Interview With Artist Nesanet Melse - Part 1

Jossy in Z House Show

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Interview with Artist Nesanet Melse - Part 1
Jossy in Z House Show

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  1. MM
    1 year, 10 months ago

    JOSSY I think you have found our niche, great job!! Betam gobezehal.
  2. babu
    2 years ago

    konjo new gin your hair???????
  3. Mimi
    2 years ago

    love this show bertaaaa
  4. Feisel seid
    Feisel seid
    2 years ago

    I'm waiting 4along time zis show, coz i love jossy and his job, he is doing well,
  5. Fozeya sani
    Fozeya sani
    2 years ago

    Jossy I love your hair and your show are sweet. Fo to Riyadh .
  6. Fozeya sani
    Fozeya sani
    2 years ago

    Harif newe Jo. I love it.!!!
  7. unknown
    2 years ago

    My friend first congra on the launch of your talk show. everything seems to be great but i would kindly like to comment on one thing since criticism is important if made in a decent manner.
    your hair: mostly gay guys have your kind of hair cut here in U S so pls have a proper hair cut since you are hosting a talk show aired on the national level.
  8. alem
    2 years ago

    betam arif inameseginalen
  9. Mintesinot
    2 years ago

    Ende josy show tegemere ende ?
  10. atatklti
    2 years ago

    great showe but chnge u r hair style bro yastelale sorry to say zt
  11. ras abel
    ras abel
    2 years ago

    በታም አሪፍ ነው jossy
  12. bambina-11
    2 years ago

    jossy betam betam betam betam milewn word tabezaleh beterfe berta :)
  13. Ahmed abdu
    Ahmed abdu
    2 years ago

    Jossi, we love you. you are the best and we love you show.
  14. kera sefer
    kera sefer
    2 years ago

    I really like nesanet, so sweet. but, guys ur comment about jossy, what's wrong with his hair cut? it's nice and suit him as well. who are u in the first place to give the bloody comment. this is personal interest, as long as his doing his job properly, just leave the guy alone man. GOD
  15. jjjj
    2 years ago

    wel done josi again n nice videos
  16. jjjj
    2 years ago

    jossy well done n she is real class , beauty and talented
  17. Mini
    2 years ago

    Good job, Jossy. Keep up the good work. Kudos!
  18. JUDI
    2 years ago

    arif new berta!!!!
  19. cobelstone
    2 years ago

    lemen hair cut ke national team player getaneh kebede aykorejem.
  20. MIMI
    2 years ago

    i lough so hard when first i saw his hair style
  21. tigist
    2 years ago

  22. hiwot
    2 years ago

    jossy you are doing a great job the first Ethiopian singer being journalist keep the great job.

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Artist: Jossy in Z House Show
Video title: Interview With Artist Nesanet Melse - Part 1