas bashager
    Ke admas bashager
    2 years ago

    Nice video editing & showcasing of our capital!
    Kuku Sebsbe secured her place in history alongside Dr. Tilahun Gesesse and Buzuye! I can safely say that she's a living legend!
  20. eth
    2 years ago

    I love Kuku!!!!!
  21. Hadgu
    2 years ago

    Kuku is best singer at the same time she able to adapt modernity with out distorting our tradition.Please keep it up!!!
  22. me
    2 years ago

    this is amazing kukuye , we love you. clip wooww number one
  23. Robel
    2 years ago



Artist: Kuku Sebsebe
Video title: Misteru [NEW! Official Music Video]
Category: Amharic Songs
Views: 64,663

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