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Gemena 2 - Second Chapter Gemena Drama - Part 59

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  • enqu Added እኔ የሚለው ነገር የለም
  • samra Added you naw is bad drama
  • kaleab Added ስህድጋኢይ ልችህልስ ስይድግ;አኡ ች ችቢው7 ይ ው79ጝሕዽጽ
  • Feleke Mammo Banned Added why melat, tesema, roman and etc. do not come to their part in drama since their parts of drama were on the way of forgotten.but their parts have high value when we come to the society. especially melat's and tesema's parts are important strongly. so, since their part were not finished please, return them to their parts. If the do not comeback to their part, the drama will become boring and borin
  • MEZZI Added tarei I like ur honesty keep in touch pls, its true u r the good one but don't revange them cuz I dont wnn you stay in prison the rest of ur life becouse of these bad people.
  • Abel Added lol@ kechin ketero
  • parasite Eritrean Added the problem is this is ethiopian web site not parasite eritrean, the best place for parasite eritran is sahara desert, to sell their kidney, for God sake, get rid of those cancer and wherever they are parasite, you are symbol of love to ethiopian only, not to those italian slave parasite eritrean.
  • Lily Added ere suspense..... If lemlem is not in the drama it's the end of it . hopefully the won't kill her .
  • abte abte Added ia m first ante beqel awerje
  • beriyam Added i love the guy said "yepolice yalhe "hahahah ye getachew buchela!!!
  • oooops Added Rest In Hell….Lemlem,….Dagi…watch out
  • love ethiopa Added this is the best one and fune wow I wish I am in ethiopa.
  • san jose Added lemelem gobez nate ,,,,,,,,,,
  • d Added mindnew negeru?

    Temeto aydelem endae? Kehaylegna enklf endetenesa new act eyarege yalew... yemaytamen
  • @ toby Added Toby,
    Thanks for policing us.
  • Toby Added Dear drama viewers I don’t think most of you don’t understand what really comment means, well let me put it this way comment contains only two things ( A) positive about the drama (B)negative about the drama.
    If you like the drama write good thing about it, hardworking people can encouraged with it, or if you may be don’t like or saw some mistakes be open and tell the truth they can correct it an
  • Lilly Added I don't think this drama will ever end. It's getting complicated!!!!!
  • Bitu Added ወይ ጉድ ግራ አጋባችሁን እኮ!
  • Kr.Peninsula Added @Kr. peninsula,
    you know me am always online man! I miss your row fella, keep in touch. lol
  • hani Added where is melat tesema roma yosef yemilat friend ..............
  • @Kr. peninsula Added I didn't know you're on line, hahahahaha...
  • @Kr. peninsula Added I'm the third, mo' fu cker, hahahaha...
  • Kr.Peninsula Added wow! bullshit am third.
  • hyer Added wow love it. 2nd
  • hani Added am the first enjoy it
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