Virginity and Youth Life

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ETV Special

Virginity and Youth Life

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  1. virgin?
    2 years, 2 months ago

    ሸርሙጣ ሁላ:: እንቺ ቂንጥራም የሚበዳት አጥታ ነው, የሰባት ብዳታም ልጅ.
  2. Tevez
    3 years ago

    Weye dengel ? Welfam hula yenanten bemashene mebetes new.
  3. tina
    3 years ago

    it is not bigdeal i see why u guys keep ur virginty because nobody ask u thats why all are u very agly my ass virgin too
  4. selam
    3 years ago

    Being vergin is not only for girls it should be for boys too.Do not be vergin in your physical body only but be emotional, mental & spiritual vergin.
    If u are physicaly vergin u will not have any diseases so u will have healthy baby one day.
    If your mind is free form fantasies u will have good judgment.

    if you do not have a broken heart from guilt u will enjoy sex after marriage.
  5. hule
    3 years ago

    vergin berk new ende yedeha lije hula enjoy ur life u who cares
  6. niny
    3 years ago

    it's amazing how ignorant some people are, I mean everyone expects a woman to be a virgin but they forget the reason they're losing their virginity is because of the guys. it's called double standard morons, you should never feel like you're measure is your virginity, it's the way you act the way you treat others and you expect others to treat you that makes you a good woman.
  7. linabik
    3 years ago

    @hailu hid yantikin ems koferi gematam ba 60 ametik dengel falik yelik ena wend selahonik yantan yakitikin dengle kala lewesadawe
  8. abdi
    3 years ago

    that is true they are virgin
  9. virgin gurl
    virgin gurl
    3 years ago

    my asshole is a virgin
  10. godolias
    3 years ago

    virgin yalhonachihu setoch atiknu.diro neber metenkek
  11. ye habesha setoch siyastelu
    ye habesha setoch siyastelu
    3 years ago

    ufff siyastelu 3 qen megeb zegany mozaza hulla!
  12. arsema
    3 years ago

    @girum what the hell u thalking about u just shut up. we are not getting it by chance its for all so what is the big deal being vergion shame on u
  13. qenterame
    3 years ago

    Emsam houl who give shit.
  14. sosi
    3 years ago

    haha same motive to get a man thats bs
  15. me
    3 years ago

    yaaa finally 3 virgin in addis damo la addis satoch please lamayawekachu tatanu if ur front it virgin BUT not ur back sometimes as so embarrassed about outsider or etho guy's tell me about my ppl so please stop
  16. Hailu
    3 years ago

    zembey anchi maferia yeseletensh meslosh naw?gematam ems yizesh professor bitihogn manim tenegna sew ayakebrishim.
    ergum maferia Aids yemisfafaw endanchi yalew silebeza new!
  17. Girum
    3 years ago

    Linabik,betty,ayal,arsema,amen,and bezawit are all gematam ***s getting jealous of respectable dignified women.
    Tihut is the only dignified woman to comment!
  18. linabik
    3 years ago

    errr zor balu min yemaselalu kebereshe egereshe mahal sayehon chenkelateshe naw...dengay ras hola balu gadam hadacheho tadabeku
  19. betty
    3 years ago

    hey guys,I am women,but It is not big deal be act like you need man.please keep your in mind.That's shame say that you r virgin,espically on tv show.
  20. ayal
    3 years ago

    እድሚአቸው ስንት ቢሆን ነው እንዲህ "ዛረም" ድንግል ነን ብለው የሚያወሩት? መቸም ለ"ቁሞ ቀርነት" የደረሱ አይመስለኝም:: ስለዚህ ከአሁን በፊት ቢወስቡም የጠና ጠንቅ እንጅ የደስታ ትርፍ አይኖረውም እና በዚህ እድሚያቸው "ዛረም" ድንግል ነን የሚያስብል አይመስለኝም::
  21. Zoroyakob
    3 years ago

    Plc don't bother us.sewoch setochun eyuachew.they r ugly.mibedachew tefto eko new dingle neghn minamin milut.ahun bemidia wubete new minamin blew mibedachewn yifelgalu!
  22. TIHUT
    3 years ago

    BE blessed ethiopian girls!!!
  23. arsema
    3 years ago

    አረ ታሳፍራላችሁ! ምንም ማለት እኮ አደለም እኔም እንደ እናንተ ሴት ነኝ ግን አላካብድም ስራ ፍት ሁላ እንደ እኔ እምነት ግን ማስታወቂያ የምትሰሩ ነው የሚመስለኝ ለምን ብትሉኝ ሃብታም /ታዋቂ ሰው ለማግኝት ጋይስ ፕሊስ ሞያ በልብ ነው.
  24. werena melek selelalesh naw
    werena melek selelalesh naw
    3 years ago

    felagi ateshe naw mele selaleshe naw werena
  25. amen
    3 years ago

    ነውር ምንድነው በፈጣሪ, እባካቹ ብዱኝ ነው ቴሌቭዥን ላይ የምትወጡት ዘላን ሁላ ወንድ በበዛበት ዘመን ይሄን ያህል የብድ ችግር ማውራት
  26. bezawit
    3 years ago

    I don't understand how girls are known being virgin or not.I remember that i saw in ETV long time ago there was a big celebration of virgin girls in South Africa.The way they confirmed virginity was very amazing and unbeleivable.An adult woman tested a bunch of girls by sending her finger between the legs of each girl .And this woman said this girl is virgin ,that girl is not. It is really wierd


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